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   Chapter 6 Good Girl, Lie Down And Don't Move

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The next morning, Yena opened her eyes and looked at everything in front of her in a daze.

For some reason, her body seemed to be cut in half by a knife, and she could not move.

Yena looked down at herself and took a deep breath.

Only then did she remember what happened last night.

But now she was naked, and a sense of shyness arose naturally.

Looking at the red blood on the bed sheet, she didn't feel disgusted at all. Instead, she felt a little joyful. She felt lucky that the person last night was Darren, not someone else.

She put on the clothes on the bedside table. Looking at the size of the clothes, she was surprised. It was obvious that they were made for her, but in the whole Shen family, she had never told anyone about her size. She bought her own clothes.

Moreover, in her previous life, she had never worn the clothes that Darren had customized for her.

It fitted her perfectly now that she tried it on today.

This man even knew the size of her clothes?

There was a smile on Yena's face.

Stepping on the floor barefoot, Yena realized that was almost noon.

"Madam, are you awake? Come and eat. " Seeing her awake, Linda called her over.

"Where is Darren?" She looked around, trying to find the man.

"Mr. Shen went to the company early in the morning. He was so busy that he didn't have breakfast. He is still in a meeting." Linda said with concern. She added, as if remembering something.

"By the way, madam, Mr. Shen said that he wouldn't come back for lunch and had a meeting in the company."

"He... Why is he so busy? " Yena said slowly, with a myriad of thoughts in his mind.

She only knew that the Shen family was rich, but she didn't expect him to be so hard.

In her previous life, she often went against Darren and almost made the Shen family go bankrupt. Thinking of this, she felt very uncomfortable.

"No, I have to bring him some food."

Yena stood up and walked to the kitchen.

"Madam... Aren't you going to divorce Mr. Shen anymore? " Linda looked at her in surprise and thought she had taken some new action.

"Divorce?" Yena raised her voice. "Who said anything about we were going to divorce? By the way, go and ask Rubert to come here."

Said Yena, putting on an apron.

"Madam, what can I do for you?" When Rubert arrived, he saw that Johnson was about to wash his hands and make soup.

"Oh, my lady, you are so beautiful that you can't do such heavy work. You'd better leave it to these chefs." Rubert tried to stop him.

At the same time, he was worried that she had some new tricks.

To be honest, in Shen's house, except for Linda, no one else liked Yena. How could he like this woman who made a scene once in three days, three times in five days and went to his bedroom from time to time?

What's more, she had a bad temper.

He really didn't know why Mr. Shen married her in the first place.

Rubert was surprised by her change of attitude today.

"You don't know yet, do you? To tell you the truth, I could cook when I was a child."

Rubert nodded. He had heard that the eldest daughter of the Su family was abducted and sold when she was a child. Then the family had no hope to find her, and that's why they had the second daughter of the Su family. But no one expected to find her back.

"Well, madam, I'll get you a car."

Yena nodded at him and was about to wash his hands.

The chef in the kitchen was cooking lunch.

"Put it aside. I'll cook today."

Yena drove the chef in the kitchen out.

She didn't know what Darr

en liked, so she made several dishes according to her best dishes. She didn't know if he would like them. It was all her fault that she didn't know much about Darren in his previous life. He didn't even know what he liked to eat.

Sweet and sour spareribs, kung pao chicken, fried oil wheat dishes, and finally, minced pork congee with preserved egg.

Looking at her own bluff, Yena could not help smiling.

When she asked about the fragrance, she felt extremely satisfied.

Even if they were not as good as those chefs, they were both beautiful and fragrant.

She smiled and put them 11 into the lunch box.

She picked up her bag on the sofa casually. Then she got in the car that was specially prepared for her by Darren and drove to the Shen group.

In fact, Darren didn't restrict her too much, both in the past life and now. It was all his fault in his previous life that he was too extreme that someone took advantage of him.

Thinking of this, she arrived at the gate of the Shen group.

"Hello, I am here to see Darren." Yena came to the front desk.

"Mr. Shen is in a meeting. Do you have an appointment?" The receptionist didn't even raise her head. There were more than five women like her who came to see Mr. Shen every day.

"No." Yena shook her head.

"Mr. Shen won't see you without an appointment." The receptionist replied politely.

"Well, when he comes out, tell him that Yena Su has come to see him."

When Yena was about to leave, she suddenly remembered something.

She had been to the Shen group before, and she still vaguely remembered the location of Darren's office.

In that case, she could rely on herself.

She turned around and came to the elevator. There were several words outside, "the elevator is being repaired.".

"Excuse me, is there any other way to the CEO's office besides this elevator?" Yena grabbed one of the employees and asked.

"There's the CEO's exclusive VIP elevator. But no one can take it except the CEO. You need a VIP card."

"Thank you."

Hearing that, Yena sighed. Did she really have to leave like this? Isn't this giving up halfway?

She was not reconciled.

As if she had made a big decision, she came to the stairway and planned to climb it to her destination.

Fortunately, she was wearing flat shoes today.

He climbed up vigorously, one, two, ten

Yena had underestimated the height of the building. How could it have so many floors?

She was getting more and more exhausted. All of a sudden, she felt dizzy and couldn't see anything

When she woke up again, she found herself lying in the CEO office.

When she was about to stand up, the man, who was reading documents, pressed her down and scolded her.

"Don't you know you have hypoglycemia and climb the stairs? You take yourself too seriously? Don't you remember to call me in advance? Besides, there are chocolate in your bag. Why don't you eat it? "

Looking at the pale woman in front of him, Darren didn't have the heart to blame her anymore.

There was one more thing that she didn't say in her heart.

Do you know how worried I am.

"Just be a good girl for me okay? Lie down and don't move. I'll get you some brown sugar water." Then Darren turned around and went out.

Even though she was scolded, Yena still felt warm in her heart, because he was so angry with her because he was worried about her.

Wait, chocolate?

Thinking of his words, she put her bag in front of her and leafed through it. A few pieces of chocolate suddenly appeared in front of her.

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