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   Chapter 19 No Good Intention

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When Yena woke up in the morning, she suddenly blushed at the thought of Darren's grandfather urging them to have a baby yesterday. It was not something that could be decided by herself.

That was also the reason why Darren kept asking her yesterday and refused to answer. If Darren knew this, he might take her back to give birth to the baby immediately.

She decided to take it easy, there is no need to rush. She would tell Darren after she made up her mind. In fact, she hadn't made up her mind yet.

Since Yena came back from the hospital, Darren had taken care of her more carefully. He wished he could tie her up directly.

Fortunately, the two didn't meet each other for long. Otherwise, Yena would seriously doubt if she would be cared too much one day.

After hearing what Greg said, Yena felt more sorry for Darren. She often went to the company to send food when he was free.

The receptionist of the company had already been used to this president's wife. Darren specially told the receptionist that as long as she came, she didn't have to stop her, so that it would be more convenient for her to come.

Darren was very happy to see her every noon. Sometimes he could even get some special treats after dinner. Life could not be better for him.

If he didn't go too far, he could do whatever he wanted. The documents on his desk were always piled up, which made him feel tired.

Listening to him every day in the company, he had a deeper understanding of his hard work. The relationship between the two was closer.

One day, on the way to deliver food, Yena ran into Sara. The two decided to go to the company together as companions.

Today, Yena didn't come downstairs until Darren finished his meal. She put down the lunch box and was about to go downstairs to have dinner with Sara.

Darren was so busy today that he didn't have time to track her. She went downstairs easily.

She met Sara and was about to walk out of the company with her. She didn't expect to meet an acquaintance at the entrance of the company.

Seeing Qingyan at a glance, Yena was about to greet her. To her surprise, when Qingyan raised her head and saw her, she quickened her pace and left in a hurry.

Her move made Yena a little confused. Why could she avoid her like that? She was not a virus and would not eat her in public.

Of course, Sara also saw Qingyan. This woman ran away as soon as she saw them. It was really weird.

She was much more active and curious than Yena. Seeing that the woman was about to leave her sight, Sara quickly handed the thing in her hand to Yena and hurried to catch up with her.

'What's wrong with them? Both of them were puzzled. Sara, who had caught up with them, was also strange.

But she still stood there and decided to wait for her to come back. After all, she still had her stuff in her hand, so it wouldn't take long.

Sara followed behind her furtively. She became more suspicious when she saw the people in front of her looking around, as if they were meeting with a special service.

She followed her from a distance and Qingyan never noticed her. The two of them slowly walked into the alley on the side street. Apparently, there was a plot.

Sara waited patiently. Her curiosity had never been aroused before. She was like a detective.

Sure enough, five minutes later, another familiar figure came into her sight. Judy Su!

She knew that this woman had no good intention from the very beginning and always dealt with Yena. She had a very bad impression of this woman.

She took a few steps forward quietly and got closer to them, but she sti

ll couldn't hear what they were talking about.

The two women were obviously very cautious, and only the other party could hear what they were saying. Sara listened carefully for a while and gave up.

She thought about it carefully. It was easy to find out if she left now. She might as well leave after these two people left.

At this time, Qingyan did have a guilty conscience. What they were talking about was not something serious.

"How's your work going?" Judy asked in a low voice. She had already arranged everything for Qingyan.

"Everything is ready." In fact, Qingyan didn't think much of Judy, especially now since she got her hands dirty, but she had no choice as the two of them were in the same boat.

After saying that, she quickly looked away with a little disgust. If it weren't for Darren, she would never cooperate with this woman.

Judy didn't feel anything. The two said a few words and left.

After they went far away, Sara sneaked out of the squat, patted her chest and slowly moved her legs. She had cooperated with them for such a long time that her legs were numb. She went back to see Yena after a while.

There must be a plot between the two women. She had to go back and tell her.

At the thought of this, she quickened her pace and soon met with Yena.

Sara pulled Yena over and said, "Let's have dinner first!"

After saying that, she went to drive the car immediately, intending to take Yena to have a good time.

Hearing this, Yena was not in a hurry. If something happened, Sara would definitely tell her. Besides, it was indeed not a good place to talk at the entrance of the company.

The two chatted all the way and finally arrived at the restaurant they had reserved. This restaurant was newly opened and had a good reputation on the Internet. Yena had thought about being here for a long time.

And so was Sara. The two of them came here to have dinner as soon as possible.

When no one came in, Sara told her everything she heard.

When Yena heard that Qingyan and Judy were talking together, she made up her mind at once. Qingyan targeted her because of Darren, and the two of them might join hands.

After she was reborn, she had been very cautious, and she was even more cautious when it comes to Judy. This was her own sister who had personally sent her to the netherworld in her previous life, and she was particularly vigilant of her.

"Be careful. These two women must have ulterior motives." Sara didn't think this much, she just reminded Yena directly.

"Yes, I know." Yena regained her calm expression and released her hand.

"Don't be so reckless in the future. If she is connected with the underworld, your life will be in danger!" Yena couldn't help but remind Sara that what happened today was too dangerous. She actually went out like this.

After thinking for a while, she was afraid that something bad might happen to Sara because of her.

Sara waved her hand indifferently and said, "It doesn't matter. I can fight, can't I? This woman can't beat me. Don't worry. "

"I'm not talking about her alone. What if she has a partner! Just, don't risk your life for me, okay? " Yena looked at her stubbornly and held her hand tightly, as if she wouldn't let go if she didn't agree.

Sara nodded helplessly, "I know, I know. I won't catch up so easily in the future. Can you let go of me now? "

She knew that Yena only said it for her good, but she didn't know if she could restrain her curiosity in that situation.

Hearing this, Yena sighed. That was Sara's character. Forget it. Just try to look after her in the future.

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