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   Chapter 56

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His clumsy body rushed out like a sword with a string.

"Watch out!"

With her eyes wide open, Yena didn't dare to blink for a moment, afraid that she might miss a move.

To her surprise, Zed was as dexterous as a black cat in the middle of the night. He dodged the man's attack in a few seconds. The corners of his mouth twitched slightly, showing a mocking smile. "That's all you can do? You want to teach me a lesson here? I'll teach you a lesson today, here and now!"

"Bang..." In an instant, he lifted his slender legs and kicked heavily on the man's lower plate.

The man's face instantly became twisted, and his flesh was shaking because of the excessive pain. He held his stomach tightly with his hands and rolled on the ground desperately in pain.

"What's wrong? Do you dare to bully this girl ever in the future?" Zed grabbed the man's arm with his sharp eyes, staring at the man in front of him without blinking.

"Sir, sir I'm so sorry! I don't dare to do that. I don't know that this girl has a close relationship with you. I will never dare to do that again. Please let her go!"

All of a sudden, the whole bar was filled with the man's wailing and begging. Then he fled as fast as he could and disappeared in the darkness.

When Yena ran up, she saw the mottled red blood flowing down along her elbow.

"Are you okay? This is all my fault. If we hadn't offended this rogue, you wouldn't have been injured. Let me take you to bind up the wound! "

Yena's eyes were full of guilt.

Zed fixed his eyes on the girl he once deeply loved. It turned out that she still liked him and cared about him. He felt his scalp tingling in an instant.

He grabbed her slender wrist at once, and his sincere eyes were full of passionate love. "I know you still have me. How about we two be together! It was my fault that I left you at that time. I didn't believe

ou for what happened today. I'll invite you to dinner in two days to show my appreciation..." Gritting her lips tightly, she managed to squeeze out the last sentence and ran away as if she had done something wrong.

After all, if she stayed in such a depressed environment for a long time, Yena really had a sense that she would go crazy.

Sara followed behind Yena.

After a pretty long time.

The door was pushed open again.

A graceful figure stood quietly outside the door, with a mocking smile on the corner of her mouth, and her eyes were like looking at a clown.

"What are you doing here? Are you here to laugh at me? " Zed stared straight at Judy. The anger in his eyes was self-evident, as if he could swallow her in an instant.

However, Judy didn't seem to be moved at all. She looked down slowly and asked, "What's wrong? Didn't you have a good talk? Did you talk yourself into the hospital? "

"Save it! It's none of your damn business." Zed said coldly.

"Well, it's very simple. You like Yena, so I think we are on the same side, right?" Judy sneered.

Because she had to deal with Yena.

What's more, deep in her heart, she liked Darren.

However, Zed looked at her coldly and didn't want to keep the conversation.

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