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   Chapter 10 Having A Meal

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The tallest office building in the prime location of the city center was a private property under the name of N Group, attracting the attention and admiration of thousands of people.

It was the goal of many students, many entrepreneurs, and the people who could enter this building, no matter in ability or wisdom, could be regarded as the top figures in this society.

The 1-39 floors of the building was G Hotel, and the office building was above 40 floors.

The higher the level of the office, the higher the status of this person in the company. The 102th floor was the highest level. It was Josiah's office. It was also a small apartment with the living room, the bedroom, the kitchen and so on. The chef of G Hotel would cook for Josiah three meals a day. Generally, he would eat in the company, live in the company, and rarely go home or go out.

The clock on the wall showed twelve o'clock.

"Mr. Josiah, the lunch is ready." G Hotel's chef, Holland Fang, with his hands clasped in front of him, stood respectfully at the door of the living room and knocked on the door, waiting for Josiah's response.

"Okay, you can leave now." Josiah leaned against the sofa with his legs crossed, reading today's newspaper. Josiah just responded casually to Holland's reminder, but had no intention of standing up.

"Mr. Josiah, you haven't had breakfast either!" Instead of leaving as Josiah said, Holland still stood there, staring at Josiah, and reminded him in the polite and mechanical voice of the restaurant waiter.

"Okay." Josiah had had fun for the past few days until very late. He didn't go to bed until the early morning. When he woke up, it was already past ten o'clock. So he decided to wait until noon to have lunch together. Josiah just forgot to throw the breakfast away and left Holland the evidence.

"Mr. Josiah, please have lunch in the dining room!" Holland repeated dutifully. As long as Josiah didn't move, he would keep reminding until Josiah had lunch.

"Well, I'll go to eat. You can go back to G Hotel first." It was time for lunch. The kitchen of G Hotel must be very busy.

Holland didn't have so much time to stand here and watch Josiah eating! "Damn it! I'm not a child. Why do I have to be watched during three meals?" Josiah thought.!

"I'll leave after Mr. Josiah finishes eating." However, Holland still stood there unmoved.

Although he was polite, there was a hint of threat in it, as if a robot was persistent in an order. As long as you entered the program and didn't complete it, it wouldn't let you go.

"Holland!" Josiah finally raised his head and put down the newspaper in his hand. Frowning, he looked at Holland, who had served him for more than twenty years, and sighed helplessly.

In fact, he could understand Holland, because this was the order of his grandmother. In addition to the kitchen of G Hotel, Holland was also to supervise his meal. Holland was just doing his duty!

"What can I do for you, boss?" Holland immediately made a 90 degree salute to him, a very typical five star service etiquette.

"I... Forget it. I'll have lunch now. You can go back first. G hotel needs you more. " Josiah had no choice but to stand up and go to the dining room. He knew that if he didn't go to have dinner as Holland said, Holland would probably stand until dinner time!

He had challenged Holland's willpower before. For a whole day, Holland st

ood beside him and repeated those words like a machine. Holland didn't go back to the hotel downstairs until Josiah had dinner.

With this experience, he no longer dared to resist Holland's "loyalty". It was simply a torture!

"Yes, sir!" He sat down on the chair. Holland opened the lid for Josiah. It was not until he began to eat that Holland bowed to him and quietly left the restaurant.

Holland was the only person who was immune to Josiah's indifference! No matter how cold Josiah was to Holland, Holland would always treat Josiah calmly and ignore his majesty.

As a boss, Josiah should be moved and happy to have such a loyal employee, but he would rather Holland be lazy and not be so stubborn to do something.

Especially for him... If Holland could be a little more relaxed to him and be a little afraid of him like others, he would be thankful!

Seeing Josiah had dinner, Holland was still worried. Josiah was a workaholic. He could not eat as soon as he had a job!

In order to make sure that Josiah could finish the meal and that "in case" would happen, Holland turned around and walked into the Secretary's Office.

"Miss Zoe, it is lunch time. All the phone calls and meetings are blocked within 40 minutes. Do you understand?" Holland walked to Secretary's Office and repeated the same thing to Miss Zoe every day.

Josiah's grandmother had specially told Holland that he could only follow it. After a long time, it became a rule beyond the company's rules and regulations.

All the employees in the company knew that during the period from 12 o'clock to 12:40, even if the house was on fire, they should not go upstairs to disturb the boss' lunch, or they would be chopped into pieces by chef Holland with a kitchen knife!

"Yes, I know." Miss Zoe nodded and said. As time went by, even if Holland didn't tell her, she would cancel all the business as soon as she saw Holland out of the CEO's office!

But since Holland was so dutiful, she didn't know what to say, so she had to follow his order.

"Okay, I'm sorry to bother you!" Nodding with satisfaction, Holland nodded at Miss Zoe and left the office. Then he went downstairs in relief.

Although Holland looked calm on the surface, he was very anxious in his heart. It was the peak time for lunch, and G Hotel's kitchen must be very busy! Those guys might have been as anxious!

Damn it! Mr. Josiah was so good at torturing people. It was about his own health, but he still needed others to remind him! Every time Josiah had meal, Josiah would act like a child.?

Miss Zoe saw off Holland go to the elevator, which was the special elevator for Mr. Josiah. Mr. Zoe felt that only he and Mr. Josiah shared the same elevator in the building.

Especially when it was rush hour in the morning and it was about to be late, but there were so many people around. Seeing Holland leisurely take the elevator of Mr. Josiah, everyone was coveting him!

"Wow, Mr. Holland is so serious. Every time I see him, he always wears a straight face and doesn't smile. He is as cold as the Mr. Josiah!

Fortunately, I only saw him during Mr. Josiah's meal. If I stayed with him for a long time, I would definitely be hospitalized because of nervousness!" Miss Zoe thought. Therefore, she really admired those chefs who stayed in the same room with him for a long time! Miss Zoe stuck out her tongue at Holland's back and thought.

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