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   Chapter 3 Eat Up Happiness

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With William taking care of Amelia, Barth was more than relieved.

The guests exploded in applause. The rumors that had circulated around the hall had been silenced. No matter whose name was written on the invitations, William was marrying Amelia now. It was obvious that he adored the woman next to her. There was no argument about it.

Seeing this, William smiled and assisted Amelia up the stage.

The host didn't bother with any formal introductions, given that they had already introduced themselves to the guests. However, they still had to go through all the wedding procedures that had been planned beforehand. One of them was the couple eating an apple together.

The host's assistant came up to them with an apple tied to a stick. The host gazed at them. "Today is a big day for the two of you, and of course, we all wish you the greatest of happiness," he said joyfully. "But if you want to be happy for the rest of your lives, you have to eat the apple together. It may look delicious, but there's actually another meaning behind this gorgeous fruit. The apple symbolizes happiness. The more you eat, the happier you'd be. Let's see how much you can eat! Are you ready?"

Amelia glanced at her newly married husband before turning to the ring on her finger. The diamond glinted under the lights as she nodded.

She planned to eat as much as she could. The only thing she ever wanted was to be happy with William.

The groom was also ready. With a nod to the host, they bent their heads and readied themselves to take a bite of the fruit.

However, before it could even reach William's lips, the apple swung out of their view—being manipulated by the assistant. At the sudden movement, William found himself stumbling onto Amelia's face, kissing her in the process.

Although it was just a peck on the cheek, her face turned

bright red.

It was the first time he had ever seen such an innocent woman. She was not some teenager, but she was very easily flustered.

Laughing, he winked at the assistant and continued to play the game.

The hall was now filled with cheers and laughter as the couple tried to get a bite out of the apple. Amelia glanced at William, finding herself in a deep daze. Did he really want to be happy with her?

After several kisses, William finally took a bite out of the fruit. Every time they neared, Amelia would blush. Every time her cheeks colored, a part of him felt like celebrating.

Somehow, a part of him was happy that Joy had left him. Without this occurrence, he might never be able to get to know Amelia.

The wedding ceremony didn't end till ten o' clock in the evening. William's parents had gone back first. Since Amelia wanted to head back to the Xu family to fetch something, William decided to go with her.

The car ride was short. The moment they arrived, she immediately ran upstairs to her bedroom. William furrowed his eyebrows, wondering why she was in such a hurry.

She quickly raced to her room and pulled out a box from under her bed. She had hidden it under her bed because she was so afraid that Joy would find it. The contents were inside a small cookie box.

Without even bothering to take a look, she rushed downstairs.

Sitting on the sofa, Barth glanced at William. "I've raised Amelia all these years, and I've never seen her this happy," he noted. "I hope that you'll hold yourself to that promise of making her happy."

"I will, Dad. I will make her the happiest woman alive," he promised solemnly. Although he had been angry at first, it seemed that he truly made the right choice.


Amelia called. She had raced down the stairs in her high heels that she almost tripped.

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