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   Chapter 5 She Didn't Even Know How To Fight Back

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Seraphina Looked up at his eyes in surprise. Yet he said again, "You don't have to worry about it. Since we have signed the contract, I will keep my promise and let the lawyer win the case."

But he looked down at the tablet computer in his hand again.

She clenched her chopsticks, her fingers turning pale, as if she was going to break them.

As soon as he mentioned the contract, she remembered that she had sold herself to him yesterday because of the company.

Since then, she had no human rights.

"I see."

She grabbed the breakfast in her bowl weakly.


It was two o'clock in the afternoon.

In East City court.

Sitting on the plaintiff's seat, Seraphina was absent-minded. Fortunately, Lila, her best friend, accompanied her, and a top lawyer hired by Ronan, looked calm. In his eyes, this kind of occasion was like a trifle.

As for the defendant, her ex-husband James, her mother-in-law Marilyn, the mistress Crystal and a lawyer.

The lawyer must have prepared a lot of information.

However, James gave a provocative look at Seraphina. Lila was so angry that she almost went up to beat him. But Seraphina stopped her in time and said, "Lila, the court is about to begin. Don't go."

"But..." Lila still wanted to say something, but she stopped when she saw the deterrence in Seraphina's eyes and sat back to her seat.

Soon, the trial began.

James had the seal of transferring the shares under Seraphina's name and her signature, which made the judge believe that he was right, However, they didn't expect that the lawyer hired by Ronan was so powerful.

In addition to James cheated on Seraphina before their divorced and his was pregnant for a few months, it proved that she was forced to divorce. Seraphina's lawyer even took out the video that James forced her to drink in the hotel and sign the company's share transfer right, and handed it to the judge.

After the judge took a look, everything was settled. The plaintiff won the case, and the shares that James had taken from her returned to the hands of Seraphina, and she also let him leave without any property.

Accompanied by Lila, Seraphina was about to leave the court when her ex-mother-in-law, Marilyn rushed over and slapped her.


"You bitch! My son has been with you for several years. Even if he did not have any contribution to your company, he has been working very hard. How can you let him give up all his property? Do you have conscience?" Marilyn lost her temper and scolded Seraphina.

The mistress, Crystal, who was pregnant, also scolded, "That's right. I have never seen a woman like you. No wonder James wants to divorce you."

At the same time, there was a palm mark on Seraphina's face. Her face was already pale, and it was even paler after being slapped. The palm print on her face was clearly visible.

Seeing this, Lila lost her temper and retorted, "What are you doing here? Don't you know what a coward James is? He just hid behind a woman."


Fearing that they would argue with each other for a long time, Seraphina stepped forward and held Lila's hand, but she didn't notice that Crystal was about to slap her.

Crystal was about to hit her face, but her hand sank, and a cold and warning tone shocked their eardrums. "How dare you hit my woman?"

Following the voice, Seraphina saw the tall figure of Ronan appearing here.

Then, she heard a scream, "Ah --" Crystal fell to the ground. Fortunately, she didn't fall on her stomach, or she would have a miscar


Before she could react, Ronan pulled her hand to the side of the black car. The door opened and pushed her directly to the seat.

"Boom!" The door was closed.

A strong aura came to her nose in the car. She shrank her body and looked at Ronan, her voice trembling, "What... What are you doing?"

However, with one hand on the seat behind her, Ronan stared at her messy little face.

In the face of her doubts, he was not so patient. "Are you addicted to being beaten? Don't you know to fight back to others?"

She frowned and didn't understand why he was so angry. Was he uncomfortable or distressed to see her being beaten?

Wasn't he happy to see her beaten?

While she was lost in thought, she heard Ronan say again, "Don't think too much. You are my woman. I don't want anyone to slap my face."

Ronan's words were like an icehouse, making her heart instantly cold.

It turned out that everything was for his face. He was the God of East City. No one dared to say one more word. If his things were damaged, it would be a slap in his face, wouldn't it?

She lowered her head, gritted her teeth and tried to hold back her tears.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the window. Ronan rolled down the window and Declan said respectfully, "Mr. Qi, this is the medicine you asked me to buy."

An ointment was presented in his hand. He took it and rolled up the window. Seeing that Seraphina shrank her neck and hid in a corner, she looked at him timidly.

"Come here," he said in a less fierce tone.

At first Seraphina did not understand what he wanted to do. Seeing the plaster in his hand, she seemed to understand what he meant. She moved her body and sat beside him.

She saw that Ronan opened the plaster, squeezed a little bit on his hand and applied it on her slapped face.

"Ouch..." cried Seraphina softly, taking a deep breath.

"Then I'll be gentle," said Ronan in a soft voice. He actually acted gentler.

She didn't dare to dodge and accepted his kindness.

If only they hadn't made a deal, it would be so nice he always treated her so gently.

However, things didn't go as she expected. When he almost finished applying the medicine, his phone rang. Both of them looked at the phone.

Ronan put down the work and answered it.

"Dad, what can I do for you?"

"Ronan, didn't Maisie come back yesterday? The Chu family asked us to have dinner in the hotel tonight to enhance your relationship and discuss your marriage. Then you can come directly to the Marriott."

It was none other than his father, Wyatt.

"Okay," said Ronan, pursing his thin lips.

The two hung up the phone.

Her mood that was pacified, sank into the valley again.

How could she forget that he had a fiancee? She was just his lover who could not be exposed to the public.

How dare she have any illusion to get anything?

"I'll ask Declan send you back later." A bottle of plaster was thrown on her body, completely different from his attitude just now.

"No, thanks. I can take a taxi home." She refused. Threw the plaster he threw to her on the car seat, then she turned around and was about to get off the car.

But before she could open the door, she was pulled into Ronan's arms. His cold breath hit her face. "Are you losing your temper with me?"

Although it was a question, it was actually a statement.

"No, I didn't lose my temper." Seraphina denied immediately. She didn't know what she was thinking.

"Since you don't lose your temper, then let Declan send you back."

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