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   Chapter 3 She Was In A Mess

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Although it was in early summer, the wind at night was still a little cold. Seraphina curled up and stared at the door with her bright eyes. She was afraid that she would be sleepy, so she fell asleep and missed Ronan.

She could have called Ronan and asked the security guard to let her in, but she gave up the idea when she thought that he was with his fiancee and he was impatient with her during the day.

Maybe he didn't want to let her in, or he wanted to humiliate her.

It was a sunny day, and she only wore a T-shirt. At night, the cold wind blew.

A gust of cold wind blew, and she held her body tighter.

Suddenly, "Boom -"

With a muffled thunder, Seraphina covered her ears and stood up, trying to rush through the door to avoid the frightening thunder.

However, "Bang -"

Before she rushed into the door, she was pushed to the ground by the security guards. Her hands, arms, knees and other parts of her body had already been covered with bruises, and she was very embarrassed.

"Fuck off!"

With a roar, her luggage was smashed on her body. The door was closed, and the ruthless wind blew her hair.

Her empty eyes, pale face, painful and endured expression formed a different view on the SY Garden.

"Boom -"

The rain poured down and she became a drowned rat in an instant.

She dragged her messy body and hid in a corner. Even so, the heavy rain kept washing her body. She held her arms and kept shivering.

However, she had no other choice. When Ronan called her to come to the SY Garden, maybe this was what she deserved. What else could she do except waiting for Ronan's arrival?

She didn't know how long she had been waiting. When she was about to fall asleep, a pair of bright and shiny black leather shoes appeared in front of her. She raised her head numbly. A tall man in a black suit stood in the dark with a black umbrella.

In this quiet night, his whole body exuded an aura of a king.

It was Ronan!

He was finally back!

She tried to stand up with her hands on the ground, but she couldn't do that because she had squatted on the ground for a long time. All of a sudden, she felt dizzy and fell to the ground.

She thought she would have an intimate contact with the ground, but she felt her waist tightened and her body turned into a broad embrace.

The smell of mint came to her nose. The handsome face of Ronan was enlarged in front of her. Her head was in a daze, and she was even more dazed.

"I haven't seen you for only a few hours. Why do you want to throw yourself at me?"

His smile made her tremble, "I..."

With a wave of his hand, Ronan pushed away Seraphina, turned around and left.

Staring at his receding figure, she felt a chill in her heart. How could she expect him to give her a little warmth? It was just an illusion.

"How long do you want to stand there? Haven't you got enough rain?"

His words lit up her eyes. He was about ten meters away from her. He stopped and said that to her. Then he left.

Was he letting her in?

She wanted to ask him again, but he had already gone far, and she couldn't care less. She grabbed her luggage and followed him.

However, at the security guard's place, Ronan stopped. Without noticing, Seraphina directly bumped into his hard back.

She rubbed her head and looked up at Ronan. His bright eyes made her tremble. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean it!"

Ronan glanced at her and then looked at the security guards. "Who is on duty today?"

The security guards were so scared

that they lowered their head without saying anything.

"Say something!" The simple and rough words proved his unhappiness.

The security guards looked at each other and were too scared to say anything, At this time, an old man came in a hurry. Although he was holding an umbrella, it might be because the rain was too heavy, or he walked in a hurry that his whole body was wet.

As soon as he came here, he said respectfully to Ronan, "Mr. Qi."

"Butler Wang, who is on duty in the security department today?" Ronan asked the old man.

"Well..." the Butler, who was called Butler Wang, took a look at Ronan and then looked at the security guards. Finally, his eyes fell on Seraphina.

It was quiet in the rainy night. All the people lowered their heads. And because of the powerful aura of Ronan, their hearts were also cold.

Ronan broke the silence. "Butler Wang, you have been working in our Qin family for more than twenty years. You even screwed up with such a small thing today. I have to consider replacing you."

"Mr. Qi, I..."

"You don't have to say anything more. All the people on duty in the security department today are fired."

Before they could say anything else, Ronan left, leaving the crowd behind. No one knew what mistake they had made to make Mr. Qi so angry.

Seraphina didn't understand either, but seeing that Ronan had gone far, she quickly followed him.

She didn't dare to say anything along the way. Even if she didn't have an umbrella and was wet in the rain, she didn't dare to quicken her pace to walk beside him and share the umbrella with him.

All of a sudden, her arms tightened and her body tilted. When she realized what had happened, she was under Ronan's umbrella.

She tried to escape instinctively.

However, Ronan grabbed her arm tightly. "You are drowning yourself in the rain. Do you want me to keep taking care of you all the time? Don't think too much. It's impossible."

The warm breath fell on her cold face, making her warm in her heart, but the piercing words made her cold again.

"No, it's not what you think. I..." she wanted to argue, but she couldn't say anything.

Ronan interrupted her, "Since it's not what I think, just stay with me."

Her arm was held tightly by his big hand. Although it was painful, she could only hold back her tears and did not dare to make a sound.

Because he was very angry now. She was afraid that her words would make him angrier.

But when he saw this, he felt that she wanted to prove her pure and lofty.

He hated such an expression, and his strength was even stronger.

With a frown, she didn't dare to make a sound. She tried her best to restrain herself and was pulled all the way into the master bedroom by Ronan.

On the way, the servants saw the inexplicable woman coming in and wanted to discuss, but when they saw the cold face of Ronan, they dared not say a word. They lowered their heads and were busy with their own business.

The bathroom door was kicked open by Ronan with his foot. Before she could react, she was thrown into the bathtub by him, like an old doll.

His body became heavy. He pressed on her and pinched her shirt. "Wash your dirty body here and serve me well later."

He threw her away and she fell into the bathtub.

His cold words made her smile bitterly. She had thought that he would be a little better for her, but it turned out that everything was her own wishful thinking.

How could he be good if he could make a divorced woman his mistress?

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