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   Chapter 11 Deadly Crisis (Part One)

Deadly Lure: Become CEO's Captive Lover By Xiu Luo Characters: 6917

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The more she wanted to escape, the more she was stuck in it.

She was in drastic desperation.

"It seems that we are going to have a woman to play with us today. I'm so happy. I haven't slept with any woman for half a year," a man with a ferocious face said, looking at Ines lustfully.

Ines felt uncomfortable and had goose bumps all over her body. Nowadays, there were really many disgusting people. Ines looked at that man with contempt. She turned around and avoided eye contact with that disgusting man.

"Little girl, tell me whether you have a family or not. Call your family. You'd better be honest and don't play any tricks on me. Let them pay the ransom for you. Otherwise, you will be the woman of my two men. I guess they will be very tender to you," the scar man said coldly.

"I really don't have any family. My father was put into prison. My mother was seriously ill and hospitalized. Now there is no place for us to stay. My mother is still in the hospital. She is waiting for me to take care of her. Please do me a favor, okay? If I have the ability in the future, I will definitely pay you back. If you let me go today, I will pay you double in the future. Please let me go back to take care of my mother," Ines said sincerely. Perhaps in such a flustered era, public morality was not what it used to be. Only a simple and silly girl like her could say such words.

The three men were silent for a while, but her words seemed to have a certain effect.

The tall and thin man seemed to remember his past. His mother was lying in the hospital, and no one had signed the operation guarantee for her, and no one had gone to see her. She had left alone, and her life, which was only thirty four years old, had disappeared. At that time, he had made some mistakes and couldn't come back in time, so no kind-hearted person had signed for him. Time passed by, and at last, the woman who was only thirty four years old -- died at the age of flower season. The only thing left was the cold temperature. Two lines of hot tears ran down the face of the tall and thin man.

Ines understood that the tears did not mean that he was softhearted, nor did it mean that she could escape from the disaster. It was just that this rogue had such a dark history.

The two strong men also seemed to think of their parents. They felt their sad and sufferings. A trace of sadness flashed through their eyes.

Ines understood that they seemed to be a little moved, but they had been thinking about it and did not intend to let her go. Well, it would do her good even if she could win one second more. Ines didn't know why she was so scared. She didn't know why she cared so much. Maybe she was waiting for someone to save her. But now, who would come to save her? This place was so hidden, and they must not be able to find it. 'No, I can't die. My father needs me to save him, and the Yang Group needs me too. I need to call them so that they can know where I am.

Ines's reason finally triumphed over her feelings. She couldn't be so irresponsible. Even if the world had betrayed her, it didn't matter. After all, her family was innocent, and they were still waiting for me. At least they are not my family. It's lucky for you to have someone to help you. If there was no one to help you, because no one has the obligation to help you, ' Ines thought it through and finally calmed herself down in her own theory.

She could see that the m

an with a scar had suffered a lot. There was a scar on his face, and maybe there were many on his body too. His hand was obviously a little dirty, thick and muddy. It could be seen that he must have suffered a lot, too. It could be seen that he was not interested in women, and he didn't seem to have any feelings for Ines, but the two heavy figures were indeed drooling.

Since they didn't say anything, Ines couldn't speak first, so she had to wait quietly for the time to pass.

The man with a scar on his face looked very painful. He kept pounding his head with his thick hand and whispered something, which barely audible to others. He seemed to say, "Mom, I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I let you go so lonely. I didn't even see you the last time. Mom, it's my fault. I'm sorry. Please forgive me. Please forgive me."

The two men rushed up and hugged the man with a scar on his face. "Brother, don't blame yourself. It was an accident, and it's not your fault. You were in the detention center at that time, and you couldn't get out. You could do nothing at that time. Don't shoulder all the responsibilities. No one was willing to help you at that time, and even the doctors in the hospital are the same. Everyone is cold and heartless, and no one will care about a life," one of his men comforted him and then turned to look at Ines. "And you, you are such a tempting temptress. You make my brother so painful. See how I will subdue you away later." After saying that, he slapped hard on Ines' face. Blood flowed out from the corner of Ines's mouth.

"Brother, don't think too much. Just have a good sleep and let us help you teach her a lesson. Who told her to talk nonsense? We must teach her a lesson."

Ines' face was burning. She didn't cry, but raised her head. Tears finally returned to her eyes. It seemed that what she had just done irritated them. She didn't say anything and stared at them fiercely.

"Do you still want us to let you go? Stop dreaming. We'll take good care of you later and make you satisfy. Don't think we'll fall into your trap if you're sharp tongued. Brad, do you want to do it first or I do it first?" one of the fat men turned to look at the other one.

"You deadly fat pig! Don't touch me! Don't touch me!" Ines shouted.

"Just scream and curse. No one will come to save you even if you shout. Just save it. It's so remote here. I think even if someone comes to save you, they can't find you here. Today, let me taste you first." Then he came up and tore Ines' clothes.

Ines' shouting aroused the fat man's sexual desire. Ines also knew that the fat man was right. 'First of all, no one came to save me now. I am worthless to anyone. Second, even if someone came to save me. It's difficult to find such a hidden place, ' Ines thought as tears finally welled up in her eyes.

"You're crying now. How pitiful. I'll take good care of you. Don't worry. I won't hurt you too much." One of the fat men laughed horribly.

Then she pounced on Ines like a hungry wolf, but Ines couldn't dodge. After all, her hands were still tied, and she was facing a heavy figure. He pushed Ines to the bed and tore Ines' clothes, exposing her collarbone and fair shoulder. The fatty's lower body began to react. The fat guy kept moving on her body and kissing her fragrant shoulder. Tears welled up like spring water, but the fat guy didn't stop. Looking at the tears, the fat guy laughed even more happily.

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