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   Chapter 9 Confess

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Before Charles reached her ward, a nurse with a red face jumped and said, "Charles… Mr. Charles, your junior sister has just woken up! "

Charles was stunned and rushed to the door without saying thanks.

Through the glass of the ward, he clearly saw the slender figure standing in front of the window.

Yes, she was his junior sister!

"Linda." He pushed the door open, put down the things in his hands, and slowly approached her, "Why did you get out of bed? The doctor said you should stay in bed for a while. "

Although Linda's face was still pale, she looked energetic.

She shook her head slightly and said calmly, "So what? It's just a dream. "

Although Charles knew that she was implying something, he didn't know how to comfort her since he couldn't make it clear to her.

He could only hold her hand awkwardly and take her back to the bed step by step in her surprised eyes.

"This is your favorite desserts." He took out the delicate desserts from the box and carefully handed it to her.

Looking at the familiar desserts, Linda was slightly touched. She took them and said in an alienated and polite tone, "Thank you, senior."

It had been a long time since Charles heard her call him "senior". He couldn't help smiling and blurted out subconsciously, "You are the youngest among us. It's natural for me to take care of you."

But as soon as he said that, the air in the ward became a little embarrassing.

He remembered that only he, Linda and John who studied calligraphy in the Jin City got along with each other.

Now the relationship between Linda and John had changed. Linda was injured because of this, but she didn't see John. Charles was reckless to mention it

For a moment, Charles felt at a loss.

However, it seemed that Linda didn't hear it at all. She ate up the desserts as usual.

"Senior." Taking a look at Charles, who was standing aside and didn't know how to get along with her, Linda gently closed the desserts box and said, "I'm fine. Don't worry about me."

Charles's fingers trembled. He didn't know what was on his mind.

He opened his mouth and wanted to say something, but Linda continued slowly, "He and I have been married for four years. More than 1460 days are not comparable to the memory he has lost, even if I am unwilling to admit it..."

Speaking of this, even if Linda was really disappointed at John, she couldn't help but shed tears, "I have to admit that I am not that important."

Charles was anxious, "Linda!"

He raised his hand to wipe the water stains on her face, but she avoided.

Looking at his hand in embarrassment, Charles smiled with self-mockery, "You should have noticed my feelings for you, right?"

Linda's eyelashes trembled like a startled butterfly, "I don't deserve it."

He stood up at once like a cat being trampled on its tail, wishing to pour out all his love, "Who says you don't deserve it?"

After hesitating for a long time, afraid of frightening Linda, Charles sat on the edge of the bed in frustration. Looking at the desserts box, he muttered to himself, "For so many years, my love for you may not be less than your love for John."

"Senior..." Linda was a little flustered. She was afraid that if Charles continued to say, there would be few people in the Jin City that she would miss.

Charles waved his hand and continued, "John doesn't understand you. Do you have to refuse to accept anyone because of him?"

Linda was stunned. She understood what Charles said. If she didn't make everything clear today, there would be endless trouble in the future.

She knew Charles well. He was always a gentleman.

Although being with such a person could temporarily make her forget the pain caused by the previous relationship, she…

She was a coward. She loved John all her life. She loved him so much that her body was covered with scars and she was in a mess.

Because she was afraid of being hurt, she would no longer have the mood and energy to love another person.

Now, what she wanted was just to use time to treat this wound. She didn't know when it would be completely healed.

If she accepted anyone at this time, it would be an insult to each other, so she couldn't do it.

Moreover, her senior was destined to be a person with a bright future. She couldn't become a stain on his starry road for her own selfish desires.

After a long silence, she said, "Charles, I'm sorry. I can't lie to you and myself."

As if he had been sentenced to death, the light in Charles's heart was completely extinguished.

He raised a bitter smile, reached out his hand to rub her long hair and said, "It's okay. You are still my junior sister. I will spoil you."

Linda raised her head in disbelief and happened to meet his affectionate eyes. In an instant, her tears fell down like broken beads.

'Senior, thank you. Charles, I'm sorry.'

Because Linda was sent to the hospital in time and there was an air bag, she was not seriously injured. After a few days of rest, she

went through the discharge formalities.

Charles had to attend the award ceremony, so he didn't pick her up.

Compared with the guilt on the other end of the phone, Linda didn't care much.

Although she had left the city for four years, she was born and raised in Jin City. Even if she might be unfamiliar with some places, she would not get lost.

The joy of surviving the disaster made Linda want to look around.

After all, she was leaving… Her eyes darkened.

John meant a lot to her. Since he left the home where they lived together to look for his memory, she had no reason to stay there, just as what Camelia said.

But was she unable to face it or was she disheartened? No one could tell.

But a few steps later, a black car stopped in front of her.

When she was confused, the window slowly rolled down, and a man with a pale face appeared in front of her.

"Linda." Looking at his pale daughter, Daniel Su looked at her up and down sadly and said, "Since you're back, let's go home! At home… At least I won't make you feel wronged! "

Linda's fingertips trembled slightly. She didn't expect to meet Daniel Su here at all.

Four years ago, she left with John, leaving behind everything she had, including the father and daughter relationship between her and Daniel Su.

Because her mother had passed away for many years and her stepmother had deliberately stirred up trouble between her and Daniel Su, they had nothing to say at all.

But Linda didn't know if it was because she had been away for many years. Looking at his grey hair, she agreed unconsciously.

Seeing her nod, Daniel Su felt relieved.

He exhaled deeply and ordered the driver happily, "Call Mrs. Cherry and ask her to prepare dinner! We have to celebrate it when Linda comes back tonight! "

Seeing that the driver took out his phone obediently, Linda felt as if her heart was stabbed by something and felt a little uncomfortable.

She chuckled and ignore the uncomfortableness. Then she cooperated with Daniel Su and got into the car.

But it was not until she returned to the place where she had left for many years and didn't know if it could be called "home" that she realized that it was reasonable when she felt uncomfortable at that moment.

"Dad, thank you! If you hadn't helped me with this case, I wouldn't have been able to get it! Come and have a taste of the soup I made for you. " Sherry Su put the delicate soup in front of Daniel Su obediently.

Looking at the two of them sitting opposite the table, Linda just smiled and didn't take it seriously.

However, someone didn't want her to be so calm. Sherry Su turned around and looked at the wedding ring in Linda's hand. A scheme came to her mind.

She pretended to concern Linda and gave the bowl of soup to her, but she knocked it over when Linda reached out for it.

The cold soup didn't scald Linda, but it stained her dress.

Knowing what kind of person Sherry Su was, Linda didn't quarrel with her, but she didn't know that Sherry Su was still entangled with her.

Seeing that her dress was dirty, Sherry Su immediately grabbed a tissue and ran over, with an expression of doing something wrong, "I'm sorry, sister. I'll clean it for you!"

Sherry Su must have some purposes to please Linda.

Before Linda noticed what she was going to do, Sherry Su suddenly stopped and pointed at her wedding ring, "Sister! Are you married? "

Linda frowned and thought that Sherry was going to use the entertainment report to make trouble for her.

Unexpectedly, Sherry Su held her hand and said sincerely, "I really wish you happiness!"

"What?" Linda didn't catch up with Sherry Su.

According to the past plot, shouldn't she and her mother sneer at her now? Why did she…?

As she expected, the next second, Sherry Su said innocently, "Since you're married, I don't worry that you'll quarrel with me because of the inheritance right in the future!"

Right of inheritance? Turning her head to look at Daniel Su, Linda asked coldly, "What's going on?"

Being stared at by Linda in a cold tone, Daniel Su awkwardly smiled, "It's because you have left for so long, so..."

"So your father is also worried about you!" Her stepmother, who had been silent all the time, suddenly said in a disgusting tone, "He was afraid that something would happen to you, so he appointed Sherry as the successor of the HY Entertainment Company."

Linda's feet went limp, as if she was being bullied.

But she couldn't give in here. She pinched her palm secretly. Then she withdrew her hand and nodded at Daniel Su indifferently, "Thank you for your consideration, Mr. Daniel. I have something else to do, so I won't accompany you!"

"Linda..." Looking at her back, Daniel Su was anxious to stop her, but he was stopped by Cherry Jiang.

Even if Daniel Su regarded Sherry Su as the successor, he didn't want to have a bad relationship with Linda, "Look at what you have done!"

He thumped the table angrily and chased after Linda.

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