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   Chapter 1 An Old Incident

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At night.

The villa was shrouded in bright stars, and the bedroom on the second floor was lit up with the faint light.

Standing on the balcony, the night wind blew up Linda Su's curly long chestnut hair. The coolness made her put her hands around her arms.

Suddenly, a white light came into her view, and an elegant black Bentley slowly drave into the villa yard.

He was finally back!

With a happy look in her eyes, Linda Su trotted out of the bedroom.

She opened the door and looked at the tall man with a happy smile on her delicate face.

"John, you're finally back."

Linda Su greeted the man in a gentle voice, took his black handbag and helped him take off the well-tailored dark suit.

"I'm sorry for keeping you waiting, Linda. It's raining heavily in Jin City today, so my flight was delayed." John Cheng held his beloved wife in his arms and stroked her soft hair dotingly.

Jin City? Linda Su was shocked.

His broad chest was warm and secure. After a week's business trip, Linda Su missed John Cheng so much.

However, at this moment, she couldn't feel the sweetness. When she heard John Cheng's words, she only felt her nerves trembling and her heart skipped a beat.

"John, aren't you on a business trip to Y City? Why did you go to Jin City again? " Linda Su asked in a hurry.

"I went to visit my partner. I made a temporary decision the day before yesterday, but I didn't tell you in advance. Sorry, I made you worried." John Cheng's handsome face relaxed and smiled warmly.

Everything seemed to be fine.

Linda Su gradually calmed down. She told herself that nothing would happen. After all, there were tens of millions of people living in that big city.

She nodded with a smile and pretended to be calm, "John, I made chicken soup. Go and drink it."

Unexpectedly, John Cheng looked tired and said, "I will drink it tomorrow. I'm a little tired today. I'll go to bed after taking a shower."

Linda Su was in a daze. Every time he came back from a business trip, he would drink the chicken soup she cooked, which had already become a habit.

Looking at John Cheng's back, she became nervous again.

Holding the suit with one hand, Linda Su followed John Cheng all the way up the stairs.

When she walked to the bedroom door, a business card suddenly fell out of the pocket of his suit.

Linda Su stopped and picked up the card. Her face turned pale when she took a glance at it.

There were two words in the middle of the business card: James Yu.

Linda Su's mind went blank, and her fingers, which were holding the business card, kept trembling.

What she worried most finally happened

Four years ago, a car accident took away all of John Cheng's memories, and of course he didn't remember it.

But for Linda Su, Jin City was a forbidden area that she could only hide it at the bottom of her heart, and James Yu was the man she wanted to avoid.

Their marriage was almost broken up by James Yu's sister. Although their life seemed to be peaceful, the surging under the peace might alway exist.

"John." Linda Su nervously rubbed her hands and hurriedly stopped John Cheng who was walking to the bathroom.

The man turned around, unbuttoned his shirt and said seductively, "What's wrong? Do you want to take a shower with me? "

Looking at the evil smile on John Cheng's lips, she didn't feel happy.

Linda Su was so flustered as if a fishbone stuck in her throat. She paused and said gently, "John, a name card just fell on the ground..."

John Cheng didn't show any expression on his face. He stared at her white fingers and walked towards her.

Picking up the business card, John Cheng frowned. After taking a look at it, he went straight to the bathroom and threw it into the trash can.

He turned to smile and said indifferently, "A stranger gave it to me. I don't know him."

Her breath became rapid. She asked urgently, "Did you meet him in Jin City?"

"Yes, this man is very strange. He asked me if I remembered Miss Lisa as soon as he saw me."

Linda Su's mind was in a mess, and the great chill was surging in her body.

She was afraid of it very much, even though she knew that this kind of situation would come one day.

Noticing that Linda Su was still standing there, John Cheng walked up to her with an inexplicable expression on his face and said, "Linda, don't think too much. Maybe he has mistaken someone else for me. I took his business card just out of politeness."

After saying that, John Cheng gently kissed her on the forehead and then walked into the bathroom to take a shower.

That night, although John Cheng said that he was tired, he couldn't refrain his desire to have sex with her.

Under the soft light, he kissed Linda Su fiercely and violently.

But Linda Su was not in the mood tonight. Her mind was full of the suspicious business card.

At the same time, what made her feel strange was that John Cheng had changed his usual tenderness to treat her.

She began to feel scared, and even those memories turned into pain.

The night was long, and the scent of love lingered in the bedroom until Linda Su fell asleep.

Standing in the bathroom and looking at the trash can on the floor tile

s, Linda Su felt uneasy again.

Perhaps it was because she had consumed too much strength last night that she woke up almost noon.

The bed in the bedroom was half empty. John Cheng had already got up and went to work.

However, what happened last night had always made Linda Su uneasy. The first thing she did when she opened her eyes was to get out of bed and look for the business card in the trash can.

In the past four years, she had never been so scared like now.

It was like a huge stone hanging over her head. Linda Su didn't know when the stone would fall, but she could see that the stone was moving.

There was no business card in the trash can, just like what happened last night was not true.

Did John Cheng take away the business card again?

All of a sudden, a sense of foreboding came over Linda Su.

Just when she was at a loss, the phone on the table suddenly rang.

"Mrs. Linda, this is Anne. Please come to the company as soon as possible. Mr. John has a headache again!"

"How could this be? How is he now?"

Linda Su's heart jolted, and her face tensed. Anxiety was written all over her face.

"Mr. John locked himself in the office. I heard him smashing things. Come here quickly!"

"Okay, I'll be right there!"

Taking a deep breath, Linda Su glanced at the empty trash can, turned around, picked up the painkiller and stumbled to the company.

Her heart clenched all the way.

Although the specific painkillers which were bought from abroad were kept at home all year round, John Cheng hadn't had a headache for a long time.

The last time was about two years ago or longer.

Linda Su was so anxious that she almost went through the red light.

On the one hand, she was worried about her husband, and on the other hand, she was afraid that John Cheng's headache this time had something to do with the missing business card.

Arriving at the company, as soon as Linda Su ran out of the elevator, she saw the assistant, Anne, standing at the door helplessly.

"Mrs. Linda, you're finally here!"

"Okay, give me the key."

Gasping for breath, Linda Su took the office key in a hurry. When she opened the door, she saw messy documents and paper scraps on the ground.

At this moment, John Cheng, who was tall and half-bowed to the sofa, stared at the pieces of coffee cup on the ground with his scarlet eyes, and clutched his hair tightly with his hands.

"Mrs. Linda, do you want to call ambulance?" Anne asked timidly when she saw the scene in the office.

Frowning, Linda Su gritted her teeth and replied, "No, the doctor can't cure his headache even if he goes to the hospital."

Then she closed the door and rushed to John Cheng with tears in her eyes.

"John, I have brought the medicine. You will be right soon!" Linda Su rushed to the sofa and hugged John Cheng.

"Fuck off!" John Cheng suddenly turned around and roared.

He pulled his hair painfully, and the blue veins on his handsome face turned red.

Tears rolled down from Linda Su's eyes. Holding John Cheng tightly, she knew that he was unconscious and couldn't recognize that the woman beside him was his wife.

"It's me, John. Take the medicine!" Linda Su held the white pill to his mouth in a hurry.

"I told that nobody would be allowed to come in. Get out!"

"Ah… !”

Linda Su screamed, and she was pushed away by John Cheng. Her head hit the desk leg heavily.

The porcelain fragments beside the table cut her palm, and her blood flowed along the wound, which dyed the documents on the ground red.

"John, please… Please take your medicine! "

The pain made Linda Su frown. Enduring the pain on her forehead and wound, she levered herself up from the desk.

After giving vent to his anger, John Cheng was much calmer than before, but his resolute face was still distorted, and his head was hard buried in the sofa, motionless.

Looking at her husband who had suffered a lot, Linda Su bit her lips, took off the silk scarf around her neck and wrapped it around the wound.

She held John Cheng's waist tightly and comforted him in a soft voice, "John, I'm Linda. I'm with you. I'll always be with you..."

John Cheng's tall and strong body trembled slightly, and he clenched her small hands behind him.

After being comforted, John Cheng didn't go crazy because of uncontrollable emotions.

Linda Su took the opportunity to take another pill for him.

After a while, the warm hand slowly loosened. Linda Su looked at John Cheng again, who had fallen asleep under the effect of the drug.

She stood up and picked up the documents on the ground one by one.

The pain from her palm aroused her nerves, but for Linda Su, as long as John Cheng could recover, it didn't matter even if she was covered with bruises.

Most importantly, she hoped that John Cheng would never think of the past.

The folded documents were put back on the desk. When Linda Su turned around to clean up the broken pieces of the coffee cup, she was suddenly attracted by a photo lying in the corner.

She walked over curiously, and the face on the photo became clearer and clearer.

"Lisa… Lisa... "

Staring at the pretty girl on the photo, Linda Su's face suddenly turned pale.

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