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   Chapter 6 I Want You To Help Me

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At the moment when the debris was about to cut through Wayne's skin, with a crisp sound, the debris in her hand was thrown away far away, and then the black figure rolled to the side with her in his arms.

"Are you crazy? Do you want to go to jail? " Marcus held her hands tightly, with a dangerous look in his eyes.

If Judy hadn't found out the situation and called him at the first time, nobody knew what would have happened.

"Let me go! Let me kill him! I'm going to kill him! " All the suppressed breath surged out madly at this moment, drowning her ration.

"Calm down!" He pulled her into his arms tightly as if he was going to rub her into his body. He lowered his voice and whispered in her ear, "There are thousands of ways to deal with him. Why do you choose the stupidest one?"

Tracy was slightly stunned, and her empty eyes gradually returned to a trace of sanity.

Marcus helped her up and slowly glanced at Wayne and Michelle.

Although Michelle didn't know Marcus, Wayne knew him very well.

Five years ago, it was Wayne who drove to him and took everything from him in front of him.

"Hey, isn't this Marcus Jing? I haven't seen you for so many years. You are still alive? " Regaining his composure, Wayne looked at Marcus sarcastically.

Marcus snorted and said, "Get out of my way."

Then he was about to leave with Tracy.

After taking two steps, the man entangled with her again. "Why are you in such a hurry? Will the sight of me remind you of those unbearable past? "

"You want to die?" His tone was full of danger, like a superior king.

But the more he said in such a tone, the more displeased Wayne was. He was just a poor rubbish, but he pretended to be somebody.

"Marcus, don't forget that Tracy didn't choose to go with you five years ago, and now she might not be willing to go with you. Who would like a street gangster like you? I think you'd better go to the street to beg for food. Don't learn to steal women from others... "

After saying those words, the temperature around him dropped a few points. Marcus slightly narrowed her eyes, and the murderous look in them gradually gathered. His clenched fists trembled slightly.

For him, the most unbearable thing was the time when he was trampled underfoot, and Wayne was exactly the person who had trampled on him.

"Shut up, Wayne!" Noticing that something was wrong, Tracy said first, "You and Michelle hurt people deliberately. Wait for the summons from the court!"

After saying that, she pulled Marcus who was wearing a poker face and walked out.

"Are you going to let them go like this?" Marcus's face was cold all the way. Apparently, what Wayne said provoked the hidden hatred.

She looked back at him and said, "You are right. There are thousands of ways to deal with them."

He snorted with disdain, "Do you think you can sue the Nuo family in which Michelle Nuo was born on your own? Their family is well-known in this city. You are nothing when you tell the court. "

Her eyes darkened slightly. "You are right..."

Seeing the disappointment on her face, his lips slowly raised an intriguing arc. "Beg me, I can consider helping you."

She looked him up and down in surprise. With a slight frown, Tracy said, "Even if you want to deal with them, it's just because you don't like him, right? It has nothing to do with whether I beg you or not."

"If you beg me, I can consider to make a move. If you don't beg me, I will let them continue to enjoy themselves. It's not too late for a gentleman to take revenge in ten years. I can bear it. "

She sighed helplessly. During this period of time after their reunion, he gave people the feeling that he had been bullied too much in the past. Now in a high position, he particularly enjoyed others' begging, admiration and worship.

It was a kind of mental disease, wasn't it?

Although it was difficult to understand his feelings, she had to admit that if he took action, the path would not be so difficult.

"Then... what can I do to make you willing to help me? " Although she knew that he had set a trap for her, she still asked in accordance with his words.

The dim light on the street gradually lengthened the figures of the two people. He slowly approached a step, and his eyes were deep. "Answer me first. What happened between you? Haven't you been engaged to him? Who is that woman? "

A series of questions dragged her thoughts into the most painful memory again.

She was forced to break up with her loved one, her family's company went bankrupt, her father died, and her mother was seriously ill. When she was the most lonely and helpless, Wayne, who said he loved her tore her last hope into pieces with his own hand.

She opened her mouth slightly. How much she wanted to tell him straightforwardly that she had suffered grievances and hardships over the years. How much she wanted to lean on his shoulder as before, as if no matter how serious t

he injury was, it could be cured.

But she also knew that he had not belonged to her for a long time. He would not feel sorry for her experience or comfort her pain. He hated her more than she hated Wayne.

Her trembling heart became hard again, as if it was covered with a layer of solid stone camouflage. She shook her head, and thousands of words turned into sighs. "What else can happen? Broke up. Isn't it normal for a man to break up with a woman? "

Although her tone was light and indifferent, he could still feel the depressing heaviness. He knew that things were not that simple.

Her distant and stiff answer made the distance between the two hearts a little longer. Five years was enough to make the two people who were most familiar with each other become strangers to each other.

"It doesn't matter if you don't want to tell me. I don't want to listen either." He replied coldly, turned around and left.

A man who looked like a driver got out of a car not far away and called him "Mr. Marcus". Apparently, he came to pick him up.

Tracy stopped and watched him walking farther and farther away. With a complex light in her eyes, she finally closed her eyes.

"Mr. Marcus! Are you all right? !"

A sudden scream behind her made her look back again. She saw that Marcus was wobbling with the help of the driver, which made her nervous.

"What's wrong with you?" Regardless of anything else, she rushed to him at the first time. Seeing that he frowned slightly, as if trying to suppress some kind of pain, she checked his body in a hurry. "Did you get hurt in the room just now? Were you scratched by the bottle? Where did you get hurt? "

Before Marcus could say anything, the driver interrupted, "Every time it rains, Mr. Marcus's joints will ache, which is a sequela of the car accident..."

The car accident... sequela?

Tracy was stunned there, and her lips gradually turned pale. What appeared in her mind was the night of the heavy rain five years ago. After he was hit, he lay on the ground alone, dying, and no one knew whether he was alive or dead.

And she... How could she be so cruel to leave?

Marcus glared at the driver and asked, "Did I ask you to say so much?"

The driver drew back his neck and said, "Mr. Marcus, it's going to rain. Let's go back first and ask the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine for you. It should be better."

"Wait!" Tracy suddenly shouted.

"What's wrong?" He raised his eyebrows and glanced at her.

She was a little stunned and stared at the man's angular face in front of her. A lot of words were blocked in her mouth, but she didn't know how to say.

"What happened today... Thank you. And... I'm sorry... " She bit her lower lip and couldn't help trembling. After saying that, she lowered her head and ran away in a hurry.

She didn't have the courage to look back, nor did she dare to guess his answer. She knew that she was very selfish. After hurting him like that, she even wanted the safety of her conscience with a light apology five years later.

She was the biggest villain.

Looking at the woman's receding figure, Marcus had a complicated and suspicious expression in his eyes.

What did she just say?

If he didn't mishear, was she apologizing for what happened five years ago?

He didn't know whether it was because of her guilty conscience all year round, or because she was softhearted after hearing what he had suffered.

Anyway, it at least showed that she cared about him.

But she didn't understand that what he wanted was not that meaningless apology at all!

On the dark sidewalk, the woman walked alone in the rain. The cold wind poured into her clothes and she held her arms tightly.

The car light behind her flashed, and then Tracy saw that the black Bugatti was following her not far away. Seeing that she stopped, the car slowly slowed down and stopped at the roadside, too.

The window of the back seat opened a crack, and the man's deep eyes fell on her. His low and magnetic voice added a ghost in the middle of the night, "Get in the car."

Tracy was stunned and stood still, "No, thanks. The shop is just a few steps away. "

"Are you still going there? Aren't you afraid that man will make trouble for you? " Marcus snorted and ordered impatiently, "Just get in the car. Don't talk so much nonsense."

She lowered her head slightly and had to go around to open the door and get in.

Her whole body was wet from the rain, making the car full of water. She wiped it awkwardly, but Marcus looked straight ahead and said coldly, "Where do you live?"

After a short moment of distraction, she replied in a low voice, "I don't have a home..."

The simple sentence was pitiful.

Marcus glanced at her with an unreadable look in his eyes.

Before returning home, he had specially sent someone to investigate her. He only knew that she had a hard life, turning from a noble rich lady to a humble hostess.

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