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   Chapter 38

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If she wanted to leave, maybe she should just let her go. The world outside was not so beautiful. She had to go back to the Su family after suffering losses. At that time, maybe it would be better.

Judy packed her luggage quickly. Seeing that no one asked her to stay, she had no feelings for this family at all. They were just a family of three, and she was not their daughter at all!

Sitting next to her dad, Yena couldn't beat her, or she would definitely beat her before leaving.

She slammed the door and left without looking back.

Hugo and Claire were helpless. Hugo said first, "I'm sorry, Yena. I didn't expect her to be like this."

"Dad, I never blame you. Can you help me testify for Darren? Now everyone thinks that Darren is going to marry Qingyan... "

"No problem. We will prove it for him." Hugo agreed directly. It was a fact and there was nothing to prove.

Yena thanked Hugo and Claire. Now that the Su family and the Mu family was willing to help prove his innocence, there should be no problem. She was finally relieved.

Darren got the news soon and felt warm in his heart.

At last, someone was willing to believe him and help him prove that he had really married a treasure.

He was in a good mood and his opponents were much better. He got off work early and went to the mall to buy the dessert that Yena liked.

The girl in the dessert shop was looking forward to seeing them, but Darren said, "Pack these up. My wife likes them."

Everyone was heartbroken, but the person in front of him didn't notice it. He picked up the dessert and went back to the car. He wanted to see her as soon as possible.

Yena went home as soon as she finished her work. She was exhausted after a long day's journey. She closed her eyes and fell asleep on the sofa.

All of a sudden, she heard the door open. When she opened her eyes, she saw Darren with a big smile on his face, holding the dessert in his hand.

She showed a look of disgust, but did not object to Darren's coming in. "What are you doing here?"

"I'm here to marry you

and there was no sound inside, so Darren didn't knock.

Darren was so annoyed that he went to the wine cabinet and took several bottles of wine, one after another, trying to drown his sorrows in wine.

In the bedroom, Yena had a dream, and she frowned. She tossed and turned and suddenly woke up and sat up.

Yena wanted to drink water in the living room. When she found that Darren was drinking on the balcony, she couldn't help but worry.

Yena walked up to Darren and took away his glass. His face changed. "What are you doing?"

When Darren saw that his glass was snatched away, he wanted to take it back. But when he saw that it was Yena who took it, Darren panicked.

"Yetta, I..." Darren hesitated and didn't know what to say.

"What else can you do except drinking?" Yena stared at Darren and said.

"I'm sorry, Yena. I... I didn't want to drink either. " Like a child, he was at a loss.

"Then what are you doing?" Yena went mad. She didn't want him to hurt his own body.

"I'm so upset. I couldn't help drinking. I'm sorry." It seemed that Darren was saying sorry the whole night, which made Yena feel very sad. She regretted having a cold war with Darren.

Yena hesitated.

Seeing that Yena didn't say anything, Darren panicked. He was afraid that Yena would leave him.

A pair of strong hands held her and said, "Yena, please don't leave me."

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