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   Chapter 10 Trapped In The Mire (Part Two)

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"Look, honey, I can almost take you to check your eyes. We will have enough money if we can get a little more." The old man shook the ten thousand dollars in his hand.

"I was wondering why you are so snobbish. I see. I misunderstood you. I'm sorry. Thank you for your love for me." The old woman snuggled up in the old man's arms. The old man seemed to be very guilty. He held the old woman tightly in his arms, and it was obvious that he had regretted what he had done before.

As long as he loved her well now, she would be satisfied.

The old couple hugged each other tightly in the rain, as if to show their gratefulness to Ines. Otherwise, they would not know that the two loved each other so much.

Maverick was following Jasper. When he saw Jasper got off the car, he sped up a little. But when he caught up with Jasper, he found that Jasper had turned around and left in another direction.

Feeling that things had changed, Maverick quietly followed Jasper. He knew that no one cared about Ines more than Jasper did now. After all, it was all because of him.

Jasper sped up the car, and so did Maverick. In the dark night, no one knew what these men who were speeding up the car were doing, and no one cared about what happened here. It was a common understanding of the modern people that they would put aside everything that was none of their business.

Ines looked calm. There was no expectation or anxiety on her face. She was quietly waiting for the arrival of the matter. It was as if a person facing the death penalty was waiting for it to be pronounced.

After a long time, the old style Jetta slowly stopped in front of a shabby house. It was obvious that it had been abandoned for a long time. There was dust everywhere.

The two brawny men dragged Ines in.

Throwing Ines into the room, Ines staggered and almost fell down. She kept herself steady and then stood up.

"This girl is quite obedient. She doesn't make any noise in the car. It seems that she is quite sensible. She looks so innocent. She should be a student girl. We are lucky to meet her today," one of the strong men said first.

Ines was stunned. What? Was it really like what she saw on TV? She didn't care about losing her virginity to that cold animal. After all, he was a handsome man. But these people in front of her were disgusting. God, Ines was no longer as calm as she was in the car just now. She would rather die than...

Ines tried to struggle, but her hands were tied and her mouth was gagged.

"Maybe this person has some background. Should we extort a sum of money from her first, and then have sex with her?"

'You are so despicable. You are really hooligans. You want to extort a sum of money, but you are wrong. I don't have a noble family anymore. I only have a little poor self-esteem,"

she thought in her heart. Ines cried silently.

"Why don't you have the heart to be tender to women? The beauty was so angry that she cried." Then he took up the dirty big hand and wiped it on Ines' face. He continued, "You have blocked the beauty's mouth all the way. How can she not be quiet?"

As he spoke, he took out a piece of cloth from Ines' mouth. Ines suddenly felt much better.

"Beauty, who else is in your family. Don't get us wrong. We don't want to hurt you. We are all desperadoes. We just want some living expenses and ask your family to pay for you. We won't make things difficult for you." One of them was a little good-looking, not full of fat on his face. He was a well-proportioned man, not ugly, but not handsome. A three-centimeter long scar on his face was eye-catching, as if he had experienced the vicissitude of life. It was obvious that he had experienced life and death, and he didn't care about life and death.

Scar made him look more dignified. This tall man was too thin, and his face was not very good. It was obvious that he was suffering from malnutrition. It could be seen that he was the leader of these people.

"I don't have many people in my family. My family has gone bankrupt. Now I'm just like you, a child that no one wants. We are both from the end of the world. If you don't mind, I'll go with you to explore the world." Ines didn't expect that she would say something like that.

The two brawny men had their mouths wide enough to accommodate one person. If that was a little too exaggerated, it was enough to put down an egg in.

"Boss, does she have a fever? She wants to join us? Is she a spy sent by the police?" All of a sudden, the old building was filled with gossips. It was a mess.

"Well, stop guessing. Stop!"

But the two men are talking about it and have no intention of stopping.

All of a sudden, the tall and thin man shouted, "Stop! I told you to shut up! Didn't you hear me? Am I still your boss?"

"Boss, don't be angry. We just keep silent," the two men said obsequiously. She didn't expect that the two brawny men were the followers of this thin man. Alas, it's incredible.

She didn't expect that this tall and thin man was really capable. These two people were also obedient to his command. It was just that he had a bad temper. Ines couldn't help chuckling.

"What are you laughing at? How dare you make fun of us like that? Since you don't have a family, you are a loser from the end of the world. Well, from now on, you will follow us and serve my two minions," the man said viciously.

"Boss, is that true? Let her serve us? Can she start to serve us today?" One of the strong men stared at the protruding part of Ines with lust. He was about to drool.

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