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   Chapter 10 This Is Not The Way You Should Die

Evil CEO: No Self Control In Love By Bu Gui Characters: 6704

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As soon as she was pulled up, she saw the drunken Ronan. Was he drunk?

Seraphina wanted to say no, but Ronan didn't give her any chance. He grabbed her neck and questioned her with an unfriendly face, "I called you today to ask you not to go out. Why did you go out?"

As she hadn't eaten anything, her body was so weak that she wanted to fall to the ground, but she couldn't. She did not have the strength to stand up at all, and was half dragged up by Ronan and strangled by him.

The death signal was formed in her mind. She patted on the arm of Ronan and said with difficulty, "I... I don't know what you are talking about... Let go of me! I'm dying... I'm dying..."

Her face turned red because she couldn't absorb oxygen. Her whole face became extremely painful. She tried to escape from Ronan's hand, but she didn't have any strength at all.

Ronan stared at the girl who was struggling in his hand. Seeing her stubborn little face, he threw her on the bed irritably.

Before she could react, he directly...

She didn't listen to him. He had told her not to go out, but she insisted.

If he hadn't stopped it, and asked Declan to delete the news in time, Wyatt would have found her and recognized her as the chairwoman of the Mo Group.

In the quiet bedroom, there was a burst of crying soon. Seraphina didn't eat or have a rest all day long. She fell on the bed awkwardly and was sleepy. Because of being drunk, Ronan also fell on the bed and fell asleep tiredly.

When dawn was about to break, a petite woman woke up from the bed. Seeing the tall figure lying on the bed, she picked up the clothes scattered on the ground and put them on randomly. Enduring the pain in her legs, she left here.

But at the door, she happened to meet Butler Wang who had been guarding outside. Seraphina looked embarrassed.

Butler Wang was also a little embarrassed. He stayed here for fear that something would happen to Ronan. After all, he had never seen Ronan get drunk before.

So he stayed outside for a whole night, but he didn't expect that someone would escape from this room in the middle of the night.

Her clothes were not neatly dressed, and the traces of the fierceness of two could be faintly seen. Butler Wang lowered his head slightly, pretending that nothing had happened.

Seraphina could not stay any longer, so she left in a hurry.

She randomly found a guest room, rushed in, closed the door, and sat on the ground, looking dejected.

Just now, Butler Wang had seen her embarrassed and he stayed outside the door for a whole night. He must have heard how Ronan bullied her. She would be more embarrassed in the future.

Then she fell into the bathtub with difficulty and washed away the traces of being loved by him with water.

It was not until dawn that Ronan opened his eyes and massaged his head. He couldn't remember what happened last night.

But he felt empty. The quilt was neat and there was no trace of sleep. She didn't sleep here?

At this time, Butler Wang, who had been waiting outside, heard the noise and knocked on the door. He put the prepared sober up soup in front of Ronan.

After taking a sip, Ronan asked Butler Wang, who had been waiting for him, "Butler Wang, where is that woman?"

He hadn't decided what to call her, so he called her 'that woman' all the time.

Butler Wang was stunned for a moment, but soon he came to his senses and said, "Mr. Qi, Miss Mo is resting in another room now."

He thought Mr. Qi knew that Miss Mo slept in the guest room.

However, Ronan suddenly put the sober up soup he was drinking on the table and stood up with an unfriendly look. "Who let her go to the guest room to rest?"

After saying that, he strode away. He was still naked with only a towel wrapped around his body.

Butler Wang felt a headache. 'Didn't you ask Miss Mo to have a rest in the guest room? Otherwise, how could she know that she went to the guest room?' he thought to himself.

Although they were confused, he still followed him and could not help but sigh. Since Miss Mo came, Mr. Qi was in an unstable mood. They were afraid of being fired at any time, and lived a fearful life every day.

But before he followed Ronan into the guest room, Ronan closed the door. So he had to wait outside.

As soon as Ronan entered the room, he didn't see anyone. The room was clean as if no one had come.

He looked around and finally fixed his eyes on the closed door of the bathroom. He walked over and opened the door without knocking. He was shocked by the scene in front of him.

With her back against the edge of the bathtub and her eyes closed, she looked pale and bloodless. A bad feeling arose naturally. He ran over and touched her body.

But the cold water suddenly shocked him. There was still cold water in the bathtub. Was she crazy? Why did she take the cold water shower in the early morning?

He wanted to wake her up and beat her up, but her stiff body stopped him. When he was about to pick her up, she felt uncomfortable all over, so she opened her eyes and saw the enlarged eyes of Ronan.

"You, you..."

She was still in a daze and couldn't speak clearly.

Seeing her confused eyes and not knowing what had happened, Ronan burst into anger in an instant. "Seraphina, even if you want to die, you don't have to turn on the cold water and lie in it for so long. You just need to cut your neck directly. Don't make yourself half dead and let me save you!"

At first, she was a little confused why he got angry for no reason? But her body felt cold.

She shook her body and realized that she was weak in the cold water bathtub. If she remembered correctly, she had slept in the bathtub for a long time.

So, the reason why Ronan was angry was that he was afraid that she would get sick?

"Are you caring about me?" asked Seraphina cautiously.

However, Ronan directly put her into hell. "Don't think too much. I won't care about you. Everything you are now belongs to me. Of course I won't let my things be a little damaged."

As soon as he said this, her heart ached as if it had been stabbed by a needle.

It turned out that she was just one of his things. She understood.

"Then please put me down, Mr. Qi." Then she was about to get out of Ronan's arms.

When she was about to get rid of his hold, Ronan held her more tightly, his word made her heart fall into the valley again. "Everything about you is mine. I can do whatever I want."

Before she could say anything, Ronan picked her up. And she buried her whole face in his arms.

Although what he said hurt, it was the truth. Moreover, she was naked all over and felt ashamed to see anyone.

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