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   Chapter 9 Don't Leave, Darren

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The two of them left in advance. Like a koala, Qingyan leaned on Darren.

He was obsessed with cleanliness. Even though Qingyan and him had grown up together, he still felt unhappy about it.

To his surprise, he had never felt anything strange when he was in contact with Scott.

Opening the door in disgust, Darren put Qingyan on the bed and was about to leave.

"Darren... Don't leave, Darren... " The corner of his clothes was grabbed by her and he couldn't move.

"You are drunk Have a good rest. "

Darren raised his eyebrows, with obvious disgust on his face.

He tugged at the corner of his clothes, trying to grab it from her.

In fact, Qingyan didn't have much strength. He succeeded.

"Darren... I like you... Don't... " Qingyan pretended to be drunk, but her eyes darkened and her arms hit the bed heavily.

Looking back at him, Darren knew that it must be the problem of that glass of wine.

She lifted a stone and threw it at her own feet.

He left without looking back. Even though the beauty in bed was exceedingly fascinating, he wanted to find his own little woman.

If he wasn't with her, would she suffer from hypoglycemia?

Thinking of this, Darren quickened his pace.

On the other side, after the death of Judy, when Yena was about to leave, she suddenly remembered what had happened in her previous life, and a sudden hatred arose. If it weren't for Judy, she wouldn't have suffered so much.

She had always been a person who returned kindness with kindness. She would return it to Judy as long as she could give it to her.

She opened the door quietly and saw a waiter passing by.

"Hey, bro." She stopped him.

"What can I do for you?"

The waiter asked politely.

"Do me a favor." Yena said mysteriously.

She tiptoed to his room, pointed at Judy and said, "We want to take a group of photos, but the male model didn't come. I want to invite you to be my male model."

Yena said as he took out a stack of money from his wallet.

"You just need to take off your shirt and cover yourself with this woman." She looked at the waiter.

"Well..." The waiter was in a dilemma.

Seeing that he was hesitating, Yena took out his wallet and put it in front of him. "Do you want to do it?"

"Okay, I'll do it, I'll do it..."

The waitress was smart. After all, the people who could show up here were either rich or powerful. Besides, it was just a show. She had money to take. Why not.

"Crack, crack."

Yena successfully created a picture of a beauty in the palace.

"Thank you for your cooperation. Don't worry. I didn't take a photo of your face."

After saying that, Yena turned around and went back.

After all, there was another man waiting for her there.

As soon as she walked out of the room, she met the flustered Darren.

"Where have you been? Do you know how worried I am... " Darren finally spoke out what he wanted to say.

The panic on his face was not fake. The anxious expression on his face made Yena feel sweet.

"Don't try to leave me..."

As he spoke, he pushed her to the wall and kissed the little cherry when she was in a daze.

Now, thousands of words had already been integrated into the kiss. His worry, his anxiety, his panic

Meanwhile, Yena also responded slowly...

After a century, Darren finally let go of her and said in a hoarse and magnetic vo

ice, "Don't leave me from now on..."

"Tomorrow... I want to go home... "

A trace of cruelty appeared in Yena's eyes. There were some things that she couldn't control. The only person who could control Judy was her father.

It was time to get things out of the way.

Fortunately, her parents had been very good to her since childhood, and she had never felt that there were any flaws in her childhood.

Except for, during her childhood...

Well, what had happened had happened, let it go...

Yena comforted himself in his heart.

"Okay..." Darren said in a doting tone...

On the second morning, Yena set out on his journey home.

"Dad... Mom... I'm back... " As soon as Yena entered the house, she began to look for her parents.

"Yena, you haven't been home for such a long time. Look how skinny you are now! " Her mother, Claire, held her hand lovingly.

"That's right. Let your mother nourish you."

They were immersed in the joy of hearing that Greyson had come back.

Hearing that, Suyun felt a little guilty. She had lived for more than twenty years, but she hadn't been filial to her parents. Her parents were getting old now...

As if remembering something, Claire suddenly asked, "By the way, where is Judy? I remember that she told me yesterday that she wanted to see you... " "Why didn't she come back with you?"

Yena didn't say anything. Tears came out of his eyes and he just kept wiping them.

"What's wrong? Yena, if you have any grievance, just tell mom and dad. " Seeing this, Claire was a little anxious.

"Dad, mom, Judy, she..." Yena's voice was hoarse and his eyes were red.

"Why didn't you let Darren marry her back then? She likes Darren... " Said Yena in a reproachful tone.

"Yena, we're doing this for your own good. Besides, we can't do anything about it since Darren specifically asks you to do it." Claire explained.

"She likes Darren. She told me to force Darren to divorce me on hunger strike... I was so confused at that time that I agreed to her request. "

Lying in her mother's arms, Yena cried and complained.

What Yena said was all true. Who else could she tell except crying to her parents? Darren?


Yena's father, Hugo, slapped the table and his face turned red. He didn't expect that his two daughters, who he had raised for twenty years, would say that to his sister.

"Nonsense... It was you who wanted to divorce Darren. "

Judy, who had been eavesdropping for a long time, suddenly appeared.

If she didn't come out, she would probably be slandered by her father.

"You bastard, come and kneel down..." Pointing at Judy, Hugo trembled with anger.

"No, I didn't do anything wrong..." Judy stood still.

Hearing this, Yena felt a sudden chill in his heart. His beloved sister had become like this. She didn't admit her mistakes even though she had done something wrong.

"You... From now on, you don't have any pocket money. " Hugo had no choice but to use this trick.

"Dad, did I do something wrong? I just like Darren. Am I wrong for having feelings? "

Hatred was written all over Judy's face. She hated Yena. Her parents supported her so much. Why did all the benefits belong to her?

"I'm sorry. My heart belongs to Yena. No one else can take it."

Darren, who walked in slowly with slowly, startled everyone else by what he said.

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