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   Chapter 5 Who is he

Master, I know you hate me!!!! By Sansa Characters: 5757

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Jia screamed in pain and she tried to remove his hands off her but he tightened his grip on her.

" How dare you to make fun of me? I will break your cheeks and you are not going to put such tantrum on me. Don't test my patience! Did you hear me you bitch?"

Gang Cheng saw the nonchalant face of her and he tightened his grip so hard that she felt her hair is going to get pulled out of her head. She screamed a yes out of pain and he released her at once.

"You are such a disgusting woman and I hate you. I hate you the most. Get the hell out of here. I don't want to see you before me. Just leave!"

Jia tried to get up from there but her body betrayed her and she stayed there helplessly. Gang Cheng moved towards his bar counter and gulped the bottle of whiskey on the table. Jia felt bad for her husband even though he tortured her. Tears began to fell down from her eyes and she took her whole strength to get up.

It was not easy for her to leave the room by herself but she managed it and finally when she was about to exit his room she was again pulled back to her usual spot and she screeched at his sudden attack with utter shock. Jia fell on his bed and she felt her whole body shivering with fear. Autumn must be happy to see her in pain and agony and her husband us doing everything to keep Autumn happy.

Usually, Gang Cheng would hit her twice or thrice in a day, but today he had already thrashed her so many times and still his anger has not reduced a little bit. she felt her whole body go numb against his slaps and kicks. She couldn't bear more pain and she just wanted someone to help her. Susi has not allowed to go there and Jia knew that she must be worried about her.

Even though the mansion situated in the heart of the town no one could hear her cries. So nobody will come to help her and she was just praying God to give her the strength to endure the pain.

" What do you want now? You have already killed my soul. My body couldn't bear your assaults. Please just leave me, Gang."

" Do you really think that I got charmed by your innocent looks. You are thoroughly mistaken. I know you very well. People like you would go extreme to satisfy their dreams and just look at you. You got married to me because of my fortune and you had succeeded to make my granny believe your cooked up story. But, you can't fool me. You should be punished for misbehaving with Autumn."

"  Gang!let me explain!"

" I don't want to hear your manipulated stories! Autumn was right about you! Disgusting creature!"

Jia couldn't believe her husband. He is one of the most handsome men in the world and yet he looked like a devil with an evil grin. She engulfed the lump formed inside her throat and she starred on the floor to ignore his burning glares. She wanted him to know exactly what did happen at the mall? but now it seems even the G

od too wanted to see her suffer under his wrath.

" Who was that guy? He was ready to break my Autumn for you. Who the hell was he?"

" Who? Whom are you referring to?"


Jia fell on the ground and her knees got collided with the floor. She couldn't tolerate the immense pain and she tried to flee from there but she saw Gang's complete focus was on her. She didn't have the courage to infuriate him further and she stayed there silently.

" Don't test my patience you filthy woman? Who was that man who helped you to insult Autumn at the mall?. Spit it out? Do you want me to memorise you?"

" Ho! It's Austin Mo. He is a friend of mine and he didn't insult her he was there to help me from falling..."


Gang Cheng broke the glass vase on the floor and its pieces pierced through her pale skin and Jia cried in pain.

" oh so You have started to sleep with every wealthy man for your monetary benefits and what are you going to do with your dirty money? If you are so desperate to earn money why can't you ask me to pay you more? I have already spent millions on you and your family. Spending few more bucks won't make me poor. I am too damn rich and my wealth is uncomparable. Why did you let him touch you? He caught you from falling or you deliberately tried to fell so that he would catch you from falling."

Jia was exhausted and she really wanted to take some rest. His allegations are not going to end soon and he also not going to give her a chance to explain. So there is no point in arguing with him and she preferred to stay silent.

" Gang Cheng! If you have finished your tortures, Can I leave now?"

" oh! Why do you want to leave so early? Your macho man must be waiting for you! If you can't bear the pain of staying away from him why do you come here? So disgusting! Get lost!before I lose my patience."

Jia escaped from the room almost limping and her white silk gown was filled with blood from her fresh wounds. She got into her room and closed her door at once. She couldn't bear the excruciating pain since her whole body muscles aches from the struggles. Jia took the bath in the lukewarm water and she felt good because Susi has already added some herbs in the water which helped her to soothe her sore muscles. She stayed some time in the bathtub til her body regains some energy.

Jia came out the washroom wearing a soft cotton rob around her thin figure. The moment she closed the bathroom door and walked to the bed she got jolted away by seeing the demon in her room. Unfortunately, the demon was her husband Gang Cheng who was sitting on the couch with the whiskey bottle. She was wearing nothing inside the rob and her heart skipped a beat to see her half-naked husband. She has never worn something like this before him and she tried to get back to the washroom.

" Stay there!"

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