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   Chapter 1 The Rebirth Of Yena

Top Adoration: Devote My Life To You By Wu Li Characters: 6841

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In the hospital, the smell of disinfectant pervaded the air. The sound of high heels colliding with the ground woke up Yena.

"Sister." The voice sounded familiar.

Wasn't this her sister, Judy?

In the VIP ward, it was quiet for four times. Except for the two sisters, there was no one else.

Yena wanted to get up and wanted to speak, but only to found that even though she remained her consciousness, she could not move all over her body, and even a finger seemed not to belong to her.

"Sister..." Sitting on the edge of her only sister's bed, Judy looked at her face which was somewhat similar to her. Even when she was wearing a breathing mask, her beauty could not be resisted, and her radiance could not be covered even if her eyes were closed tightly.

Judy took off the breathing mask with her slender fingers, and there was a slight change in her expression.

On the other side, on the bed, Yena was very uncomfortable at the moment. She felt as if she was about to suffocate. She seemed to know what was going on, but now she even had difficulty in breathing.

"I'm sorry, sister. But you were going to die anyway. If you died earlier, wouldn't we both be relieved?" It seemed that Judy had changed into another person. She looked at her sister with hatred, who she had never been able to compete for anything.

Although she couldn't move, Yena could still hear what her sister said. It was like a thunder exploding in her ears. How could her sister, the one person she loved more than anyone, say something like that?

Yena's heart began to beat faster, and the number on the monitor began to stir.

"You have always been oppose me. I could never get what I want. But you, you can get everything easily and sometimes even without trying, whether you want it or not. When we were a pair of little girls, our parents spoiled you and gave you everything, but I could only get what you have left. I know you always let me to choose first, but that was just your smug charity wasn't it? "

Judy's voice was hoarse and began to tremble. She hated this sister of hers.

Hearing this, a drop of tear streaked across the corner of Yena's eyes. She had never thought that what happened in childhood would have such a big impact on her sister. At the same time, her heart seemed to be cooled down.

"When I grew up, I always wanted to surpass you, but I was never as good as you, even the man I liked had married you..." Judy shouted, with a ferocious expression on her face.

"Yena, you deserve to die. Do you know how you became a vegetable? Do you know why you got into that car accident? Yes, I did it. If Darren hadn't been protecting you secretly in the past three years, you wouldn't have lived till now... " She was almost out of control.

The words of car accident aroused the memory of Yena's. She remembered that day, a rampant car rushed towards her, and she gradually fell into coma until today.

What she didn't expect was that the car accident was not an accident, but a deliberate design. What she didn't expect was that the person who designed the car accident was her own sister.

Yena thought of the man, the man she didn't love. She never knew that he had done so much for her secretly, but she still wanted a divorce...

Yena's pillow was wet.

"You hypocritically told me that you didn't like him and wanted to divorce him, but in my ears, you were showing

off..." With her hair disheveled, Judy looked like a ghost.

"But I still have to thank you. If you hadn't threatened him with your life, he wouldn't have compromised so easily." Judy stared at the woman on the bed.

"Do you know why you lay here so easily?" She burst into laughter. "It's me. I took photos of you and another man in bed and sent them to Darren. He has given up on you I didn't expect that a smart man like Darren would believe that photo... " Judy said with a bright smile.

In... Photos of her and others in bed?

The more she thought about it, the more suspicious she became. Her heart was pounding.

Was it possible? Last time when she lay in the room naked, it was not because of anything else, but because of her sister's design? It was hard for Yena to imagine that her dearest sister had become a murderer.

Yena's breath became subtle, and the sleepiness all over his body became stronger and stronger.

"Fortunately, he believed in the photo, otherwise I wouldn't be able to find the opportunity..." The ferocity on Judy's face gradually disappeared. "My dear sister, now I finally get back what belongs to me..."

With her eyes and brows arched, Judy smiled happily.

"Sister, your husband is my fiance now. The Su group is under my control as well. I finally get what I want." In addition to the satisfaction after having her wishes fulfilled, there was also the pleasure after showing off in Judy's mind.

Anyway, the woman in front of her couldn't live much longer.

Judy knew that her dear sister could hear what she said, but so what? She had become a vegetable, and these words would break into her stomach.

No one would be surprised at her death, let alone blame her.

People who were about to die had to make her understand what was going to happen. She didn't want to waste her time.

"Judy..." The voice was very subtle, or perhaps there was no sound, but the mouth was slightly open.

Yena tried so hard making a sound, she was unwilling to die like this.

She wanted to live, live well.

She wanted to go back to the past with Darren Shen.

"My dear sister, just sleep well. I will take good care of Darren for you..."

As soon as he finished speaking, the number on the monitor gradually dropped

Judy put on her breathing mask again, and there was no trace of sadness on her face.

"Darren, my sister, she..."

Judy sobbed and tears fell down.

"What's wrong? What's wrong with her? " Darren lost control and anxiously waited for the reply from the other end of the phone.

"My sister... She didn't make it... " She cried louder and louder.

"Okay..." His voice was hoarse, as if he had lost a treasure.


Yena's monitor pointed to zero. Was she going to die like this?

She was trapped in the darkness, struggling. Suddenly, a powerful force surrounded her, lingering all over her body

"My lady... My lady, please wake up... "

Yena could vaguely hear someone calling her name. That person shook her violently and forced her to open her eyes.

"Madam, even if you are angry with Mr. Shen, you have to eat something to hurt yourself. You have been married for a year. Why can't you talk nicely..."

Get married?

Didn't she already divorce? Besides, wasn't she dead?

The more she thought about it, the more strange she felt. So she just sat up.

At this moment, they met a pair of deep eyes.

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