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   Chapter 4 Three Kinds Of Medicine

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She was washed by the cold rain. Lying in the bathtub with hot water, she could slightly return her body temperature.

Feeling sleepy, she leaned against the bathtub and wanted to sleep.


The door was kicked open. When she opened her sleepy eyes, she saw that Ronan's enlarged head was right in front of her.


Only then did she realize that he broke into the bathroom, and her whole body went deeper into the water. Seeing that Ronan was staring at her body, she held her chest and said hesitantly, "I'm still taking a shower. You go out first."

She wanted to push him away, but her hand was clasped back by him. She looked at him with grievance, "What are you doing?"

"You have been taking shower for almost an hour. If I don't come in, you will probably die here."

Then, the water in the bathtub splashed all over her body. She tightened her body and saw that Ronan was sitting in the bathroom. The hot water soaked his white shirt, and his strong and broad figure was partly hidden and partly visible, very bewitching.

But didn't he know that she was still naked?

When she was about to say something, Ronan said, "Help me take a shower."


Did she hear it right? 'Help him take a shower.'

"But I haven't finished showering myself yet. How can I help you?"

"I've given you an hour. It's none of my business that you haven't finished your shower." As soon as she finished her words, Ronan stopped her.

What did he mean by saying that she hadn't finished yet? She wanted to refute again, but Ronan said again, "You are mine now. Are you unwilling to take a shower for me?"

If there was no trace of warmth in his words, the flame lit up by her was extinguished in an instant.

Yes, she was his woman from the day she signed the contract. How could she go back on her word?

Her body became lighter and she fell into Ronan's arms. She blushed and said anxiously, "Ronan, I don't wear anything. Please put me down first, okay?"

Her tone sounded almost begging.

However, he raised her chin and said, "Stop talking nonsense. I want you to take off my clothes and bathe me now."

She wanted to retort, but when she saw the anger on his face, she swallowed the words she wanted to retort and put her hand on the button of his collar.

She tried to untie it several times, but her hands were trembling and could not be untied.

Seeing that Ronan held her hands tightly, he said coldly, "You just want to pretend to be pure and lofty. Don't forget that your company is still in the hands of your ex-husband. If you don't want to serve me, you can get out now."

He pushed her away. Seraphina fell into the bathtub as she was not able to keep herself stable. Water splashed all over her face, she was indescribable embarrassed.

But she saw that Ronan was going to unbutton his shirt and take a shower.

A bold idea came to her mind. Without thinking too much, she climbed over and sat on his legs again. "I'll help you take a shower." She kept unbuttoning his shirt.

He had said that she was his woman. What else could she say? For the company, she could only do as he said.

When she came to her senses, she had already taken off his clothes. Her face instantly turned red and swollen, and she didn't know what to do.

Seeing her red and swollen face, Ronan thought she was holding back something. He was in a bad mood and didn't like her expression. So he directly...

"Ronan, you beast!"

Seraphina roared. She was so painful that she fainted without any response.

Ronan patted on her face but she didn't respond. He felt disappointed.

He put her on his shoulder and threw her on the bed. Then he went back to the bathroom to run water and take a shower.


In the early morning, the birds outside the window chirped from time to time. When she opened her eyes, she still felt a little pain in her head. Looking at everything familiar in front of her, she knew that this was the room that she first entered last night.

She saw herself naked. Fortunately, that she was covered by the quilt, She wrapped herself tightly with the quilt and washed her face. A servant came in and said politely to her, "Miss Mo, this is the clothes Mr. Qi prepared for you."

Then she put the clothes in her hand on the bed, with three kinds of medicine in her hand.

The servant put the medicine on the tea table and said, "Mr. Qi asked me to give you three kinds of medicine. One is the contraceptive pill, the other is the medicine to apply on the wounds on your body, and the other is..."

Speaking of this, she lowered her head and faltered, "The other medicine for your injury there." She lowered her head even more.

At first, Seraphina didn't hear it clearly, but when she saw her shy face and her eyes looking at the white medicine bottle, and her lower body was still aching, she immediately understood.

"I see. You can leave now."

The servant raised her head and looked at her in a daze. Seraphina's sharp eyes were staring at her. The servant said again, "Mr. Qi is having breakfast in the dining room. He asked me to invite you downstairs for breakfast."

Then she fled in a hurry.

She looked at the three kinds of medicine. Except for the birth control pills, the other two were good for her wounds.

Did he have his conscience recovered?

She couldn't figure it out a person like him, so she went downstairs to have breakfast.

As soon as she arrived at the dining room, she saw that Ronan was sitting on the sofa drinking coffee and watching the latest news on the tablet. There was still a breakfast on the table, which might be left to her.

As she expected, a servant led her to the dining table. Although she was having breakfast, she kept her eyes on Ronan.

All of a sudden, he put down his iPad and looked at the woman who was eating at the table.

She was so frightened that she lowered her head immediately and dared not look him in the eye.

But she heard him saying, "Two o'clock in the afternoon is the second trial of you and your ex-husband."

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