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   Chapter 10 Jealousy And Hatred

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Humph! Sherry curled her lips in disdain, "Mother, what should we do now?"

Cherry, who had been humiliated, wouldn't let it go. With a smile at the corners of her mouth, she said, "You can do what you want to do by yourself!"

Then she followed Daniel.

Because of the bruise on her leg, Linda didn't walk fast, so she was easily caught up by Daniel, "Linda! Let me explain! "

'Explain?' Linda thought it was ridiculous, but she stopped and looked at the breathless Daniel, "Then please tell me, Mr. Daniel. Why did you give an outsider the company that my mother worked hard with you?"

Daniel seemed to think of the hard days that he and Linda's mother had fought together. His expression froze and then he said, "Because… Because you are inappropriate to take over the company... "

"Inappropriate?" Linda sneered, "This is the most reasonable reason I've ever heard!"

Daniel was a little anxious and said without thinking, "How can you say that Sherry is an outsider? She is obviously your sister with the same bloodline! "

Looking at the man in front of her who she had felt guilty a moment ago, Linda felt a sharp pain in her heart.

"Linda, don't be angry!" Cherry followed them and added, "If you really want it, and Sherry is not a mean girl, she will share it with you. It's not a big deal. Don't be mad at your father!"

Looking up at the enchanting woman in front of her, Linda felt her blood boiling.

Once upon a time, Cherry acted like a peacemaker and fooled everyone around.

Seeing that Linda didn't say anything with a cold face, Cherry walked up to her and held her hand, pretending to be intimate with her, "Don't ruin the harmony among the families!"

Linda took her hand back and said, "I can't afford to be a member of this family."

Cherry, who was almost pulled to the ground, was about to lose her temper when she heard the cold voice of Linda, "Mr. Daniel, I'm just a passer-by accepted by you. How can I be your family member?"

Hearing this, Daniel was shocked, "Linda, you..."

"From now on, the Su family..." Linda took a deep breath and tried to calm down, "I won't come back again. You can share everything with your family!"

"You! You! You... " Daniel was so angry that he fell back with his hand covering his chest.

Cherry's face turned pale with fright. She stepped forward and held him, "Husband! Husband, are you okay? "

"Unfilial daughter..." Daniel's eyes were closed and his face darkened, but he kept murmuring.

He couldn't figure it out. It was just the right of inheritance of the company. Why did Linda make such a scene?

He had watched Linda grow up. She was gentle and not suitable for the entertainment circle.

On the contrary, Sherry had a lot of ideas. Even his partners who had cooperated with him for many years praised Sherry for her cleverness.

In addition, Linda had been away from Jin City for many years. Even if it was wrong for him to secretly change the heir, as a daughter, Linda had no position to blame him.

What's more, what happened between her and John had caused such a great loss to the company. Not only did he not blame her, but he personally picked her up home, but she…

Unfilial daughter! In a daze, Daniel's mind was full of the fault of Linda. He didn't think that what he did would hurt her heart at all.

The company was founded by Daniel and Linda's mother. The reason why it could have a firm foothold in the Jin City was because of Linda's mother's good popularity and powerful means.

However, after years of hard work and congenital heart disease, Linda's mother suddenly had a relapse at work.

Because the studio was far from the city, Linda's mother passed away because she didn't be sent to the hospital in time.

Not long after Linda's mother died, Daniel announced in public that Linda was the heir of the HY Entertainment Company and that he would marry Cherry as his wife.

Linda lost her mother when she was a child, and she was forced to have a bad relationship with her father by her stepmother. She could bear it.

However, it was her mother who spent her life in maintaining the HY Entertainment Company. She couldn't let it be ruined by an outsider with little intelligence!

But the Su family… She paused and looked back at the Su mansion in the setting sun with nostalgia. Her heart was desolate.

"Linda?" A familiar voice came from behind. Surprised, Linda turned around and saw Charles standing behind her with a gift box, "Why are you standing here? Shouldn't you be having dinner with your father? "

Linda shook her head tiredly, not mentioning what happened just now, "Let's go."

Although Charles didn't know what had happened, he could tell from her expression that how disgusting the so-called home banquet was.

"Linda!" But before the two of them turned around and left, they heard a girlish shout and saw that Sherry was chasing after them with a murderous look.

The news about Linda was getting more and more intense. Now she had offended her father and lost the right to inherit the HY Entertainment Company.

If Sh

erry didn't teach Linda a lesson and punish her as a warning to others, those old fellows of the Su family would think that she and her mother were easy to be bullied and couldn't know who the master was now.

Thinking of this, Sherry pretended to be sad for her sister.

Unexpectedly, when she walked in, she saw that the person standing beside Linda was not John, but Charles!

She stopped and her expression changed several times.

At that time, her mother was just an unknown actress. She became a member of the upper class and gave birth to her the next year because of her relationship with Daniel.

Although Sherry was doted on by Daniel, she was just an ordinary child who was laughed at by others when Daniel was not around because of her mother's low birth and Linda's mother's good social connections.

She clearly remembered that it was Daniel's forty year old birthday party. The party was lively.

But because her mother was busy entertaining the guests, she had no time to care about her at all. She just told her not to run around and bump into someone.

Although she was young at that time, she knew how to judge people's expressions.

Knowing that Linda and John didn't take her seriously, she didn't ask for trouble and followed them.

But when she saw that her sister, who could not be loved by her father, was like a princess, she could not help but grind her teeth with hatred.

After thinking for a while, she ran to the pool in the garden.

She had predicted that someone would come to clean the pool at this time of the day, in order to create a good play to frame Linda.

However, she had forgotten the importance of today's banquet. It was not until she stepped into the water and no one came to save her that she was really desperate.

It was summer now, but the water in the pool was freezing. She wanted to cry for help, but she couldn't make a sound because of fear.

Just as she thought she was really going to die today, a pair of powerful hands easily took her away from the edge of death.

"Are you okay?" With concern and warm embrace, Sherry raised her head dully. Charles with beautiful eyes suddenly came into her view when she was young.

After that, although Cherry wanted to make use of this matter to force Daniel to punish Linda, the only person left in Sherry's mind was Charles. Sherry had already forgotten her plan.

Because of his outstanding appearance, Charles had been signed by the HY Entertainment Company and sent to the United States for secret training.

The reason why Sherry managed to get the inheritance right of the HY Entertainment Company was to prove that she was better than Linda. What's more, she wanted to be with Charles.

Sherry's thoughts made herself blush. Ignoring Linda, she walked straight to Charles and asked, "Charles, are you here to see my father?"

Noticing the change of her facial expressions, Charles just nodded slightly. To show politeness.

He heard of Daniel's mediocrity, but his family and the Su family had been friends for generations. Even if he had to avenge Linda, he couldn't disgrace his elders.

In that case, it was better for Linda to leave as soon as possible, in case of being tainted.

He distanced himself from Sherry and turned to look at Linda, "I thought you had a bad appetite recently? How about I take you to taste the famous dishes in the old street? "

Linda shook her head. The harmonious family made her sick. Her stomach was sour, let alone eating.

Seeing that her face turned paler, Charles couldn't bear it anymore and threw the gift box to Sherry.

Being ignored, Sherry was furious. She just wanted to draw his attention.

She felt warm in her palms. Before she was happy for her first intimate contact with Charles, he passed her without looking sideways and held her sister with worry.

"Are you okay?" Charles felt sorry for Linda and said, "Let me send you back to the hotel to have a rest."

After saying that, he helped her get on the car, stepped on the gas and drove away, as if he didn't see Sherry!

The exquisitely packaged gift box was smashed to the ground by Sherry with the distorted look on her face.

She glared at the car, like a crow on a branch reporting people's death.

'Linda, why does everyone only see me? Why does everyone only love you?' Even Charles was bewitched by her!

Just now, when Sherry caught a glimpse of Charles, the worry in his eyes was obvious that he had a crush on Linda!

At the thought of this possibility, Sherry's face twisted, 'Will everything turn better as long as I get rid of you, Linda? Then everything will become better and Charles will also see me?'

'Linda, let's wait and see!' Sherry kicked away the annoying gift box and walked into the Su mansion without looking back, with a horrible smile on her face.

Although Charles had to send Linda back to the hotel for a rest, how could he watch her not have dinner and torture herself?

After thinking for a while, he drove straight to the old street. Ignoring her objection, he ordered a large table of food.

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