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   Chapter 10 Break Up

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Judy and Steven had known each other for so many years. They had been always together when they were at school. Now even if they had had a job, their relationship was stable. Almost everyone envied them. Steven had never hidden anything from her. The two of them were honest to each other, so Judy thought she knew him very well. Therefore, she could notice the change in his attitude towards her. Although he denied, in her eyes, it was chicanery.

"Honey, are you hiding something from me recently? What happened? We didn't hide anything from each other before, did we? If you have something on your mind, you can tell me. I can also give you advice and share it with you. "

As she spoke, she held one of his arms, but was dodged by him quietly.

She was not a fool. Women were always sensitive, especially when it came to love. Two days ago, Steven lost contact with her for no reason. It didn't seem to be a big deal, because he was a workaholic and often forgot her because of work, and even himself. But with his previous loss of contact and the change of his attitude towards her now, she thought something must have happened.

They had known each other for so long, and she knew him well. Of course, if he lost patience and interest in something, he would be very indifferent and alienated. Wasn't it what he was doing now?

In other words, he had lost interest in her now?

They had been together for so many years. Now he finally hated her?

But she hadn't achieved her goal yet, and it was close at hand. How could he suddenly abandon her? It was unfair to her. She gave her most precious youth to Steven. How could he leave her?

"Steven, I think it's necessary for us to have a talk."

"I think so, too," said Steven, taking a glance at her.

"Then tonight we..."

"I don't have time today. I don't have time recently. I just told you this."

She took a deep breath and forced a smile, "Okay. When do you have time?"

"I will inform you."

"Steven, do you fall in love with another woman?" She didn't like to beat around the bush, so she asked straightforwardly, "You've never been so cold to me before. Do you have a new girlfriend? Are you not going to be with me or marry me? "

Putting down the things in his hands, he pursed his lips and said, "I'm sorry."

These words did have a lot of meanings for the current Steven. He felt sorry for using Steven's body without permission, and for her love and responsibility for Judy. He could not take over the responsibility for him.

She was stunned and looked at him in disbelief. She shook her head and muttered, "It's impossible. You can't abandon me. We have been together for so long and our relationship has been so stable. Two weeks ago, you said that we were going to get married at the end of this year. You said that we were going to travel in Greek for our honeymoon, where there was the Aegean Sea. We were going to make a honeymoon baby there. You also said that our first child should be a boy, and the second child should be a girl, so that the elder brother can take care of the sister. We will be a happy family of four. You have already planned our future. Why do you change it now? Did I do something wrong? Why do you seem to have changed into another person? I want to know what happened. We can solve it together and overcome the difficulties together. You don't have to get rid of me. Did anything happen to your family? Is it about the company? I can help you. I can ask my father... "

"No, it's not as complicated as you think. It's my own problem."

"What is your problem?" She shouted angrily, "Love is a matter of two people, not you alone. Steven, when did you become so selfish? You weren't like this before. Yes, you can break up with me, but at least you have to give me a reason! A reasonable reason. We have been together for such a long time. Are you going to dump me by saying it's your own problem? Have you ever considered my feelings? What would you think if I told you this? You have to consider my feelings from my point of view, okay? "

"I'm sorry that I don't know how to coax girls, and I won't lie either. I can't tell you the touching reasons you want to hear, so I can only tell you these in the most direct way. I won't say sweet words."

What he said was true. He really didn't know how to say sweet words. Even in front of Monica, he didn't say anything as sweet as honey. He had been with Monica for a long time, and the sweet words he had said

could be counted with one hand.

He was like this even in front of the woman he loved and cared about, not to mention that it was Judy who had nothing to do with him. He was not a sentimental man.

Judy sneered, "You don't know how to coax girls? You won't lie to me? You can't say sweet words? Then who said so many sweet words to me before? Isn't it you? After all, it's because you have changed. Your heart has changed. I don't have a place in your heart, and that position has been taken by someone else. That's why you don't want to say anything nice to me. You just don't want to say sweet words to me. Is that right? "

Steven sighed deeply in his heart. When he knew that Steven had a fiancee, he had already sighed a lot in his heart.

He looked at his watch. It was time for Jerome to go back to the company. He'd better go to accompany Monica and report this helpless thing to her by the way, in case of any misunderstanding.

"Well, it's time for me to see the patient. Let's talk about it later."

He picked up the documents on the desk and was about to leave the office, but was stopped by Judy. Although she was a woman, she did have great strength. Looking at her hand holding his arm, he frowned. It really hurt.

"No, I won't let you go before you finish my words." She insisted, "If I let you go now, you may disappear again, and I can't contact you."

This thing happened a few days after he came back. If he disappeared for a few more days, what horrible things would happen?

"Stop it. You are a nurse. It's working time now. Don't you know what's more important? Our time can be wasted, but what about the patient's? "

"Your patient is not an ordinary patient. She is in a vegetative state. It doesn't matter that you delay it for a few minutes. Make it clear to me before you leave." She still held his arm tightly.

"Judy, are you done?" He frowned impatiently, "Did you study hard before? Is this your professional attitude? We have to put the patient first and can't bring any personal emotions to work. Don't you know this? "

She was speechless.

As a professional nurse, how could she not know this kind of thing? But Steven wanted to break up with her. It was not a small matter.

She had liked him since high school. For him, she gave up her hobbies, chose a medical major and became a nurse. As a matter of fact, she didn't like this occupation at all. She didn't like to see blood, but as a nurse, she would definitely see blood every day. But in order to be with him, she endured it.

She wanted to be a good nurse, but her goal was not that noble. She just wanted to be with him. She just wanted to be a woman who could be side by side with him and match him. Was it difficult? She felt that she had done everything. She didn't know what happened and why he wanted to break up with her. She had sacrificed so much for him these years.

She was not reconciled! She couldn't accept it!

If Steven really wanted to break up with her, she would not be a nurse! So now she didn't care about all the professional requirements. The only thing she needed to do now was to keep him by her side, no matter what method she would use.

"I'd rather not be a nurse. I can't live without you."

She was straightforward. She had always wanted to marry him. It had never changed for more than ten years.

"Stop it."

No matter how strong she was, she was still a woman. I was not difficult for him to get rid of her hand. Without hesitation, he got rid of her hand and walked towards the ward. She staggered and almost fell down when he broke free. Looking at his back, she slowly clenched her fists.

Would she let him go? No, of course she wouldn't.

As for whom he dumped her for, she had to figure it out. She was not a person who knew nothing. Although she was a nurse now, she had a rich family. What was she afraid of?

She firmly believed that no one in the world could love Steven more than she did. She also believed that no one in the world could be with his side, and no one could do so much for him like her. Therefore, no matter who she was, she would not care, because that woman couldn't be compared with her at all.

She really didn't expect that. Originally, she was sure that she would marry Steven, but now... Steven was totally different. She and Monica... Indeed, there was no comparability, because she was no match for Monica in any case.

After all, Shawn and Monica had gone through life and death.

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