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   Chapter 7 A Good Show Is On The Stage

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"Lisa, it's not a dream. I'm back." Seeing that she was sitting on the bed with her arms around her knees and that she shrugged slightly, John couldn't help but come forward and hold her in his arms.

"Are you really John?" Being held into his warm arms, Lisa seemed to be willing to believe that he really existed.

She trembled and wanted to put her arms around his shoulder, but she suddenly withdrew her hands as if she was stabbed by something.

Then she tried her best to resist his embrace, "Go out! I don't want to see you! "

John was at a loss because of her sudden emotional change. As expected, his face was scratched by her for twice.

No matter how good-tempered John was, his patience was running out because of the repeated torment from Lisa.

When he was about to leave angrily, Lisa suddenly put her hands around his waist and said, "John… John, don't leave me. Please don't leave me. Without you… I really can't live... "

Through the suit, John could clearly feel the trembling arms of Lisa. The back of his suit was wet, and she was crying, so his heart softened.

Being tightly imprisoned by her and unable to move, John was afraid that he would hurt her with too much strength. He was in a dilemma, "Lisa, can you let go of me first?"

Fortunately, Lisa was obedient and withdrew her hands obediently.

John lowered his head and saw her thick black hair. Then he realized that something was wrong.

Since he entered this room, Lisa had been hiding her face in her hair, without showing it at all.

He sat on the edge of the bed, and Lisa's hand held the corner of his clothes, and then he tried to get closer to her. As expected, Lisa didn't reject him.

"Lisa..." He touched her long hair and asked tentatively, "We have been apart for so long. Why don't you let me see your face?"

Lisa's body stiffened. As he expected, she began to resist his touch.

But before she could do anything, the next second, John flipped her long hair away.

But at a glance, he was completely frozen in place.

"Ah!" Lisa, whose face was seen, screamed like a vampire, "No! Don't hurt my child! Linda… Linda, please don't... "

Looking at the long scar on her face, which almost divided the whole face into two parts, John felt a severe pain in his head.

"Linda… John, it was her who caused my miscarriage! John, our baby... "

"John, I didn't hurt her! Trust me! "

Every detail of the past was like a scar on Lisa's face, which was suddenly uncovered by him, and his internal organs were painful.

"According to the 174th article of the criminal law, I have made the following judgment on the case that Linda killed Mrs. Cheng. There was insufficient evidence to prove that Linda is suspected of murder, so I declare that Linda is released without charge."

"Dong…" The sound of the hammer falling in John's memory finally shattered his tense nerves for the past few days. He turned his eyes and fainted directly.

"John? What's wrong with you, John? " After patting the man several times and making sure that he really lost consciousness and was in a coma, Lisa took out her phone and called James in.

Looking at her brother's slightly drunk face, Lisa asked impatiently, "Why is there such a strong smell of alcohol?"

She had worked so hard to act here, but he went to drink unexpectedly. He was really spineless!

Although Lisa couldn't help cursing in her heart, she pretended to be calm and said, "Go and find a doctor to check him up! If so, who else can I rely on to be successful? "

At the mention of it, James almost sobered up, "Oh, okay!"

But before he could do anything, John frowned and seemed to be about to wake up.

Startled, Lisa immediately dragged James out of the office.

"Sister, what are you doing?" James felt a little dizzy.

"You are stupid! If only my depression could be cured after I saw him once, it would inevitably arouse his suspicion," Lisa raised her head proudly, "Moreover, if he doesn't feel painful for a few more days, it couldn't be worthy of the injury on my neck."

Seeing her rolling eyes, James knew that she had a plan in her mind. He asked in a hurry, "Then..."

Seeing that she crooked her hand at him, James had to listen to her carefully. After a while, he smiled and said, "I see! I see! "

However, before he could finish his complacency, he was warned by Lisa, "You have to perform well. Don't screw it up!"

James nodded obsequiously and then turned around to enter the room, which made Lisa shake her head behind him…

Seeing that James sat down on the edge of the bed and began to fool John, Lisa raised her eyebrows and smiled.

She walked to a quiet corner of the corridor, took out her mobile phone and dialed a number expertly. Hatred was about to spill over her eyes and eyebrows. She thought, 'Linda, I hope you will like this great gift.'

James's eyes were red and the smell of alcohol from him mad

e John frown and sit up.

Looking around the ward, John didn't find Lisa, and he asked in confusion, "Where's Lisa?"

James sniffed and said in a low voice, which showed that he was in a bad mood, "When you fainted, Lisa ran out to call for help. However, Lisa fell down the stairs. Now the doctor has just checked her up, and she is resting in the ward."

Looking at his reddened eyes, John suddenly realized how depressed he was.

After a long silence, John said in a serious tone, "I want to take Lisa to the United States for a repair operation."

James looked frightened, "What? But the mental state of Lisa... "

But in fact, James had been happy for a long time. He had thought that John couldn't say that, but now it seemed that… His sister really saw through John's mind.

Thinking of her cry and the harsh scar on her face, John's heart ached, "I'm responsible for Lisa's illness. If it weren't for me, she wouldn't have..."

"It's not your fault..." As if remembering something sad, James said in a resentful tone, "If it weren't for Linda, you wouldn't have… Alas. "

John didn't say anything to refute him. Looking at the ring mark on his left ring finger, John began to doubt his feelings for Linda for the first time.

That night, in the apartment.

Camelia, which had always been sunny, was full of embarrassment on her face, "Ms. Linda, I'm really sorry. I neglected you the first day when you checked in..."

Normally, Linda would definitely smile and tell her not to mind.

But when she saw John abandon her, she was really not in the mood to comfort Camelia.

"Give you..." When Linda was sitting on the balcony of the second floor of Camelia's apartment and staring blankly at the dark night sky, a glass of red wine was handed to her.

Puzzled, Linda raised her head and looked into the eyes of Camelia, and Camelia said with concern, "Have a drink when you have something in your mind. Get drunk, and then have a nightmare. You will be much better the second day!"

"Nightmare?" Linda didn't know whether to cry or to laugh, "Shouldn't it be a beautiful dream?"

Camelia took a big gulp of red wine and said seriously, "Think about it. If you have a nightmare and see what you are afraid of, you will only be frightened when you wake up. How can you think about your own sad things?"

'But I am afraid that my nightmare will come true!' The corners of Linda's mouth twitched, but she didn't know what expression she should have.

"Ms. Linda, haven't you heard that dreams are always the opposite? Wash up and have a rest! My bed is the most suitable for sleeping! " Being pushed into the bathroom, Linda couldn't help laughing at Camelia's unreasonable behaviors.

Not knowing whether Camelia really cared about her or not, Linda suddenly pressed the door and said, "Camelia, you're right. I'm from Jin City."

She paused, shook her head and smiled, "It's indeed because of someone that I return to this place that I don't want to go back all my life."

Camelia was a little stunned, and then she smiled, "Ms. Linda, you are tired. You'd better go to bed after washing up! It's not too late to talk about these things when you really want to say them. "

"Okay." Linda nodded and closed the bathroom door obediently.

Hearing the sound of water flowing, Camelia was relieved and made a sigh of relief.

Camelia went back to her room and opened the news page as a routine to see if there was her posture in the afternoon.

However, an entertainment headline caught her attention: The old love is unforgettable. After four years, Mr. John and his old lover Lisa went to the United States to travel together and accepted the media interview. Even if Lisa was disfigured, John would never fall in love with Linda.

She was surprised when she saw the name. She turned on the search engine, input the word "Linda", and some incredible words popped out like "mistress".

Although they only got along with each other for one day, Camelia firmly believed that Linda was not such a person.

She thought for a while, but she still cut off the apartment's network, not wanting to ruin Linda's mood.

But she didn't expect that the storm of public opinion against Linda would be so easily solved without watching the report.

As soon as Linda came out of the bathroom, her phone kept ringing.

She grabbed it curiously and found it was a strange number she had never seen before. She thought it was a crank call and hung up indifferently.

However, her phone kept ringing. She was so annoyed that she blacklisted it.

But it only stopped for a while, and then there was a non-stop message alert tone.

In order to distract Linda's attention, Camelia said, "It's late at night. Is he your lover? "

Linda smiled slightly and clicked it casually. But her hand trembled with fear when she saw the picture popping out all of a sudden. She threw the phone on the ground.

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