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   Chapter 8 Entertainment Headline

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"Linda?" The sound made Camelia feel strange. She thought Linda slipped down by accident, and she asked, "Did you fall down?"

After the loud noise, there was no response, which made Camelia a little panic. She pushed the door open without putting on her shoes.

What she saw was the pitiful look of Linda, who was sitting on the ground and trembling all over.

Seeing that Linda didn't respond and just looked at the shining phone with a trembling hand, Camelia grabbed the phone curiously.

On the pale screen, there was a ghost which may be found in a movie. In the picture, the woman with golden hair was pierced through by iron wire and died miserably, with blood dripping.

Maybe it was just a joke. But the woman's face was clearly marked with the word "Linda", which made Camelia pause.

Then she looked at Linda with mixed feelings.

Perhaps it was because the light in the living room was off and the dim light outside the window cast in that Camelia felt that the look in Linda‘s eyes was empty and terrible. "Camelia, do you believe me? "

"I..." Before Camelia could answer, the door of the apartment was slammed.

"Linda, you are a shameless mistress!

"Get out!"

"Bitch! Don't hide!"

"If you have the ability to hurt people, then stand out and admit it!"

Through the gauze curtain, Camelia could clearly see the group of people with cameras downstairs, "Are these reporters crazy?"

Seeing that Linda‘s face was getting paler and paler, Camelia felt that her blood was surging.

She was about to roll up her sleeves and teach those bastards a lesson, but she was stopped by Linda.

"Don't go out. If you are involved, I will be guilty." Her words were full of ridicule, and there was even a faint smile on her face.

But Camelia didn't know why she felt uneasy, "Linda..."

"I'm fine." Linda closed the door and said calmly with her back to her, "It’s my fault. I forgot that I'm not welcomed in this city at all."

Looking at Linda’s thin shoulders trembling slightly, and thinking of the report she had just read, Camelia didn't know what to say.

Linda and John used to be the perfect match for each other in Jin City, but they had accidents because of Lisa.

Not only did Lisa have the abortion, but also John's mother was killed.

Although everyone suspected that it was Linda who did it, because of the lack of evidence, Linda was not sentenced, but she had lost the heart of John since then.

John, who had lost his mother, suddenly disappeared after a car accident, and the name of Linda was gradually forgotten by others.

Since it was a past event, how could it hit the headlines overnight if someone hadn't played tricks behind it?

"Have you ever thought about finding out the truth and prove your innocence?" Camelia could clearly feel that Linda’s skin under her palm was stiff.

Linda shook her head with a bitter smile, "What if he doesn't believe me?"

"Linda! You... " Camelia was speechless by her negative attitude.

Linda said indifferently, "Camelia, I love him. For so many years… His meaning to me is not as simple as love. "

But Camelia knew how important John was to Linda.

Closing the door and windows, Camelia kept those disturbing sounds from outside. Then she asked in a low voice, "What are you going to do?"

"I guess that I am going back to L City." Lying on the sofa, Linda stared at the ceiling and said, "If I stay here, I will cause you trouble. If I go back..."

"Go back and stay in the house, from sunrise to sunset, and wait for that person to change his mind?" Camelia said angrily, "You really let me down! Why don't you fight back? "

‘Fight back?’ Linda closed her eyes, her tears sliding across her cheeks, ‘If that person hurts, he will not forgive me in his life, and he will probably feel more heartbroken. Then I… Why do I ask for trouble?’

Having read her mind, Camelia could only stare at her side face without saying anything, hoping to make her sober.

The two of them had been in a stalemate for a long time. When Camelia was about to fall asleep on the sofa, Linda said vaguely, "I will leave Jin City tomorrow. Thank you."

"How dare you do that? If you really do this, believe it or not..." Camelia hummed a few words in her sleep, but Linda didn't know what she said. It was more like she was blaming Linda for letting her down.

There was still no star in the night of Jin City. Linda put away her luggage and took out a thick envelope, gently pressing it under the pillow of Camelia.

Although she hadn't stayed here for a day, it was an unexpected fortune for her to know Camelia.

She always had a bad luck, so she'd better not stay any longer and implicate the innocent.

"Linda!" Even though Linda was wearing a blue tooth headset, she could hear Camelia‘s anger clearly. Camelia said, "Are you crazy?"

Linda was absent-minded at the sight of the car light passing by on the highway.

Even though Jin City was called the sleepless city, it was desolate and lonely in the early morning.

Linda sighed slightly and replied, "I'm on the highway out of the city. There's about two hours left before the transfer point. Don't worry about me."

‘Don’t worry about you.’ Camelia scratched her long hair anxiously.

Although she knew that it might not be a bad thing for Linda to leave in the current situation, she still felt that things were not that simple.

Before Camelia could figure it out, Linda comforted her. After a few comforting words, Camelia took it as her overthinking.

After telling Linda that she must inform her of her safety at the transfer point, Camelia went to bed with relief.

On the other side, after comforting Camelia, Linda kept driving slowly. After all, she was the only one on the road and didn't know where to go.

After driving in the dark for a long time, a dazzling light from the rearview mirror caught her attention.

Although she thought too much, it seemed that the black car behind her was following her during the two hours’ drive.

To verify her guess, Linda stepped on the gas and pulled the distance between the two cars at once, and then she slowed down imperceptibly.

She saw the car behind her speed up and slow down unexpectedly, and finally brushed past her own car.

Linda closed her eyes subconsciously.

Photograph? Did the paparazzi follow her?

Linda gasped for breath. If the paparazzi followed her to L City, then John…

Thinking of the man's cold face, her eyes were full of pain. In a trance, she suddenly stepped on the gas.

The paparazzi in the car thought that she was trying to get rid of them, so they quickly changed the direction and wanted to follow her.

But the two cars bumped into each other unexpectedly.

Linda's eyes went dark, accompanied by the sound of the windshield breaking and the airbag flicking. She only felt a dull pain in the back of her head, and then she completely lost consciousness.

"John." Looking at the man who was absent-minded across the table, Lisa frowned with displeasure.

Noticing his own impoliteness, John smiled apologetically and took the steak from her, "It's delicious. Thank you, Lisa."

Lisa blushed with shyness and said, "Since you like it, I'll cook it for you every day."

Everyday? John opened his mouth and wanted to say something, but his phone rang inappropriately.

Charles's name kept flickering on the screen. Thinking of the day when they parted in discord, John finally answered the phone after hesitating for a while.

"John!" Charles's voice was mixed with anger, "You are a bastard! Linda had a car accident and was hospitalized, but you fooled around with other women! "

John was stunned, and the fork in his hand hit the table with a crisp sound.

Other customers looked at them because of the sound, which made Lisa feel uncomfortable, but she couldn't ask him directly.

When she was thinking, she saw that John stood up and left the table without saying anything.

Through the transparent window of the Michelin restaurant, she saw the anxious expression on his face, and her eyes darkened.

"What do you mean?" Hearing the news of Linda's car accident, John had no time to think about anything else, "What happened to Linda?"

Thinking of the pale face of Linda, Charles wished he could hit John.

But considering the position of John in Linda‘s heart, Charles could only restrain his anger and said, "If you really care about her life, just come to the hospital to have a look at her, and you will know the whole story."

"I'll book a ticket to go back home right away!" John knew that Charles was not an unreasonable person. If he said so, Linda must have been seriously injured.

He was about to call the airline to book the earliest flight back home, but the waiter in the restaurant ran out anxiously, "Sir, your female companion..."

John's hand that was pressing the button paused and followed the waiter back to the restaurant. At the first sight, he saw that Lisa fell to the ground with her eyes closed.

He stepped forward and held her in his arms. In a panic, he shouted, "Help me call 911."

After a moment of panic, he leaned back on the chair in the corridor of the hospital wearily. The foreign language reminded him of the phone call before.

Remembering that the doctor had warned him to stay with Lisa, John rubbed his aching forehead and could only send a message to Charles, asking him to take care of Linda on behalf of him.

Although Charles was furious after receiving the message, he couldn’t do anything except cursing John for being ungrateful.

It was better not to waste words on unworthy people.

After calling his agent to postpone his schedule for the time being, Charles drove to the south of the city and bought some desserts, which were Linda‘s favorite food. Then he hurried back to the hospital.

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