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   Chapter 4 I'm Leaving

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After leaving the company, Linda drove slowly in the rain. She looked that the windshield wiper swished back and forth, as if she was hypnotized, and her mind was full of memories of the past.

She put the golden hair in the wind coat pocket, although she was not sure whether the owner of the hair was the so-called female client mentioned by John.

But for Linda, even if the hair belonged to John's lover in L City, she didn't hope that it was Lisa's.

In this world, with her short life experience, she could never find a woman like Lisa who was so delicate and scheming that she would do anything to fight for other people's fiance.

As a matter of fact, Linda introduced Lisa, a model to enter her father's company.

The past was still vivid in her mind, and the wet road ahead became more and more blurred.

Linda stopped the car at the roadside. Tears welled up in her eyes when she thought of John's indifference to her just now.

When she got home that day, she felt tired both physically and mentally. She leaned back on the sofa and fell asleep soon.

However, just after the evening, the doorbell rang and woke her up from her deep sleep.

It was completely dark in the living room. When Linda opened the door, she saw the cold face of John breaking into her eyes.

"John, why are you back? Aren't you..."

Before she finished her words, John turned around and entered the house, taking off his shoes without saying a word.

Linda was a little surprised. She closed the door in a hurry and habitually went to pick up the suit from John.

However, today, after changing his shoes, John went straight to the dining room.

Looking at the kitchen without the smell of food, John was displeased. He turned around and asked coldly, "What? You don't cook dinner now?"

Linda was speechless.

"The kitchen is as cold as an ice cellar. Your mind is all on investigating me in the company. This house isn't like our home at all. How can you behave like this as my wife?" While blaming Linda, John took off his suit and went upstairs.

He said the home…

Linda sneered.

She was alone in the room. Even if the house was brightly lit and there was a table full of food, so what?

They were a couple, and their home was the home of two people. John went out early and came back late. How could the house become their home?

But anyway, John came back early tonight unexpectedly.

Hiding her grievance in her heart, Linda opened the fridge and took out the vegetables she bought the day before yesterday.

She put on the apron and was about to wash vegetables when she heard the footsteps from the stairs.

The voice approached her. Linda looked up and saw John, who was only wearing a shirt, standing in front of her.

His slender figure looked handsome, but his cold face suddenly made her feel strange.

"I'm sorry, John. I made dinner late today. You can go to the sofa and have a rest. I'll prepare it soon." A faint smile appeared on Linda's face, and her soft eyes were filled with gloom.

John moved his lips and glanced at the vegetables in Linda's hand. He said indifferently, "No. I came back just to inform you that I will leave here tomorrow."

The artichokes in Linda's hand fell to the ground. Stunned, she stood there for a while and asked, "Leave here… John, where are you going? "

"Jin City." John didn't change his cold eyes and answered briefly.

Linda's heart beat faster and faster, and the air around her became thin in an instant. She felt difficult to breathe.

They had lived in Jin City for more than 20 years. Did John want to go back?

Suddenly, Linda's mind was in a mess. Looking at the solemn face in front of her, she asked, "John, are you on a business trip to Jin City? We agreed to live a good life that night. "

Standing in the kitchen, Linda didn't know what to do. She quickly picked up the artichokes on the ground to hide her panic.

"I'm not going on a business trip." John said firmly, "I just go back to my hometown."

Linda held the vegetables tightly, knowing that she could do nothing to stop them.

At the same time, she had a strong feeling that John would never come back to L City after he left.

Linda tried her best to look better. A gentle smile appeared on her face, and her eyes were as bright as water.

"Well, if you really want to go back, I will support you." Linda said with a gentle voice, "John, let me go back with you, okay?"

Then Linda waited for John's permission.

But the next second, she saw John turn around and leave, casually picking up the suit on the sofa downstairs.

This time, Linda was really in a panic. She followed closely behind John.

"John, where are you going? It is late now."

John stopped at the door and opened it with one hand. The cold wind blew in an instant.

His cold eyes were like looking at a stranger. He said decisively, "No. Lisa came to the company to look for me today. She promised to go back to Jin City with me to help me find my lost memory."

Then th

e door was heavily closed, and the cold wind was blocked outside. But at the same time, the door also separated the two people. A high wall was built in John's heart again.

Suddenly, the rain fell on the branches of the tree mercilessly. The broken flowers on the ground were like the best reflection of Linda's state of mind.

The cold wind slipped in through the crack of the door. It was just the beginning of autumn, but she felt cold, like a grass outside. When the wind blew, she felt sore all over her body and lost all her strength. She was completely paralyzed on the soft carpet.

Bang! Bang! With a loud thunder, the power in the room was turned off, as if it was to create the miserable atmosphere for her.

She looked at the room behind her in a daze. The laughter she had heard before appeared in front of her eyes again, as if it was mocking her.

"I swear I will love and cherish Linda for the rest of my life." "Linda, I'm so lucky to marry you."

Those sweet words in the past sounded somewhat sweet, but now they sounded somewhat piercing.

'Linda, look at yourself. You look like a clown!' The bean sized tears fell on the carpet one after another, and they were absorbed and disappeared in the blink of an eye.

"Ding…Dong…" Linda was still immersed in the pain and could not extricate herself from it. The phone on the table made a crisp sound.

Hearing the sound, Linda raised her head suddenly, as if a drowning man clutched at a life-saving straw. She struggled to stand up and stumbled over. She didn't feel any pain even if she bumped into the tables and chairs all the way.

Was it a message from John? It was from him… He decided not to leave, didn't he? She slid the screen open with her trembling hands, only to see a strange number.

She clicked it again. The few words were enough to make her feel dizzy and at a loss.

"Linda, I will take back everything that belongs to me! "Click…" Her mobile phone fell from her trembling fingers. The white message page was matched with red words, which made her feel creepy for no reason in the dark night.

The faint light on the phone screen made Linda have an illusion that Lisa was like a ghost, quietly watching their life behind.

The feeling of being stared at by a ghost in the dark night made Linda doubt if she had never escaped from them in the past few years.

The coldness from the bottom of her heart mixed with John's departure made her at a loss in a stormy night.

After a long time, she trembled and picked up her phone. She booked the air ticket back to Jin City the day after tomorrow in an unusually calm tone, and arranged someone to clean the villa for her while she was away.

Looking at the house where she and John lived together, the corners of Linda's mouth twitched. She didn't know whether she should laugh or cry.

On the other side, John, who had boarded the flight back to Jin City alone, was also in a bad mood.

Although he was angry because he was cheated by his wife, he didn't doubt what kind of person Linda was after getting along with her for so many years.

"Do you really believe what you saw is her true face? Have you forgotten all the evil things she has done? "

The message from the man called "James" seemed to be able to read his mind. It could always dispel his doubts and guilt with a few words when his mind was wavering.

For a moment, he couldn't figure out whether he was tricked into a trap step by step, or he was really going to the so-called "truth".

"If you want to be a fool who is cheated by Linda, you don't have to answer this message. If you want to know the true face of your so-called virtuous wife, I will pick you up at the airport in Jin City tomorrow morning. I hope you won't regret your decision."

He didn't know if he was irritated by James's words, or the fragments that flashed through his mind were all his angry face, which was not as harmonious as usual.

Linda… With a deep look in his eyes, John turned the ring on his left ring finger, which was his wedding ring.

The surface of the silver plated ring near the palm of his hand had been polished to reveal a faint golden color, just as the designer's goal. The two of them had been together for a long time, and their indelible feelings had become deeper and deeper.

"John..." In the warm yellow light of a room, the scene that Linda smiled and waited for him to come back late suddenly appeared in front of him. He took off the ring irritably, but he was not willing to throw it away. Instead, he carefully put it in the pocket of his shirt.

"Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to XX Airline..." The radio before the plane took off rang at the right time. The pain in the back of John's head made him unwilling to think about anything.

He turned off his phone, put on the blindfold and threw himself into a deserted dream, escaping the fate of this sudden turmoil.

Outside the window, it was a heavy rain in early autumn in L City. No one knew how many flowers had been broken.

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