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   Chapter 9 Judy Hu

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In fact, Shawn didn't know much about Steven since he took his identity.

He could easily know what kind of person Steven was and what he was good at. As for personal matters, he didn't know much except for his family. After all, Steven was twenty-six years old now. If he read all his memories of the past twenty-six years, he would be exhausted. Moreover, even if he became Steven now, he was not him. After all, it was his privacy, and he was not interested in prying into other people's privacy. So he didn't know how Steven had made friends before, whether he had a girlfriend or not, and whether he had a girlfriend or not.

He didn't think it was a big deal, but it seemed it was not as simple as he thought.

He had never expected that his girlfriend was a nurse in the hospital. They were colleagues, so he couldn't avoid her at all.

"Honey, I called you these two days. Why is your phone powered off? Besides, I seldom see you in the hospital. I thought you disappeared out of thin air. "

The one who spoke was Steven's real girlfriend, Judy Hu.

She was a female nurse in the obstetrics and gynecology department. She had been with Steven since high school. In fact, Steven insisted on choosing the obstetrics and gynecology department for her regardless of the objection of his family. His main purpose was to be with her. In fact, he was an infatuated man.

They had been together for ten years. In the past ten years, their relationship had been stable and they were about to get married recently.

That was what Steven had just learned. It was really a bit late. If he had known that Steven had such an unforgettable love and a fiancee, he would not have chosen this body anyway. He was too anxious at that time. He was worried that Monica would not be able to deal with it alone. Later, he did not investigate the information of Steven. Now he was caught off guard.

Besides, he thought he should feel guilty.

After all, Judy and Steven loved each other so much. Now he had used Steven's body to be reborn, and the real Steven had long been dead, he lived for Steven, but he couldn't love her. It was unfair to both Judy and Steven.

He owed two big favors. As for how to repay... He had to think it over.

But that was a later story. He had to think about how to get rid of Judy. He couldn't tell the truth directly and clearly. After all, she was a real mortal. If he exposed his identity to a mortal on purpose, he would be in big trouble in the future. But he felt that it would be more troublesome if he didn't tell her.

A faint sense of sadness welled up in his heart. He felt that his future life would not be easy.

"Well, I've been very busy these two days. I left my phone in the hospital last time and forgot to take it back." said Steven slowly and indifferently.

"I see." Judy didn't doubt or think anything wrong with what he said. In her opinion, the same thing often happened to Steven, and it was not surprising at all. "I've told you that you should take your phone with you all the time for communication. Otherwise, why do you need your phone? I know that sometimes we can't take it with us, such as the operating room and the intensive care unit, but you should take it with you after you come out. Otherwise, as I can't find you and you are not at your home, I'll be very worried, you know? I almost went to your parents' house to look for you, but I was afraid that they would worry about you, so I didn't go. "

"Hum, I'm fine."

"Fine? Is that all? " She pouted discontentedly, "Don't you want me to explain why you disappeared these days? Where on earth have you been? "

"I've been in the hospital all the time. I'm too busy to inform you recently. As you know, there is a pregnant woman in a vegetative state in the hospital. She has reacted, so I am paying close attention to her condition. She is under surveillance for twenty-four hours. It is not easy for me to have a rest. As you know, it's common for doctors to work overtime. You are the same. "

"Well, I've heard about that pregnant woman. It's indeed a miracle, but I'm not responsible for her, so I am not very clear about it." Judy sighed, "It's said that it's a miracle. In fact, I also want to witness it, but unfortunately, I'm not arranged there. But it doesn't matter. You are there. You can tell me how the pregnant woman is now. Is she really awake? When will she give birth? She will have something to do with us when she is about to give birth. I should have the chance to see that miracle. "

The corners of his mouth twitched. "That's just a patient with a special condition. It's not a miracle, nor a sightseeing resort. There's nothing to see."

"Okay." She tilted her head a little and looked at him

curiously. "Honey, why do I feel that you have changed a lot?"

"Have I?"

Although she seemed to question her in reply, he didn't think so.

He thought to himself, 'Although it's still the same person, the soul inside was already different. If this person could still be regarded as the same, then he must have excellent acting skills.' Unfortunately, he didn't know much about acting and couldn't be a movie king for the time being, and he didn't want to be a movie king.

"Haven't you?" Judy thought for a while and said, "You've indeed changed. You've really changed. After all, I have known you for so many years and we have been boyfriend and girlfriend for so many years. I know you more than you know yourself. I can notice even a little change in you. "

"Well, what do you think I have changed?" He thought it would be better for him to make some improvement. After all, if even Steven's girlfriend found something wrong, wouldn't he be exposed directly when he met his parents?

In fact, they wouldn't find out the truth. If he didn't tell them, they wouldn't think in that direction. After all, the truth was absurd for most people. Ordinary people couldn't think of it unless their imagination was too developed or they had experienced it personally.

There was no doubt that it was impossible for Steven's family to experience this. As for whether Steven's family could think of this, he guessed that it was impossible. Even if they thought of it for a moment, they should have denied their own thoughts first.

"I don't know." She thought for a while and shrugged. "Anyway, it's just a feeling, a subconscious feeling."

"People's perception is not reliable." Steven smiled, "I think it's a personal impression, which will change with one's thoughts. So maybe it's not that I've changed, but that you've changed your mind. "

"What?" She was confused by his profound words. "Well, whatever you say. I've never been able to defeat you in words since childhood. After all, you were the champion of the debate match. Let's get down to business. You have worked overtime for so long. When will you take a rest? We haven't had a good date for a long time. Why don't we go to see a movie sometime when we are free? There are many good movies recently, and your favorite Hollywood star... "

"I'm really busy recently. I may not have time. If you really want to see a movie, you can go and find a few friends or colleagues to watch it together. I won't go. " He refused without hesitation.

She was dissatisfied with his refusal, but she still patiently acted like a spoiled child, "Honey, didn't you say that you would watch a movie with me at least once a month? It's the end of this month. I know you were very busy these days, so I put it off. But now you are not that busy. Why can't you go with me? "

"Maybe you're not that busy, but I'm different. My schedule is almost full. I have to keep an eye on that pregnant woman. As you know, the pregnant woman's condition is special... "

"So what?" She frowned, "How many months will it take for her to give birth to the babies? Won't you have a holiday these months? Besides, I've asked someone before. In fact, you don't have to work overtime. You were not arranged to do that, but several doctors would take turns to observe. You took the initiative to take charge of the observation. Honey, are you hiding something from me? Or are you hiding from me? "

"No, I'm not. I just did it for work." Steven was sorting out the documents in his hands and didn't even look at her. "You are also curious about this special patient, aren't you? I'm just curious. I want to take this opportunity to observe and study. Maybe it will be of great help in the future. You can understand me, right? "

In fact, he wanted to break up with her directly, but he didn't think it was a good idea. After all, Judy and Steven loved each other so much. He couldn't treat his fiancee so badly while using his body, so he decided to take it slow.

But it was certain that they would break up, because Steven would never come back, and he was not him. He only loved one woman, Monica. He had nothing to do with Judy. Judy could only find someone else to give her happiness, and present Steven couldn't.

How could he break up with a woman peacefully? This was a difficult problem for him.

Monica was his only girlfriend in the mortal world. He had been the king of the underworld for so long before, and even if there were many people who admired him, he had never paid attention to them. Therefore, Monica was the first woman he loved, and he would never... any other woman.

Monica was the first and only one, and they would never break up, so it was a big problem for him.

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