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   Chapter 5 An Old Dream In The Familiar City

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"Hello, Ms. Linda. I'm the landlord of the apartment you booked. We have prepared the apartment according to your requirements. If you have time now, how about we go there now?"

When Linda returned to this place where she had lived for more than twenty years, she felt as if her legs were on the cotton, and she felt that it was not real at all.

In order not to let John be deceived by Lisa and her brother, Linda had arranged everything to come here overnight, but she had completely forgotten that she had nowhere to go in this city.

She didn't like to live in a hotel. The casual way she checked in with her handbag didn't give her any sense of security, so she rented an apartment in a hurry.

She had planned to take a taxi after getting off the plane, but unexpectedly she saw the landlord with her name on the board at the gate.

The woman had long chestnut hair and wore a brown dress casually. Her slender fingers shook the black sunglasses casually, and the thick dark circles could be clearly seen under her eyes.

Seeing that Linda came out with her luggage, the woman said some polite words, which made Linda stunned for a while. Then the woman showed a playful smile and said, "It seems that Ms. Linda doesn't like formalities like me, so I'll be straightforward. Nice to meet you. My name is Camelia. I'll be your landlord in the next six months."

Perhaps influenced by her straightforwardness, Linda also smiled and held her hand, "Hello, Ms. Camelia."

"In that case, let's go back to the apartment!" Then she took Linda's arm and said, "Ms. Linda, you haven't eaten yet, have you? Let's go. I'll take you to eat the specialty snacks of Jin City! "

After a simple breakfast, Camelia Xia asked to take Linda back to the apartment to have a look. Hearing that Camelia had boasted about the decoration of her apartment all the way, Linda was envious.

Back then, she took John to L City. Although the two of them fell in love and got married, he was like a piece of white paper in many ways because he lost his memory.

Thinking of his accusation, the light in Linda's eyes dimmed again. She smiled with self-mockery and thought, 'Yes, is my so-called happiness just because he has lost his memory? If…'

Just as Linda was immersed in her own thoughts and could not extricate herself from it, Camelia Xia in the driver's seat suddenly said, "Ms. Linda, you… Are you from Jin city? "

Linda's body froze. Before she could say anything, she heard Camelia Xia say in a lazy tone, "The advertisement for the lease of my apartment has been hung out for a few months. Only Ms. Linda rented it directly without saying anything, and you are not in a hurry at all. It seems that… If you don't come to the Jin City for work, then... "

"Ms. Camelia, don't you think it's impolite to guess others' thoughts without permission?" Linda raised her head with a stern look. She was not a pushover.

Looking at her through the rearview mirror for a while, Camelia Xia smiled apologetically and said sincerely, "I'm sorry, Ms. Linda. It's my habit."

Before Linda could react, Camelia Xia's phone rang, "Hello! Just say it. I'm busy! "

Linda didn't know what the person on the other end of the phone said. Camelia Xia sped up and changed the direction to the downtown. Soon she drove into an underground garage in a villa district.

"Ms. Camelia, what are you doing?" Linda had thought she just happened to encounter fraud, but the next second she saw Camelia Xia take out a work permit from the side door of the passenger seat and put it on her head.

Meeting her confused eyes, Camelia Xia explained apologetically, "I'm sorry, Ms. Linda. I have an urgent case to deal with. Please wait for a moment."

Thinking of the word "counselor" on her work card, Linda nodded without hesitation.

It seemed that Linda didn't mind, so Camelia Xia left at ease.

Although it was early autumn, the sun was still scorching. Fortunately, Camelia Xia was considerate. The cold air was on in the car, and the car perfume with orange flavor made people relax.

When Linda was about to fall asleep, two familiar figures walked over from the side of the car. She suddenly woke up and hurriedly opened the door.

"Don't you know that Lisa has been looking for you crazily these years?" "John!"

After getting off the plane, John lived in James's villa in Jin City under the arrangement of James. After a night's rest, James proposed to take him to see Lisa.

The two of them walked out of the elevator and went to the underground garage. They happened to pass by Camelia Xia. Before they could take a few steps, they heard a heartbreaking shout from behind.

John stopped for a moment. Before he could react, his hand was held tightly by someone. Then he heard the familiar voice, "Jo

hn… Go home with me, okay? "

John turned around slowly. The autumn sun in the afternoon of Jin City sprinkled on the ground casually. The woman in front of him had a pair of watery eyes with tears. He should be pitiful, but he suddenly felt disgusted.

"Home?" He raised the corners of his mouth, unable to control his emotions, but his eyes were filled with anger, which made the two of them shiver, "Since you killed my mother, do I still have home?"

Linda's face turned pale. She couldn't help loosening her grip on him, "You… Have you regained your memory? "

"It's really you." A tinge of pain appeared on John's face. He pulled his hand back with a little strength and said, "Linda, I really didn't expect you to be such a person..."

If he hadn't seen her guilty look, he wouldn't have believed that the woman who had killed his mother and disfigured Lisa would be his wife!

"No… It's not like that. Listen to me, John. It's not like what you see! I... " "Stop!" Looking at her tearful face, John felt mixed feelings and his head began to ache.

"John, stop talking nonsense with her." James, who had been standing next to them, cut in, "We still have to go to the hospital to see Lisa!"

Perhaps John didn't know why he felt sorry for the murderer of his mother, so he agreed and left with James.

Watching him leave, Linda stood still like a puppet.

It was not until James drove past her that he deliberately slowed down the car and rolled down the window, "By the way, Linda, my sister is still in the hospital. I don't know if you have time to talk to her."

Without waiting for her response, he stepped on the gas and drove away.

The man in the passenger seat didn't even look at her from beginning to end, as if she was just a stranger.

Although she knew that after John returned to the Jin City, James would definitely take the opportunity to alienate their relationship, only when she really saw the hateful eyes of that person could she understand how much she cared about him.

"John… John… It wasn't like that… Let me explain... " She was like a pet abandoned by her master, squatting on the roadside and crying helplessly.

The cold autumn wind blew violently. From the rear-view mirror, she was as thin as a leaf. Feeling a little painful, John withdrew his gaze.

If what James said was true, Linda should be a scheming woman. Then why did she take him to L City?

Her love for him was true when they were together, but… It was her who killed his mother.

If he forgave her, he would feel sorry for his mother, and sorry for the innocent victim, Lisa, who had been in love with him for so many years. If he didn't… He secretly tightened his right hand that had been holding the wedding ring.

"John, do you really believe that woman's lie?" James, who had been secretly observing John's expression, felt more and more unsure. After hesitating for a while, he asked.

John's tightly closed eyes trembled slightly. When he opened his eyes again, he looked as cold as before, as if he hadn't lost his memory, "No."

With his promise, James felt relieved and drove to the municipal hospital.

Linda didn't know how long she had been sitting on the ground. The only thing she could clearly feel was that her face was hurt by the autumn wind.

It was getting dark. Because it was the villa district and there seemed to be a murder case, except for this entrance and exit, other garages were closed by the police.

After being scolded many times by the drivers, Linda realized that she seemed to be in the way.

Just as she was about to stand up on the ground, a car light pierced her eyes and she closed her eyes subconsciously.

"Linda?" An unbelievable voice came from above her head. She slightly opened her red and swollen eyes and looked up at the person.

His delicate face didn't look stupid because of the excessive surprise on his face. On the contrary, he looked a little more innocent and childish. However, his action of helping her up was gentle. He was really a famous star of the HY Entertainment Company, and his words and deeds couldn't be wrong.

"Charles… Long time no see. " Linda steadied herself and drew her hand back in a hurry.

Noticing that he seemed to be holding her hand all the time, Charles Ye smiled awkwardly, "Why are you here? Do you come back with John to visit your family? "

Speaking of John, Charles Ye's eyes twinkled. He had been secretly in love with Linda for many years, and he had thought not to be too eager, so that everything would not be abrupt.

But he didn't expect that Linda had already fallen in love with John. Now he thought that he and John should be rivals in love.

But… Four years ago, Linda left with John. Not long after, He heard that the two of them had been married.

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