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   Chapter 53

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People in the paparazzi kept shooting pictures at her.

"Miss Naomi, what's the latest news with you? Why did you come out of this place? " Everyone looked at the scene in front of them with admiration, waiting for the journalists to dig out a big news.

Naomi wanted to run away as soon as possible, but she found out that she was surrounded by so many people that she had no choice.

Three floors inside and three floors outside were a group of people surrounded by dangerous.

After a long time, longer than she had expected, the security guards ran in from another hidden path and dragged her out forcefully.

"Look at what you have done. Now the front page is full of news about you. How can we face it?" The agent snorted, full of regret and disgust!

Naomi's heart was filled with regret, but she had no choice. Now things had become like this, and gossip was estimated to be everywhere. In the near future, even her acting career would be hindered.

Looking at the news full of joy, she had a mixed feeling in her heart. It was hard to describe what it felt like. There were five kinds of feelings in her heart.

"If you can't handle all these things well, then you don't have to stay in the business. We don't need people like you in the entertainment circle!" The agent continued.

Naomi walked out of the office dejectedly. She was overwhelmed with mixed feelings. Tears welled up in her eyes.

Just then, a young secretary rushed over with a pile of documents in her hand. "Miss. Naomi, we have no choice here. All the things here are yours. The customer wants to return them."

In an instant, Naomi's crystal clear tears kept flowing in her eyes.

Her resentment surged again in an instant.

The mottled night fell slowly, and the stars in the sky blinked playfully.

At the airport, the plane slowly landed. A young eligible girl slowly got off the plane. She had a graceful figure and was slender. Her green brown hair looked particularly beautiful.

The beautiful miniskirt swayed in the wind, and her pale skin was more charming. This person was Maggie Mu.

She was Qingyan Mu's older sister.

The two of them had the same fath

of kids. The reason why I went abroad to study is that I can match you! " Holding a corner of her clothes tightly, she lowered her head in an instant.

After hearing what Qingyan said and knowing that Darren was here, she put down her things and rushed over.

At this time, it was like the air instantly condensed into ice, as if even his breath became particularly heavy.

Darren's handsome eyebrows frowned slightly. For a moment, he had an unspeakable feeling for such a sudden statement. "Maggie, you should know that in fact, I only have that kind of brother and sister affection for you. After all, we grew up together, but there is nothing else between us!"

When he said this, he was very gentle, like a leaf slowly sprinkled to the ground. However, everything seemed to have been frozen.

By instinct, Maggie staggered backward, almost falling to the ground like a broken leaf in the wind.

"…Since you and that girl are going to get married, this is my gift for you. I hope you can really like it... " Lost in her mind, Maggie put the thing in her hand into the man's and left in a hurry.

Yena walked out of the room in surprise. She opened her big eyes and was about to ask something, but when he saw the solemn face, he had to hold back all the words in his heart for a moment.

This was Maggie.

How could Yena not know about her? In her last life, this Maggie was much more difficult to deal with than that Qingyan.

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