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   Chapter 5 Hypocritical

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There were a lot of people in the room. Except for a few girls who were singing with them, they were all men, and the average age of them was forty years old. They were all fat and oily. Obviously, they were big bosses who had good food and drink.

To everyone's surprise, there was a young man of more than 20 years old sitting among such a group of middle-aged men.

When Tracy poured the wine for everyone and walked up to the man, a gentle voice slowly sounded.

"Thank you, Tracy."

Hearing the voice that would suddenly wake her up in her dream, Tracy suddenly raised her head and stared at the man in front of her in disbelief.

The man had a very bookish face, gentle gold rimmed glasses, and a pair of peach blossom eyes that seemed to be smiling all the time.

Such a face could only make four words flashed through her mind——

a beast in human clothing!

Then she slapped the man. The slap was so loud that her palms were numb.

The laughter in the room suddenly stopped, and everyone looked at them in surprise.

"Mr. Wayne, ..."

What was going on?

The man's face was slapped to one side, but he only rubbed it for two times. He adjusted his glasses and explained with a faint smile, "It doesn't matter. This lady and I are old friends, and I owe her some debts."

Everyone immediately laughed, "I'm afraid it's a debt of love."

Wayne smiled and didn't say anything, which meant he acquiesced in their words.

However, Tracy threw down the bottle of wine and walked out without looking back.

Only when Wayne rushed up and pulled her back did Wayne find that her whole body was trembling. Looking at her expression that had been suppressed to the limit, he could not help but tease, "You hate me so much. Do you want to slap me a few more times?"

She glared at him with hatred. Without saying anything, she raised her hand again and waved at him fiercely.

This time, he caught her hand and pulled her into his arms.

"Don't be so impulsive. You are not a child anymore. I am your guest today. If you beat me, I can let you get fired at any time."

"Threatening me?" She sneered and kicked him. "Do you think I'm afraid of your threat?"

Shrugging, Wayne comforted her in a good voice, "All right, all right. I'm not here to quarrel with you today. I'm here to give you timely help..."

She stared at him vigilantly and broke free from his arms. "What do you mean?"

Looking back at the guests in the room, as if Wayne didn't want them to hear, he took her to an empty room opposite and locked the door. Then he mysteriously took out a bank card and said, "Take the two hundred thousand dollars and use it. The password is your birthday."

Glancing at the bank card, Tracy didn't even move her fingers, even though she was in lack of money now.

"What the hell do you want, Wayne? Give me two hundred thousand dollars and then tie me up and send me to someone else's bed? Dream on! "

Five years ago, after she broke up with Marcus, she was forced to agree to her engagement to Wayne. She had thought that at least she could make her parents live a stable life. However, later, her family company went bankrupt and her father passed away unexpectedly. Not only did Wayne cancel the engagement with her, but he also kidnapped her with others

After she had a narrow escape from death last time, she swore that she would never believe anyone in the world, especially him, a beast in human form. Even if he gave her two hundred thousand, she would doubt that the money was dirty!

"Tracy, don't be so ungrateful, okay? I heard that your mother was ill and came here to help you. Your mother's operation is imminent. You can't just watch her die in front of you, can you? Anyway, she is your mother! "

His sincere appearance was deceptive. If Tracy was not familiar with him, she might really believe his words.

"Why would you help me? What's your purpose? "

Wayne smiled, "No wonder it's my Tracy. You can guess what I'm thinking. In fact, I don't have any improper thoughts. I have thought a lot during the years we were apart. I found that you are still the one I love, so I want you to forgive what I have done. Of course, it doesn't matter if you don't want to forgive me. As long as you agree to go with me, I promise to be good to you! I'll pay for your mother's medical expenses! "

Tracy said coldly, "Do you know you are the most disgusting when you pretend? Does your woman know that you are looking for a mistress? Get out of here! I don't want to see you at all! "

She grabbed the bank card in his hand and threw it directly into the trash can. The person she hated the most in her life was him. Even if she was so poor that she had to live on the street, she would not take a penny from him!

She pushed away the man in her way and walked towards the door without looking back. When she was about to touch the doorknob, the figure behind her came up again. This time, instead of being as kind as before, he direct

ly grabbed her and pressed her on the sofa!

"Bastard, let go of me!" Tracy struggled desperately and kicked his penis with her legs.

But the man had already been prepared to block her attack, and his gentle and elegant face was disappearing.

"Tracy Dong! Shame on you! In that case, don't blame me for being rude... " As he tore her clothes, he sneered cruelly, "You are just a barmaid after all. Since you are selling yourself, you can sleep with anyone once you are paid!"

With the sound of cotton tearing, a large part of her skin was exposed in the air. The cold wind passed through, and her whole body was trembling. However, there was a raging fire in her chest, and her eyes full of hatred seemed to be about to skin and bones him.

"Let me tell you, Wayne! One day, I will take you to die together. I won't let you go! "

When the two of them were entangled on the sofa, the door on one side suddenly kicked open.

Wayne shouted, "Don't disturb me. Get out!"

But the voice did not stop. Instead, it became more and more violent. From time to time, the heavy sound seemed to hit people's heart.

Then, the door was opened. A woman rushed in and saw what was happening in the room. She screamed, raised her bag and smashed it at Wayne, separating the two of them.

"Wayne Qin! You are getting bolder and bolder to cheat on me, aren't you! Do you believe that I will ask my father to remove you from the position of vice president? !" The woman chased after Wayne madly.

While dodging, Wayne shouted, "Michelle, stop it, okay? There were so many people watching! I'll listen to your explanation, okay? !"

Taking a look at the door, Michelle found that many people were poking their heads into the room. Then she angrily stopped beating. She put her hands on her hips and said, "Okay, I'd like to hear how you can explain it! Do you think I don't know? I asked you to dump Tracy Done, but you didn't want to. Do you feel wronged to be my husband? Did our family treat you badly? !"

Wayne's face turned livid and pale. What embarrassed him most was that Michelle always told others that he married into her family. He admitted that his family had relied on her family a lot in business these years, but as a man, he didn't even have basic dignity. That was why he always quarreled with her.

However, even if he had the most dissatisfaction, he didn't dare to say anything in front of her. He immediately stood beside her, pointed at Tracy and scolded angrily, "It's all her fault! She is shameless to seduce me first. She threatened me with the fact that she was with me before. If I don't sleep with her, she will discredit us with the media! Michelle, I was forced to do that! "


Tracy looked at him in disbelief, and his eyes were dodging. His funny face was particularly ridiculous in her eyes.

However, without hesitation, Michelle believed what Wayne said. In her eyes, Tracy was just a humble material girl. What couldn't she do to blackmail money?

"Tracy Dong! You shameless bitch! I know you always miss my husband! I will kill you bitch! "

After saying that, she picked up a wine bottle from the table, smashed it, and threw a sharp fragment at Tracy.

Seeing that someone was about to be killed, the onlookers at the door screamed and scattered, returning to their rooms to hide.

Tracy reacted quickly. She rolled over to avoid the attack of Nora Michelle and escaped to the door at the same time.

As soon as she took two steps forward, a huge force grabbed her calf. She fell to the ground and was dragged back again.

She looked back and found that the accomplice was Wayne!

"Come on! You do it! I'll ask my father to make a fake death certificate to deal with the police. This bitch has no money and power. If she really dies, no one will defend her. " Obviously, she wanted to tie Wayne to the same boat so that he could never leave her.

Holding the broken wine bottle handed over by her, Wayne hesitated for a moment. Then she looked at Tracy with a layer of cruelty in her eyes and walked forward step by step.

Tracy took a few steps back in fear. She knew he must do it!

For the sake of his future interests, he hooked up with the big tree of the family, and even kidnapped her to give her to others, completely ignoring her life and death. A man like him who chased power all the time could do anything crazy to please her!

Tracy was not afraid of death. From the day when her family was destroyed four years ago, she had never been afraid of death.

But she didn't want to die at the hands of Wayne. She hated this guy to the core. She wouldn't let him go even if she was a ghost!

The darkness in her eyes became more and more intense. Driven to a dead end, she suddenly rushed to Wayne and grabbed the bottle in his hand, with a crazy expression on her face.

"Okay! Let's die together! "

She pointed the sharp debris at his neck, raised it high and let it down with all her strength!

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