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   Chapter 2 Renew The Relationship

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There was a deep irony in his tone, and every word was like a sharp knife cutting into her heart.

She had heard countless sarcastic remarks. She didn't care what others thought of her, but when these cruel words came out of his mouth, her heart, which was covered with bruises, would only be bloody. It really hurt.

In order to avoid being hurt, she had to protect herself in a disguised body, looking straight at him without fear, and sneered disdainfully, "Okay, as long as you pay enough money, I will go with you..."

He was stunned. Although he had expected such a result, when those obscene words really came out of her mouth, his eyes rolled up the overwhelming darkness, as if they could swallow a person's soul. "You are really suitable to be a bitch!"

Feeling a stabbing pain in her heart, Tracy closed her eyes and took a deep breath. When she opened her eyes again, her expression had returned to the original indifference. "Since you don't have money, don't waste time in this kind of place. My one hour is very expensive. You can't afford it."

Her expression and words reminded him of the heavy rain five years ago. She looked at him with the same expression and disdain, like a blunt knife pulling back in his heart.


Why was she still so arrogant after she became a hostess? Why could she do it again after she hurt him?

Just as Tracy was about to turn around and leave, the man suddenly blocked her way. He slowly took out a stack of bills from his arms and threw them at her face——

"Is this money enough to buy you a night?"

The red cash flying all over the sky was particularly eye-catching. It was scattered on the ground, and the surrounding crowd began to scramble on the ground to catch the money. The scene was very chaotic.

Tracy looked at Marcus in disbelief. The ambiguous and ironic smile on his face was like a heavy hammer hitting her heart. She stopped breathing and finally couldn't help shouting, "Are you crazy! Go to the hospital as soon as possible! I don't have time to be mad with you! "

After saying that, she ran away without looking back.

She hid in her own lounge and leaned against the wall, sliding to the ground. Tears finally welled up from her eyes. Her little body curled up in a corner. She held herself, trembling slightly.

Although she had thought how much he hated her, she thought she would never meet him again in her life. Even if he hated her, she would not feel so clearly and she could find an excuse to forget the pain.

But now he really stood in front of her. All his behaviors told her how much he hated her. All her disguise and toughness collapsed at this moment.

She was so fragile in front of him.

After a long time, there was another knock on the door, and the voice outside was very anxious. "Ms. Tracy, Mr. Randal brought people here again, and they smashed the shop. The guests were scared away. What should we do...?"

Tracy opened her eyes slowly and stood up unsteadily. When she opened the door, she saw the little girl outside was so anxious that she cried out. She couldn't help frowning and said, "He came here again? What on earth did he want to do? "

As the two of them rushed to the hall, Bella sobbed and explained, "He asked us to give him a solution. Either hand over that man, or hand you over... Ms. Tracy, they... It looks so horrible. If you go there, something will happen to you... "

Tracy kept silent for a while and suddenly asked, "Has that man left?"


"Take me to him."


The two of them were about to go to the floor where Marcus was. As soon as they reached the stairway, they saw him slowly walking down.

Without saying a word, Tracy rushed up, grabbed his arm and walked in the opposite direction.

"What do you want?" Marcus looked at her hand and frowned.

"Leave from the back door. They probably don't know that there is a back door in our shop. Hurry up and don't come back if you go." She took him to the back door and pushed him out regardless of his reaction.

"But those people are looking for me."

"I know. If you leave now, they won't be able to find you! Don't you bring us enough trouble? You can't afford to offend those guys. If you die here, no one will bury your corpse! " She roared, closed the door and locked it completely.

Through the glass door, Marcus stared at her receding figure. His chest seemed to be blocked by a lump of mud. He was depressed and had a very complicated mood.

She looked and acted as if she was worried that he would be bullied by those people.

What was this? After hurting him, she turned around to reward him with a candy. Did she think he would be grateful in this way? Could all the previous grudges be erased?

With a sneer, he turned around resolutely, and the black figure gradually disappeared in the night.

On the other side, Tracy had arrived at the hall at the moment. As Bella said, the whole hall

was almost ruined, with broken glass and wine everywhere. Tables and chairs were overturned, and the strong smell of alcohol and heavy killing intent in the air made people breathless.

In the middle of the room, Randal was talking with Judy, who was in charge of the shop, with his legs crossed. His anger was temporarily subsided, but he said that he would either get an apology from Tracy and Marcus, or sue the shop.

As long as one was not stupid, he knew what it meant. He was rich and powerful. If he really went to the court, the wound caused by Marcus would be enough to make the shop pay a huge sum of money.

Things had developed into a deadlock, and someone must stand out to solve it.

Tracy didn't want to get the whole night club involved because of her, so she had to stand out and said sincerely in front of Randal, "Mr. Randal, it's our fault today. Please don't be angry. We will compensate you, okay?"

With wound on his face, Randal looked terrible. He said, "Compensation? Do I need your money? I've made it clear. Either let me take the man called Marcus Jing away, or you go back with me and stay with me for a month. I'll consider letting you go! "

Although Judy was the boss of this shop, she had always been timid, and she didn't dare to provoke a sugar daddy like Randal. She quickly pulled Tracy aside and said, "Tracy, it's all your fault today. Although you are a manager and seldom accompany guests, this time, Mr. Randal has said that you must be responsible for solving this matter!"

She looked at Randal up and down, lowered her head, and replied in a tired voice, "I know. I will agree to his conditions..."

After the conditions were settled, the anger on Randal's face was gone. He said complacently, "Don't worry. I will treat you well after you follow me! This limited edition bag is for you. Do you like it? "

Tracy took the bag and lowered her eyes, "Thank you, boss."

Randal got the beauty. With a wave of his hand, Randal took a dozen of his men who had stirred up trouble in the hall with him. Then they walked towards the door in a large group.

When they arrived at the door, Randal found something wrong. There was a black Bugatti blocking the spacious door. The moment he and his group walked out of the night club, the door opened and a middle-aged man in a suit got out of the passenger seat.

As soon as Randal saw the face of the other party, his face changed greatly. He walked over timidly and bowed, trembling, "President?! Why are you here? Come out for fun? "

"For fun?" The middle-aged man sneered and his face was full of anger. "Randal Cheng, I didn't know that you were such a person in private! If I had known it earlier, I would have removed your position as general manager! It's so embarrassing to make trouble in other shops! "

"Mr. President. I know I was wrong! It was all my fault! I dare not come to this kind of place again... Well, Tracy, it's none of your business here. You'd better go back with your friends and have a rest. I'll ask someone to bring the compensation for the damaged things in your shop in two days! " Randal smiled with a flattering smile. His attitude changed from a boss to a turtle in an instant.

The dramatic scene made everyone feel inconceivable. Tracy curiously looked at the chairman, who was also looking at her and nodded to her.

She didn't think she had anything to do with this stranger. Why did he suddenly help her?

Did he just receive the news and specially come to teach Randal a lesson?

"Mr. President, can I handle it in this way?" With a flattering smile, Randal approached the middle-aged man and asked politely.

"Damn it!" The man couldn't help but pull his tie angrily. He pointed at Randal's nose and scolded, "you bastard, do you know what you have done today? Let me tell you, no one can protect you today! Son of the bitch!"

After saying that, the man went back to the car and knocked on the window of the driver's seat. With a sincere apology on his face, he said, "Sir, he is here. It's up to you what to do with him!"

Hearing this, the onlookers began to discuss.

The chairman of the board, who could make Randal afraid of him, even had to be respectful and humble to him.

What was the background of the so called sir?

Of course, many smart people had guessed that the so called sir should be the CEO of the Jing group and the master of the Jing family. It was said that the Jing family was powerful. Its members were not only powerful in the business world, but also important in the political field. They could do whatever they wanted. No wonder the president of a private enterprise like Randal's boss didn't dare to provoke him.

In the car, a pair of deep eyes fell on Randal's face. A delicate and slender hand, like a piece of art, stretched out the window and knocked the ash from the cigarette end. The simple action, however, revealed a noble and elegant taste.

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