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   Chapter 3 Mr. Marcus

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Then the door opened, and the man's figure slowly stepped out. His black overcoat set off his tall and handsome figure, delicate features and outline, and a pair of deep black eyes, like a wolf hidden in the night, sharp and penetrating. There was a sly smile on his lips, which added to his charm.

Elegant and evil, the two totally different temperament combined perfectly on him.

"Wow, isn't he the handsome man who was just bullied? How could he become a rich guy now? "

Many girls there couldn't help whispering when they saw this scene.

Looking at the familiar face, Tracy's mind went blank.

"You... Aren't you that bastard? " Randal pointed at Marcus Jing in disbelief.

"Who are you calling! Do you want to die? !" The chairman kicked Randal to the ground and pushed him down in front of Marcus. "Kneel down and apologize to Mr. Marcus!"

Looking at the chairman's respectful attitude towards Marcus, Randal seemed to suddenly understand something and his face turned deathly pale.

Looking at the scene in front of him, there was a hint of banter in Marcus's eyes, as if he was watching a good play outside. He said slowly, "President Lin, your manager Randal just asked me to wipe his shoes with my mouth, or he won't stop. What do you think?"

The more calm his tone was, the more soul stirring it was from his mouth.

President Lin was so scared that he took a step back. He was afraid that he would be implicated by this bastard, so he scolded, "What are you waiting for?! How dare you speak rudely to Mr. Marcus! I think it is you who should clean the shoes! Hurry up! "

Randal was shocked and his face turned pale. He often bullied others with his power, and he knew better what the miserable consequences would be if he offended someone who was superior than him. Even if he was unwilling, he had to bite the bullet and climb to the front of Marcus and slowly bent down.

At this critical moment, Marcus suddenly took a step back and kept a distance from him. He still smiled, but there was a bit of disgust in his tone. "You are willing to do such a disgusting thing, but I don't want to see it. Get out."

"Get out of here!" President Lin cursed.

Randal nodded his head in panic. He got up from the ground in a hurry and fled, as if escaping from the horrible hell.

After he went far, President Lin suggested with a smile, "Mr. Marcus, it's getting late. How about having a cup of tea at my place? By the way, let's talk about the development plan of the scenic spot... "

"No, thanks," said Marcus, withdrawing his gaze slowly. "I'll hand over the development program to your company. I'll have the contract delivered tomorrow. I have something to do. Goodbye, President Lin."

After saying that, he left the ecstatic President Lin and slowly approached the door of the night club.

He took a glance at the pale Tracy in the corner, with a hint of playfulness flashing in his eyes. Then he walked in surrounded by a group of hostesses.

The hall was still in a mess after it was destroyed, and there were few guests. Fortunately, the business of the private room and the second and third floor was still running as usual.

"This is the compensation for the damaged items in the shop. After all, it was me who started it. I'm familiar with your boss. Just forget what happened today." Marcus took out a check and handed it to Judy.

Although others didn't know how much it was, judging from Judy's expression, it must be a big sum of money.

"Thank you, Mr. Marcus! What are you talking about? It's our honor to have you here! It was all Randal's fault. Let's stop talking about him. Mr. Marcus, I'll book a private room for you to have a rest. Do you know any girls? I'll ask them to serve you! "

"Yes..." He replied lightly and looked at someone slowly.

Judy followed his sight and shouted, "Tracy Dong! Come here! "

Tracy met the unfathomable eyes of Marcus and felt very nervous. She frowned and said, "Judy, you know I don't drink with others."

Judy was afraid that she would neglect her sugar daddy, so she pulled her aside and persuaded, "Silly girl, don't you want such a rich and handsome boss? If it weren't for him, you would have gone to accompany Randal today! I don't care how you know him. Since he likes you, it's your fortune! For the sake of our shop's business, you have to serve him well! "

Tracy was choked by Judy's words. After a lot of persuasion, she had to agree.

People like them, who lived in the bottom of the society, had no right to be choosy about life.

Judy booked the best private room for Marcus, took Tracy back to the lounge, washed her clean and got her dressed up, and sent her to the door like a gift.

Standing in front of the door, Tracy pulled the few pieces of cloth on her body uncomfortably. She knew what would happen to her after entering the room. She only hoped that after th

is time, she could completely draw a clear line between her and him and bury the past in her memory forever...

After hesitating for a while, she finally opened the door and walked in slowly.

In the dim light, the warm air was filled with a faint smell of alcohol. The man's slender figure was reclining on the sofa, lazily shaking the goblet in his hand. His handsome side face had an unfathomable smell.

He seemed to hear the noise at the door, he slowly glanced at the woman's figure with his charming eyes. She was dressed in an bunny girl suit, and every move was full of temptation.

A faint sneer floated out of his nose. "Dressed like this?"

With an expressionless face, Tracy put the red wine on the table and said, "Judy forced me to wear it."

"What? Do you mean nothing else? " Suddenly, he reached out and held her in his arms. He bent over and pressed her against the sofa. His fingertips swept across her face. "Don't pretend to be pure and lofty in front of me. I can see clearly what kind of person you are five years ago. Tell me, how much money do you need to be willing to give yourself to me? "

He humiliated her undisguisedly, just like his hatred, coming more directly than anything else.

Tracy slowly lowered her eyes, with a touch of coldness in her eyes covered by her long eyelashes.

When she saw him get out of the car at the door of the shop just now, she knew very well that the man in front of her was no longer the man who was neither rich nor powerful and was looked down upon by others. He was just a big shot that everyone had to respectfully call him "Mr. Marcus"

Marcus had died in the heavy rain and in her memory. The man in front of her was just a stranger.

"Mr. Marcus," said Tracy sarcastically with a slight smile on his red lips, "Since you are rich and powerful, why do you come to embarrass us?"

"Do you think I will let you go if you say so?" He sneered, "Tracy, you know that I have never been a broad-minded person. When you decided to betray me and marry a rich man, you should have known that this day will come! And don't expect me to let you go by pretending to be pitiful to get sympathy! "

He admitted what he had done without any fear. Yes, after watching her leave with another man, he swore that one day he would let her taste the pain he had suffered. For this, he had gone all out to fight for his current position and achievements...

He came back here to humiliate her and watch her compromise.

"Since this is what you want... Then go ahead. " She closed her eyes wearily and didn't want to struggle any more.

Maybe he was right. This was the retribution. She owed him, and she should return all to him.

The woman lying in front of him was full of temptation. His figure slowly bent down, and his breath gradually became other heavy. His deep eyes were covered with a layer of mist, somewhat fascinated and somewhat intoxicated, but soon he woke up, and was replaced by a deep darkness.

"It's boring to play like this. If you want to play, just play something exciting." A devilish smile appeared on his lips again. He took out his wallet and threw all the cash on the table. He said lazily, "You take the initiative. If I'm satisfied with your service, all these belong to you. What do you think?"

The reason why she betrayed him was that she wanted to marry a rich man and get money?

A woman like her could do anything for money.

Tracy slowly opened her eyes and looked at the cash on the table. Her expression did not change, but her eyes were completely gloomy.

"I'm sorry. I don't know how to do those things. If you want, I can find a girl who is specialized in this kind of business..."

"What? Not enough? " He sneered and raised his eyebrows. "How much do you want? As long as you ask, I can..."

"Marcus Jing," she suddenly raised her voice, looked straight into his eyes and said word by word, "Since you're already a powerful man, why do you have to make things difficult for a person like me? Your life will be great in the future. Isn't it good to let what happened in the past become memories? If you insist, I'll let you hit me once. I won't tell you whether I'm alive or dead! "

Marcus didn't expect her to say these words all of a sudden. He was stunned for a moment, and then an overwhelming anger surged up in his heart.

She would rather let him hit her than lower her head and repent what she had done in front of him?

"What's the use of your life? Well, since you want to die, I'll fulfill your wish! "

The sparks in his eyes seemed to be about to spill out. He pulled her into his arms, bent over and pressed her against his chest. His thin lips were right beside her earlobe. His low and hoarse voice was full of charm. "If you are tortured to death later, don't cry for mercy..."

His broad palm slid down slowly and swept past her slender waist.

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