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   Chapter 15 Miss Mu, I Am His Wife

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Judy didn't know that she almost lost her job because of her ignorance.

When she received the phone call from her boss, she was still sleeping.

Hearing the boss's words, she rushed to the bar.

"Boss, why are you here so early?" asked Judy, out of breath.

"Stanley, if you don't want to work here, you should resign early. You have been resting for half a month. Do you take yourself as your boss?"

"Boss, how dare I?" It was not easy for Judy to get a job in the bar, so she couldn't afford to lose her job anymore.

"Go and clean up all the tables and chairs here, and clean up the toilet. The cleaner has something to ask for leave today, so you'll take care of her work."

"Bathroom, boss, i..."

"If you keep talking nonsense, get out of here."

"Yes, sir."

Judy gritted her teeth and looked at the boss.

If it weren't for the fact that her card had been cancelled, she wouldn't have been so humble to stay in this damned bar.

She had just wiped the table in the bar. Before she could have a rest, her boss drove her to the bathroom, and someone was looking at her.

Several colleagues who were working next to her came out of the restroom. Seeing the embarrassed look on Judy's face, they laughed and said, "I don't know what's wrong with our boss today. He is so hard on her."

"I heard that a very powerful person came to find our boss today. I don't know if she has offended someone."

"Who knows? As long as it has nothing to do with us."

Hearing these words, Judy thought of Yena.

"Yena Su! You bitch!"

Judy hated her sister even more.

Qingyan also knew about what happened to him, but she didn't contact Judy. Anyway, she had nothing to do with her.

Every two or three days, she went to Darren's house, but was shut out by Linda.

Darren told Linda, and Linda had to listen to him.

Qingyan hadn't seen Darren for days. She couldn't help but go to his company.

However, as soon as she arrived at the company building, she was stopped by the receptionist. "Wait a minute, miss. Who are you looking for?"

"I'm here for Darren." Qingyan was about to walk inside.

"I'm sorry, Miss Mu. You can't go in without an appointment."

"I don't need an appointment to come to see him. Have a good look at me. Do you know who I am? " Being refused, Qingyan felt embarrassed.

"Miss mu, this is the order of the president. Please don't make things difficult for me."

"Okay. Call him. He will definitely let me in if he knows it's me. "

The receptionist had no choice but to call Darren's assistant, who reported the matter to him.

Darren frowned and said, "Tell her that I'm not available, I'm in the middle of a meeting."

"Yes, sir."

The receptionist told Darren's words to Qingyan, who was so angry that she stamped her feet and glared at the receptionist before she went back.

Even so, she didn't give up. She came to. Darren's company every day and everyone in the company knew her. However, every time she was shut out by Darren for different reasons and avoided meeting her.

After one or two times, she realized that he didn't want to see her on purpose.

But she couldn't stop herself from wanting to see him.

In the past few days, Yena had been sending food to Darren in the company. He didn't expect to meet Sophia. Yena kept walking towards the elevator.

"Yena, stop!"


felt aggrieved when she saw that Yena didn't get stopped from entering the company and she was stopped.

"Miss mu, I'm sorry. You can't go upstairs."

Yena took a look at the noisy woman behind her and smiled sarcastically.

"Why would you let her in?"

"Miss mu, this is the order of the president. No one can stop Mrs. Yena from coming to the company." People in the company were not idiots. As the boss's wife, no one dared to stop her.

"Stop!" Seeing that the elevator door was about to close, Qingyan squeezed into the elevator when the receptionist was not paying attention.

The receptionist looked at the closed elevator door and called her assistant nervously.

"Mr. Shen, Mrs. Yena is here."

"Okay." Without raising his head, Darren nodded.

"The receptionist said that Miss Mu and her ladyship came together and they were in the elevator now."

After the assistant said that, Darren put down his work and waited for the exclusive VIP elevator.

In the elevator, Qingyan kept looking at Yena and said, "Yena, what's so good about you? Darren likes you so much. Did you drug him or something?"

"Well, Miss mu, I am his wife. As the daughter of the Mu family, don't you feel ashamed to come here every day to steal other people's husband? " Yena didn't want to talk to her at all, but her twittering was so annoying.


Qingyan was rendered speechless by Yena's words.

She noticed the lunch box in Yena's hand. Suddenly, she rolled her eyes and deliberately approached Yena, and then deliberately touched her.

Yena lost her balance and all the dishes fell to the ground.

"Oh, I'm sorry. The food you prepared for he, he may not be able to taste it." She pretended to be innocent.

Looking at the overturned dishes and then at the look of Qingyan, Yena was about to blow up.

"Are you insane?" Yena's face turned cold in an instant.

"Yena, if you dare to push me, I won't let you go."

Qingyan couldn't be more angry with her, because she could get in and out of Darren's company at will. Now she was irritated by the coldness on her face, which made her even angrier.

She threw the knife and fork in Yena's hand to the ground as well.

"Since you can't eat it anymore, it's useless to keep the knife and fork. Why don't you throw them together?" She looked at Yena defiantly.

"Don't go too far, Qingyan."

Yena squatted down and was about to pick up the things, but Qingyan kicked it aside deliberately.

After all, the Mu Family and Darren's company had a cooperative relationship, and the two families had a good relationship. So Yena didn't want to embarrass her too much.

Therefore, she held back her anger and didn't want the Shen family to lose the order.

"Yena, I hate you the most when you are beautiful and harmless. We grew up together. Why did everything change when you appeared?"

Qingyan felt sad at the thought of Darren's attitude towards her.

It just happened that the elevator just opened at this time.

Outside the elevator stood Darren.

When he saw the mess, especially when he saw the angry look on her face, he couldn't help but take a cold look at Qingyan.

With the eye contact between Yena and Darren, she felt wronged at once.

Darren stepped forward and pulled Yena out of the elevator. "Did you get hurt?"

But Yena could clearly feel that he was angry.

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