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   Chapter 13 Deadly Crisis (Part Three)

Deadly Lure: Become CEO's Captive Lover By Xiu Luo Characters: 6713

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"I'm fine," Ines slowly opened her eyes and said word by word.

"Stop talking. Didn't you see her mouth bleeding? I'll take her to the hospital. You can deal with the rest." After saying that, Maverick strode forward.

"Don't hurt them," said Ines, gritting her teeth.

"Stop talking, Ines. Mr. Ma, give them some money and let them reflect on themselves. He will handle it well." Maverick carried Ines to his car and drove to the hospital.

Ines was weak. She didn't know why she let them go. Perhaps it was because her parents told her to learn to forgive others since childhood. And she also felt sorry for them.

They couldn't find the value of living. What on earth did they want? They were just living in a shell. They were just like her, who had fallen to the end of the world. Ines pitied them unconsciously.

"Ines, you don't need to think or say anything now, understand? Have a good sleep. Everything will be fine when you wake up later," gently stroking her red and swollen face, he said.

"Okay." Ines nodded. That meant she agreed and then she closed her eyes.

'Why did this cold animal become so gentle in a moment? Would he be a little merciful only when I was in danger? Forget it. I really didn't expect him to have such a gentle side, ' Ines couldn't help laughing as she thought. She smiled sweetly.

In his eyes, this silly girl always thought for others, not for herself. How silly she was to smile in such an environment. 'It seems that your parents have infused a lot of good thoughts of human nature into you. They don't want you to be unhappy. They were really considerate, '

thought him as he sped up.

Somehow, when he saw Ines in such a pain, his heart ached.

'After waiting for more than ten years, I finally got you. I wanted to revenge, but every time I saw your pure eyes and lovely smiling face, I couldn't bear to do that. You looked like a transparent glass doll, and I was afraid that I would break you into pieces accidentally, ' Maverick thought.

In the abandoned building.

"Here is a one hundred thousand dollar check. Take it and use it. I hope you can behave yourself in the future and learn to help others. Don't do anything wrong again. If I see you doing evil again, I won't spare your lives next time. Ines was soft hearted. She is kind to everyone." As Jasper spoke, his eyes turned red.

"Miss Ines is our benefactor. We didn't expect that she would speak for us after we hurt her beautiful heart. She has done so much for us. It turned out that I had always thought that there would be no good person in this world full of material desires. But when I saw her innocent smile and innocent eyes, I knew that her heart was clear. I didn't wake up until this moment. I was too persistent in revenge. Miss Yang returns good for evil. We won't let her down," the tall and thin man said.

He didn't expect a little girl to be so sentimental.

"Well, you can leave now. I'm going to see Ines. Reflect on yourself. That's all I want to say." He turned around and walked towards the night.

The others were left dumbfounded. The other fat man stepped forward and helped the wounded fat man up. That was Paul who helped Brad up.

"Boss, are you really moved?" The fatty called Brad said.

"You are too reckless. You don't take me seriously. I didn't ask you to hurt tha

t little girl. Why are you always make decisions on your own? Fortunately, Miss Ines showed mercy this time, or we would have become minced meat. She's right. We should live for ourselves. It's meaningless to live like this."

"It seems that Brad's hand is disabled. Anyway Maverick has shown mercy to him. I didn't expect that Miss Ines was the woman of Maverick. It could be seen that he cared about her very much. We can open a shop ourselves. Live well and live happily," the tall and thin man said.

"Boss, have you made up your mind?" The two men looked at him at the same time.

"Yes, I've made up my mind. We've been living like a living-dead for so long. We don't know how to live, how to feel the beauty of the world. We only complain about the unfair fate. We broke her dignity and her soul was hurt, but she still chose to forgive us. It's time for us to wake up," the tall and thin man said.

"Okay, boss. You are right. Let's go to work together. We have to experience life with you. Take us with you."

Jasper disappeared in the dead of night. He didn't call or ask Maverick where she was. He knew that Ines would never belong to him. He even lost their friendship. He knew that although Maverick was violent and vicious, he knew that he had her in his eyes.

He wouldn't hurt her and would take good care of her.

Jasper felt that his world was dark. How could such an innocent and lovely Ines have to bear so much? In a night, she lost nothing, and became a person who no one loved or cared about. How could she accept such a big difference

"I'm sorry, Ines. I'm so sorry. No matter how much I'm sorry I say, I can't go back to the past. There was no gap between us in the past. We love each other so much. I'm your confidant. Although you would think of me and see me every time quarreled with Silas, and you would fly back to him immediately whenever he called, even if you and I have only eaten half of the meal, I could often see you at that time, which was enough. In fact, you didn't care about any wealth, right? You cared more about my sincerity to you. It was my fault. I thought that as long as I could become rich, one day you would see the silent sacrifice of the people around you. I didn't expect that what I had done pushed you further away from me.

Ines, I hope you can be happy. Maybe I have pushed you into an irreparable fire pit. Maverick is a cold-blooded and ruthless man. Although the former leader of the underworld has quit, he is powerful in both legal and underworld. The woman under him is like a dress. He would throw them away as soon as he finish. I'm sorry, Ines. I will protect you silently all my life until you are happy."

The second day, the sun lazily shone into the ward. No matter how thick the curtain was, it couldn't block the sunlight. Ines fell asleep peacefully with a smile on her face. She was as sweet as a child. It was almost noon when Ines woke up. She lied on white sheets and was wearing the white hospital clothes. She had an intravenous drip on her hand. What came into view was Maverick's handsome face.

He held her hand tightly and fell asleep unexpectedly.

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