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   Chapter 2 Honey, Don't Go

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Looking at the familiar environment, Yena still didn't get what was going on for a moment.

Her eyes fell on the needle in her hand, and something seemed to flash in her mind.

"Yena, you are really something. Do you really think you can force me to divorce you by going on a hunger strike?" Darren raised his dashing eyebrows and a playful smile appeared on his face.

"The bitter flesh trick doesn't work on me. If you don't eat anything, the glucose infusion every day can still keep you alive. Just forget it." As Darren spoke, his eyes were cold. He approached her, looked into her eyes and said, "Don't even imagine divorcing me in this life."

The pair of black eyes aroused Yena's memory.

Wasn't it the year before she divorced Darren?

She still remembered clearly that it was her sister, Judy, who urged her to go on a hunger strike.

"Sister, don't you want to divorce him? You can force him. It's impossible for Darren to see you suffer from vain, right? In my opinion, you should go on a hunger strike, am I right? In this way, you could not only get divorced, but also lose weight, it's like killing two birds with one stone. I bet he won't turn a blind eye to it. "

That was why she believed her sister's words. Judy acted like she was saying all these for her sake. She had been starving for three days and didn't get any drop of water. But unexpectedly, she was defeated by Darren.

But now, the scene of the past was replayed.

The same person and the same words played back in front of her like a movie.

Thinking of Judy, she couldn't help feeling disappointed. But her eyes fell on Darren.

Looking at his handsome face, Yena finally realized that there was another person who had done so much for her secretly.

Seeing that she didn't say anything, Darren turned around and was about to leave.

After thinking for a while, he turned back.

"Keep an eye on her. Don't let her run away."

Then he turned around and was about to leave.

"Don't go."

Seeing that he was about to leave, Yena pulled out the needle, ran to him barefoot and hugged him tightly from behind. She touched his strong chest and leaned against his strong back. Smelling the light smell of tobacco from his body, a subtle change occurred in her heart.

"Honey, don't go." Her eyes were closed and she clung to his back.

A glimmer of unknown tenderness flashed through Darren's eyes, but it disappeared in an instant.

"Are you trying to play the honey trap again?" He turned around and looked coldly at the pale woman in front of him.

"I..." Before Yena could finish his words, she fell heavily to the ground.

Without saying a word, Darren held her horizontally. He was surprised at the weight of the woman in his arms.

"Hurry up, go and call the family doctor."

His eyes were as dark as the night, mixed with anxiety that no one could tell.

While the family doctor was giving her another injection, Darren silently looked at the thin woman on the bed, with a look of heartache that he didn't even notice on his face.

His eyes fell on her bare feet. When his big hand touched her feet, he found that it was unusually cold. Her white feet felt cold in his hands.

He took out her socks and put them on her skillfully. It was the first time that Darren found her feet small and exquisite, the size of his hands.

He really didn't know if it was because his hand were too big or her feet were too sm


"Make sure she keeps the socks on in the future." Darren ordered the servant. "She can't get out of bed if she doesn't wear it." He thought for a while and continued.

Following the family doctor out, Darren gently closed the door.

"Mr. Shen, Mrs. Yena suffered from long-term anemia and malnourishment. She needs more nutrition. She fainted probably because she just woke up and her blood sugar supply was insufficient all over her body. In addition, her body was cold. "

The family doctor's words made Darren frown.

'Does this woman have to gamble on her own body? '? Did they have to end up like this? Darren thought of the word "honey" just now, which was the best words he had heard in his life. Unfortunately, it was not true. This woman had done everything in order to divorce him.

Darren sighed and looked at the woman in the room through the crack of the door. He stood there in a daze for a long time and finally chose to leave.

She didn't know how long she had slept before she woke up.

She seemed to have a dream, in which she recalled her childhood. At that time, she wore a white princess dress and swore to a little boy that she would marry him and be his bride when she grew up. But she could not remember the little boy's appearance.

Well, it was just a dream.

Yena tried to persuade herself.

"Madam, did you wake up?" Seeing that she was about to sit up, the servant in the room showed a happy expression on her face and hurried to help her up.

"No need to help me, Linda. I can do it myself."

She didn't want a woman much older than her to take care of her. And Linda was the one who treated her best here.

"Linda, I want to go out for a walk." She asked Linda.

"No, madam. The doctor said that you should have a good rest. Just lie on the bed." Linda was determined.

"Then I'm hungry. Can I get out of bed for dinner?" Although she said so, she had another thought in her heart.

"Then... Okay. " Linda agreed reluctantly.

She slowly lifted the quilt. When her feet were about to touch the slippers, she was stunned.

There was a pair of socks on her feet, and the color was pink.

She frowned and asked Linda, "Linda, who put these socks on me? Don't they know that I hate to wear socks? "

Said Yena, trying to take it off.

She really didn't like it.

"No, madam. Mr. Shen has told me that you can't get out of bed without wearing clothes." Linda stopped her in a hurry.

Hearing this, the expression on Yena's face froze. She didn't expect that Darren was the first person to urge her to wear socks. A warm current coursed through her heart, and she felt warm in her heart.

"Let's go, Yena. Let's go to eat something."

Yena said as he walked slowly to the table.

Linda kept nagging while filling the bowl with porridge, "madam, the doctor said that you can't eat anything else since you just recovered, so Mr. Shen made porridge for you."

She said and put a bowl of steaming porridge in front of her.

"Mrs. Yena, to tell you the truth, Mr. Shen was brought up by me. I have never let him cook. He broke more than ten pots of porridge. Why do you still want a divorce? How can one find such an excellent man like him... "

Linda's voice became more and more vague.

Tears welled up in Yena's eyes.

She didn't expect that the plain porridge in front of her was made by Darren himself.

A drop of tear fell into the bowl along her face.

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