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   Chapter 12 Deadly Crisis (Part Two)

Deadly Lure: Become CEO's Captive Lover By Xiu Luo Characters: 6850

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"Hah-hah, don't struggle anymore. Follow me, or you will suffer."

The man was still resting on her shoulder, and then was about to touch her chest. Ines shivered all over.

Ines lifted her leg subconsciously and kicked a fleshy thing. The fat man snorted.

He hit the other half of Ines' face hard. "Bitch, how dare you kick me? You don't want to live, do you? In this case, I'll rape you first and then kill you. After that, I'll cut off your limbs and send them to different places casually so that you can die without a complete corpse."

Ines' face was swollen. The blood on her face was mixed with tears.

Looking at her own blood and tears, Ines felt more tired of this cold and ruthless world.

"Bitch, you can't run away. Just listen and cooperate with us. Listen to my buddy clearly. We are all desperadoes. You'd better be obedient." Another fat man came over and pinched Ines' red and swollen cheek. 'The skin of this girl is very elastic and well maintained, ' he thought.

Ines' face was burning, and the corner of her mouth was still bleeding. Tears streamed down Ines' face. She really looked pitiful.

As a rich girl, she suddenly became a poor girl like a weed that no one loved. It was not a big deal. But the abandon of the one she loved most, the betrayal of her best friend, the darkness of the real society, and the indifference of human beings struck her the most. The theory of good human nature that had been maintained for the past 20 years collapsed in an instant. Everything changed overnight. Ines was a little regretful that she didn't get to know the society earlier, so that she wouldn't be betrayed by her friends, abandoned by her lover, and encountered the humiliation of hooligans.

Ines' tears were like broken beads, rustling and falling on her desperate soul. Perhaps, everything was her destiny. Ines closed her eyes slowly.

Looking at Ines' haggard face, pale and lifeless. No matter how hard hearted he was, he would be moved.

"Is that bitch still alive?" Seeing Ines gradually close her eyes, the other fat man softened his tone.

"No. how could she die so soon? We haven't enjoyed ourselves yet. How could we let her die so easily?" Another slap hit Ines' face. The corner of her mouth was bleeding.

Ines still didn't open her eyes. Her face was numb and she could not feel anything. Maybe her heart was already cold, and full of pain. All the pain, could no longer be painful to her.

Seeing that Ines didn't respond, the fat man began to kiss her collarbone and shoulder, bit by bit. The other fat man couldn't bear to see that.

"Brad, let her go. Maybe she has her own difficulties." Looking at Ines' tears and blood, the man finally opened his mouth.

"Paul, if you don't want to do it, I will. I don't know how to be tender to a woman." Then he put his hand on Ines' neck and pulled down her clothes. They were about to launch a new round of attack...

"Stop! Stop!" An ethereal voice came from behind, as if it came from hell.

Looking at the disheveled Ines, her face was swollen, the corner of her mouth was still bleeding, and her clothes were wet with tears. His heart ached for no reason.

"Brat, who are you? Don't make trouble. You'd better stay out of it, or you'll get into trouble," a man with a ferocious face said.

"You don't have to know who I am. I will take care of this matter. Let her go, or you will all die,"

he said coldly, with no emotion and ruthlessness in his eyes.

"How arrogant you are. Let's have a try."

Ines seemed to have heard someone coming, but she had no strength to open her eyes again, and her hands were still tied. She felt a sharp pain on her face.

Judging from the voice, it should not be Jasper, but him, Maverick, Mr. Yu. How could he find this place.

"Okay." Then he shot the fatty on his right leg. Without any expression on his face, Maverick stared coldly at the two fat men. "I will disable the hand that you touched her. If both of your hands touched her, I'll break both." The voice was ethereal and cruel, sounding like the voice of Demon from hell.

"Please let me go. Who is she to you and who are you? Even if I die, I will die with a clear understanding of it." The fat man covered his bleeding right leg. His face was covered with sweat.

"My name is Maverick Yu. She is my woman. I haven't killed anyone for a long time. You forced me to break my rules today." He raised his gun and was about to shoot the fat man.

"Maverick Yu, the guy who wins the respect of both legal and illegal world, has been out of the underworld for many years. He has been engaged in his own business and no longer cares about the underworld. He mainly engaged in the entertainment industry. Now he is a big shot in the entertainment industry."

Seeing this, the other fat man quickly knelt down and begged for mercy, "He doesn't know she is your woman. What's more, he hadn't done anything to miss Yang. He just touched her a little. I hoped that Mr. Yu would be generous and let him go."

The tall and thin man in his sleep was also awakened. Seeing this, he naturally understood what had happened.

So he slapped one of the fat men and said in a clear voice. "Why are you so stupid? Did I let you hurt her? How dare you do that without my permission. You actually did it when I was asleep. You disappoint me so much."

"Boss, I thought you didn't say anything just to acquiesce," a fat man replied.

"Sir, my men are thoughtless. I hope I can give them a chance. Don't kill them. They know they are wrong," the tall and thin young hand said. He didn't expect that he would defend these two people.

"Do you think I will believe you with a few good words. You are just like dogs returning to their vomit. I must teach them a good lesson today. How dare you touch my woman!" He was about to shoot at the fat man's head.

"Let them go," Ines said slowly, enduring the pain in her mouth.

Maverick stepped forward and helped Ines up. "Are you okay, Ines? You've already been beaten by them like this. Why are you still pleading for them?"

Maverick gave the fat man a hard kick on his belly and trampled him under his feet. The fat man shrank in pain.

"They are so pitiful. Give them some money and hope they can live a good life," Ines said painfully. Every word she said would hurt.

"Stop talking anymore. I'll take you to the hospital. You are always so kind." Then he turn to the fat guys and said," You are really ruthless. How could you be so cruel to such a simple girl?" He shot at the fatty's left hand again. Then picked up Ines and walked out.

At this time, Jasper also arrived. He saw the unconscious Ines. Her face was red and swollen, and the corner of her mouth was still bleeding. His heart ached.

"Are you okay, Ines?" Jasper asked with concern.

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