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   Chapter 55

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An unwilling voice came from the other end of the line.

"Come on! You know you are my only and best friend. Come out and accompany me. I'm very depressed. I'll wait for you in the happy bar. See you!"

After saying the brief words, Yena hung up the phone heavily.

She was very clear that this bestie of hers would definitely show up. The two of them had been in a tacit understanding for so many years.

Then she went to the happy bar to wait for her bestie.

As for Darren, he was still busy with his business.

Sure enough, not long after, a black taxi came over.

A woman in a black short skirt came out of the car. Her skin was as white and tender as blood, making her particularly charming.

Her beautiful eyes were as beautiful as a Buddha's. "I came here as soon as I could. Why are you always like this? It's really making me anxious!"

Hearing her best friend Sara's complaints, Yena couldn't help but burst into tears.

The two of them came to the bar while chatting. They drank happily, as if only in such a noisy scene could they get some peace.

After a long time, Yena felt her head heavy and her feet light. It seemed that his head was no longer his. The man's tall body kept resounding in his mind.

All of a sudden, she felt so aggrieved that her tears almost fell from her eyes.

"Well well, don't cry. Darren must be very busy. Why do you suddenly become sentimental?"

Sara said word by word, feeling extremely sad in an instant.

Hearing what Sara said, Yena also felt very uncomfortable. She knew everything, but she was just a little... Sentimental.

She accepted his small hand and tried to hide the fear in her heart.

Just as the two of them were at a loss, a familiar figure suddenly appeared in the turbulent crowd.

The man was very gentle

became more arrogant.

All of a sudden, the man's body froze in the air. The friend on his face trembled slightly and his expression changed. His turbid eyes were full of unspeakable fear, and he could clearly see that the blue veins were slightly exposed.

Yena closed her eyes in horror, waiting for the nightmare to come. But after waiting for a long time, she didn't feel the pain of concentrating on her skin. Instead, she heard the man's scream like a pig being killed.

Yena summoned up the courage to open his eyes and saw the two people scuffling in an instant. Zed rushed up desperately.

Yena's face turned pale with fear. For a moment, he stood still, not knowing what to do. She bit her lips tightly, unable to make a sound for a long time.

The two people fought hard, and instantly the crystal clear wine glasses on the table splashed everywhere. All the guests were frightened to run away, and the whole bar was instantly disturbed.

"God damn it, I told you to lay off and stop minding my business. Brat, I'll let you know today. You know how powerful I am!"

The man said with a ferocious look. The bright knife was swaying in his hand, emitting a burst of cold light.

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