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   Chapter 7 Repay Your Life

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He hated what she had done to him. He wanted to revenge, humiliate and laugh at her. He thought he would be very happy, but when he really knew that she lived such a painful and difficult life, for some reason, he was not happy at all.

The mixed feelings and physical discomfort made him more and more irritable and uneasy. After telling the driver to go home directly, he leaned against the seat and closed his eyes.

It seemed that he had fallen asleep. Tracy took a stealthy look at him and found that his tightly held hand was pale, trembling slightly, as if suppressing the pain of his body.

Somehow, she reached out and held his hand.

For a moment, the man suddenly opened his eyes, and his deep and bottomless eyes were looking at her.

There was a hint of danger in his eyes, as if he was in a subconscious reaction under high vigilance all the time. He directly pulled her over and pressed her into his arms.

"Ah --" cried Tracy, struggling to get her painful wrist away.

As soon as she raised her head, the man's black figure slowly approached her. His firm and beautiful outline was breathtaking. "What do you want to do?"

"I..." She swallowed and stuttered, "You seem very uncomfortable. I've learned how to massage. I want to try to make you feel better..."

"Massage?" He raised his voice slightly, with a hint of banter in it. He held her tighter and said ambiguously, "I haven't tried it. Anyway, there is a lot of time tonight. Why don't we go back to our room and try it slowly..."

It was obvious that he misunderstood her. With a red face, Tracy wanted to explain, but the other party did not give her the chance to speak. He opened the door of the car, maintained the posture of holding her and directly walked out.

It was not until Tracy coiled on his body like an octopus that she found that they had arrived at the downstairs of his villa. She struggled and said, "Let me go..."

"Shh, don't move." His figure froze and his long and narrow eyes narrowed slightly. "If you keep wriggling, I'll do it here!"

Only then did Tracy feel that an indescribable part of the man was against her thigh. It was hard and hot, and she dared not move at once. She couldn't help cursing, "Psychopath!"

Marcus snorted and continued to walk with her in his arms.

When Marcus opened the door, it was dark in the living room. Just as he reached out his hand to turn on the light, a strange cold wind suddenly appeared, and a cold light reflected the radiance of the moon in the darkness, like a bolt of lightning!

"Watch out!"

In an instant, Tracy's was pushed to the side. As she fell to the ground, she turned around and saw a black shadow in the shadow fighting with Marcus. The opponent was vigorous and had a bright dagger in his hand. It was obvious that he was well prepared!

Marcus' face darkened. While enduring the pain, he had to dodge the attack of the man in black. His movements were very slow and he was at a disadvantage.

The man in black seized the opportunity and swooped in while he was distracted. He raised his blade and stabbed it to his heart!


Tracy screamed and without thinking twice, she stumbled forward and pushed him away. But she was hit by the knife. The knife went into her body. Accompanied by a sharp pain, the blood gushed out from her clothes, dyed the floor covered by the moon light red.

The man in black saw that the situation was not good. When he was about to retreat, he was controlled by the swarming bodyguards.

Time stopped in an instant. Marcus looked at the figure that was slowly falling in the blood in disbelief. His breath was choked, and there seemed to be countless sharp blades pulling back and piercing his heart.

That figure looked thin and insignificant, but it contained such powerful strength and courage

"Tracy... Tracy? " He staggered to her side and held her in his arms. Looking at her pale and bloodless face, he said in a trembling voice, "Tracy, don't be afraid... Don't be afraid. Let's go to the hospital... "

The familiar voice pulled her consciousness back from the edge of the drifting. She looked up, but her blurred eyes could not see his face clearly. What appeared in front of her was the night when the rain was pouring five years ago. His face was covered with blood, motionless.

The only person she felt sorry for in her life was him.

The pain in the wound was less than 1/10000 of that in the bottom of her heart. She moved her pale lips and said in an extremely weak voice, "Marcus, I owe you a life... Can I... can I pay it back? "

After saying that, she closed her eyes tiredly and fell into his arms, as if she had no strength to support herself anymore.

Marcus shook his head. His eyes were red and his body trembled so violently that it almost spasmbed. "No, you can't! No! You still owe me so much. You have to pay me back one by one all your life! You have made my life a living hell for so many years. You couldn't die like this! !"


The siren of the ambulance pierced the quiet night sky.

In the corridor outside the operating room of the hospital, medical staff came and went, and the hurried footsteps made people panic.

"Mr. Marcus, we have interrogated that guy for a night, but he refused to say anything. What do you think we should do with him?" In the lounge, a man in a suit, who was more than 30 years old, said respectfully to the figure in front of the window.

The rain outside the window was getting heavier and heavier, and the man's figure was a little stiff. His handsome face was covered with a thick shadow, and his eyes were so thick that they were about to drop ink.

"If he doesn't tell you, will you be able to find out who is behind all this? What's the point of raising you losers? "

The man in the suit shivered and wiped his sweat. He lowered his head and replied in fear, "It's indeed our fault for not protecting you well this time. Mr. Marcus, don't be angry. I'll send someone to investigate the matter immediately... Besides, we also have some clues. This assassination is likely to... have something to do with your eldest brother! "

"Jim?" Squinting slightly, Marcus recalled that he had received the news that Jim had returned a few days ago.

His elder brother had disappeared without a trace after he took away the inheritance right of the Jing family a few years ago. He had thought that his brother had died, but now he came back unexpectedly...

A trace of cruelty flashed through his eyes. He walked out without looking back, leaving only one sentence, "Keep an eye on them."

"Yes, sir!"

Five hours later, the light in the operating room just went out. Marcus stared at the door of the operating room, not daring to relax for a moment.

With a squeak, the door of the operating room was opened. The nurses wheeled her out of the operating room, and the doctor followed her closely.

He looked at Tracy, who was like in a sound sleep, with tears in his eyes.

"Doctor, how is she?" He stood there awkwardly, and his lips trembled uncontrollably.

"The operation was successful, but the injured had lost too much blood before. Besides, her brain had been hit. The specific situation will not be known until she wakes up." The doctor looked at the anxious man with a heavy expression.

Hearing the news, he was stunned for a few seconds. Then he followed the nurse to the ward.

Tracy's face was pale because of the excessive loss of blood. As the operation had just been completed, she still had a breathing tube inserted into her nose. She was so quiet at the moment that Marcus was a little distracted.

The scene just now appeared in front of him again.

She could sacrifice her life for him.

Then why did she leave him at that time?

It was a little cold. Suddenly, a gust of evil wind blew in from the window. He tightened his shirt. He took a look at Tracy on the bed and quickly went to close the window.

Three hours later, the anesthetic was gone and she was still in a coma.

The nurse had come to check her for two times, and the attending doctor had also come a few times, but she did not seem to wake up.

Marcus's forehead was covered with sweat. He frowned and his throat was dry.

"Doctor, how is she?" He grabbed the doctor's hand and asked with a stiff face.

"Let's wait and see. Some patients need a long time to wake up. But if she doesn't wake up after twenty-four hours, the problem may be serious. " The doctor said in a conservative way, which made Marcus more nervous. His face changed color in an instant. The people around noticed that he had been frozen there, completely ignoring the reaction of the people around him.

"Sir?" He heard someone calling him.

"Sir?" The voice called him again.

He came to his senses and saw the doctor gently shaking his arm. "Please let go of my hand. I have to see other patients." The young female doctor looked at him with embarrassment. It was not until then that Marcus came to her senses and let go of her hand.

"Twenty-four hours..." He murmured to himself, and then sat back in the chair dejectedly.

When he woke up, it was the second morning. The sun shone on Tracy's face through the glass, with a nearly transparent luster. The moment Marcus woke up, he was stunned.

He couldn't help but touch her forehead. She didn't move. He shook her arm again, but still didn't move.

"Tracy?" He exhaled softly.

The air was strangely quiet.

He looked at his watch. Ten hours had passed. He stood up and felt his legs numb. But he wanted to see the doctor as soon as possible, but Tracy's doctor wasn't on duty at seven o'clock in the morning.

Those doctors on duty didn't know Tracy's condition. Since she didn't wake up, it was useless to ask.

The assistant who was guarding outside saw that Marcus had woken up and brought the toiletries to him. And warm breakfast. Marcus washed his face and looked at the food in front of him. He had no appetite.

"How did you deal with the killer yesterday?" Marcus asked.

"I have handed it over to the police." The assistant replied.

"Is there any news about my brother?" He frowned.

"Not yet." The assistant answered.

Marcus waved at his assistant, indicating him to leave first.

All of a sudden, Tracy began to cough violently. Her face became redder and redder, and her breath became faster and faster. She looked very painful. Marcus was stunned by the scene in front of him. He was at a loss and walked to the door in panic. "Doctor, come here quickly. My friend is not well. She looks very uncomfortable. Come and help her..."

As he called for help, he turned around to look at the woman on the bed. At the moment, she was like a balloon that was blowing bigger and bigger, and could explode at any time. Her body began to convulse violently, and her face turned blue. He was about to go crazy!

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