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   Chapter 9 Things Turned Around

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Betty's words made everyone's face change.

Mrs. Grace was the first to react. She looked at her and asked, "What did you say?"

With a long face, Leon walked towards them without saying a word.

Victoria smiled coldly and looked at Betty. "What are you talking about, sister? Do you know my child better than me? "

Betty turned around and walked to the tea table. She bent down, picked up her bag, took out a few photos from it, and spread them on the table. "I didn't want to take them out, but Aunt Grace is really good to me. I don't want to lie to you. I'm sorry sister. I can't hide it for you anymore." Looking at the sincere expression on Betty's face, Victoria thought Betty really knew how to praise herself.

Then Betty looked at Mrs. Grace and said apologetically, "Aunt, I really don't want to lie to you. But Victoria is my sister. This is a scandal of our Mo family. We shouldn't have told others, but I really don't have the heart to continue to lie to you and Leon."

After that, in order to make Mrs. Grace see those photos clearly, Betty deliberately put them on the table one by one.

It was photos in which many men gang raped a sexy woman. In the photo, the woman was lying on the ground with her side face showed. The tears on her face were faintly visible, and the angle of the photo was just right to see the woman's side face.

When Mrs. Grace saw those photos, she looked at Victoria in shock. "Is this you?"

At this time, Leon called the nanny in a cold voice, "Send my mother back to her room!"

His voice was as cold as ice, emitting a bloodthirsty light.

When the nanny came out, Mrs. Grace pushed her away and glared at Leon, "I won't go upstairs. Leon, tell me, do you know it? "

With a cold and terrible expression on his face, Leon said, "Mom, you go upstairs first. I'll handle it."

Normally, Mrs. Grace would be very scared if Leon got angry. But today, no matter how scared she was, she would not flinch. How could she not care about the grandchild of the Gu family!

"Deal with what? What's the matter? " Mrs. Grace looked at Betty and asked anxiously, "Betty, tell me what happened."

Victoria was the calmest among them. She remembered what happened that night better than anyone else. Those people didn't touch her at all. After Leon came, she was safe.

Therefore, these photos were fake.

She looked at Betty coldly and sneered, "Sister, what do you mean?"

Seeing that Victoria was still pretending to be innocent, Betty was very angry, but she pretended to be aggrieved and shed two drops of tears. "I... Victoria, I know you will blame me if I tell the truth, but I really don't want to live against my will for the rest of my life. A month ago, you came back in the middle of the night crying and told me that you were gang raped by gangsters. They took these photos to threaten you and asked you to raise money for them. You came to me when you had nowhere to go, and I also borrowed your money. After that, I didn't know whether those people had come back to find you. "

Speaking of this, Betty took a careful look at Leon, who had a cold face, and continued to sob, "Sister, now you say that your child is Leon's, but it doesn't match the time at all. Sister, no matter how much you want to marry into the Gu family as a rich lady, we can't do such a thing."

Betty's words indicated that Victoria was the sort of person who lied and took the illegitimate child as Leon's child in order to marry a rich family.

Mrs. Grac

e's hand holding the photo was trembling. She glared at Victoria and said, "You are such a woman... Shame on you! "

Seeing that Mrs. Grace was so angry, Betty was very happy, but she still pretended to be a good sister. "Victoria, you should admit your mistake to Aunt. I will take you home and make it clear to father and mother. "

The implication of Betty's words was that Victoria should divorce Leon, which indirectly reminded Mrs. Grace that they had just got the marriage certificate and could still divorce.

As expected, Mrs. Grace yelled at Leon after Betty had reminded her, "My son, divorce this woman! Yes, divorce!"

Leon frowned and said, "Mom, stop it. I won't divorce her!"

Mrs. Grace was so angry that she grabbed a pillow and smashed it at him. "You..."

Leon dodged and turned to look at Betty coldly, "Where did you get these photos?"

Why didn't he know Victoria had lost her virginity?

Looking into the cold eyes of Leon, Betty trembled with fear, but still said stubbornly, "These... They are all from my sister. "

At this time, Victoria who had been silent all the time, suddenly bent down and picked up the photo on the tea table. After looking at it carefully, she sneered, "Sister, your trick is getting worse and worse. How can I be the woman in this photo? This is my face, but the body is not mine. " Then she raised the photo high and said to the rest, "Look, there is no such a big black mole on my shoulder, and there are no red dots on my waist."

After saying that, she turned to look at Leon and said ambiguously, "Is it true... Honey, you know every part of me. Look carefully. Is the woman in the photo me or not? "

Normally, when ordinary people saw these photos, they would blush and dare not look at them again.

But not only did Victoria saw it, she also studied it carefully.

Therefore, when the people looked at the photos again, their expressions were different.

Betty was afraid that her plan would be ruined by Victoria.

Mrs. Grace was in disbelief.

On the contrary, after taking a slight glance at the photos, Leon walked over and held Victoria in his arms. He said to Mrs. Grace, "Mom, I can testify that the woman in the photos is not exactly Victoria."

Then he stared at Betty coldly. "Tell me, where did you get these photos? Are you trying to destroy the relationship between me and my dear Victoria? "

My dear Victoria?

The way he called her made Victoria almost bite off her tongue.

But considering the current situation, she agreed with the way Leon called her in silence.

She moved closer to Leon and said to Betty with a smile, "Sister, I know you hate me, but you framed me in the most clumsy way. You can think about the Gu family and the Mo family. If you succeed, you will lose the face of both the Gu family and the Mo family. Sister, you are so vicious that you almost make my mother-in-law unable to have a grandson."

Hearing the word "grandson", Mrs. Grace's the eyes looking at Betty's face suddenly changed. She knew her son well. He couldn't tolerate any sand in his eyes. How could he bear that his wife was pregnant with an unclean bastard?

The only thing she could accept was that Betty was lying.

"Betty, how could you..."

Before Mrs. Grace could finish her words, she saw that Victoria suddenly stared at the photos and shouted, "Hey, everyone, look! How could the woman's body in these photos be so familiar? There are black mole and red dot on your body, right? Sister? "

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