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   Chapter 2 He Has A Fiancee

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"From now on, you will move to the SY Garden."

The indifference on the other end of the phone made her eardrum tingle. The SY Garden was golden zone in East City, it was incomparable. Even those with powerful background and outstanding status could not live in it, but Ronan lived in it.

It could be said that the SY Garden was the symbol of the East Garden, and it could also be said to be the symbol of Ronan's identity.

Was she really going to be his lover from now on?

Ronan did not hear the reply, so he asked, "What? You don't want to move in?"

Although it was just over the phone, she could still feel his anger. She took a deep breath and said, "Okay, I know."

Before she could say anything, he hung up the phone.

Looking at the phone that had been hung up, she smiled bitterly. Now, there was no room for return.

She sold herself completely for the company her father left.

Without thinking too much, she left the Qin Group. However, from the office to the door, she received different gazes and discussions from the employees all the way.

"Look, isn't that the chairman of the Mo Group? Why does she come to our company?"

Another employee interrupted her, "The chairman of the Mo Group? Her company has long been taken away by her ex-husband, and now it is called the Jiang Group. She is just a divorced woman. I don't know why she comes to our company."

"What else can she do? Didn't you see that she just came out of the CEO's office? Of course she is trying to seduce our CEO."

"She has divorced and had an abortion before. How could she be so cheap to seduce our CEO?"

"You are right..."

The sarcasm spread to her ears one after another. She didn't expect that the news of her divorce with her husband and the lawsuit would spread to their ears. She had turned into such a person in their eyes.

She couldn't stand the discussions here anymore, so she ran away and took a taxi to Lila's home.

Because her husband, James, had obtained forty percent of the fifty percent shares of the company in her hand by means of schemes and tricks. Her father's company that left for her and the house had been taken away by James. And she had vowed to take back the shares and let him give up all his property.

So she was driven out and lived with her best friend.

She put some clothes in the suitcase casually. Hearing the noise, Lila came out of another bedroom and leaned against the door in a daze, looking at the movements of Seraphina. Obviously, she was still not awake.

Suddenly, she opened her eyes wide and grabbed Seraphina's hand. Looking at the luggage, she asked incredulously, "Sera, what are you doing? Move out?"

Without saying a word, Seraphina continued to pack her things. Her action was self-evident.

Lila grabbed her hand and said anxiously, "Say something!"

However, Seraphina didn't say anything.

In Lila's eyes, this was another meaning. She grasped Seraphina's hand more tightly and said in a trembling voice, "Do you want to move to the place where the jerk, James, lives? Sera, do you know that he..."

"Lila, it's not what you think. I don't intend to go to James's house, but..." interrupted Seraphina, but she stopped abruptly.

"But where?" Lila asked.

She lowered her head and said nothing.

Lila was annoyed by her action. She shook her hand and said impatiently, "Tell me, where are you going?"


Should she tell her that she was going to be someone else's mistress

? How could she say that?

"Nothing. I just don't live here anymore. Since you are here, I can take the chance to tell you."

"Tell me?" Lila lengthened her voice and couldn't help but speak louder, "Seraphina, do you still think I'm your bestie? If you still think I'm your bestie, tell me, where are you moving?"

From the corner of her eye, she could tell that Lila was angry from her red face because of anxiety. But how should she tell her?

She was about to keep silent for a while, but when she opened her mouth and asked again, she was interrupted. "Ronan asked me to live with him."

"Ronan?" Lila was stunned for a moment and kept thinking in her mind. Suddenly, she looked straight at Seraphina and shook her shoulders with her hands. Her voice was much louder because of excitement. "Are you crazy? How can you live in his house? Don't you know that he has a fiancee?"

Of course she knew, and she was her cousin. Just now, she was on the phone with Ronan showing off their love. How could she forget?

However, she had no choice but to do so for the company left by her father.

"I know, but I have made up my mind." After saying that, she felt extremely relaxed.

Lila still wanted to stop her, but when she saw her calm face, she couldn't say a word.

What on earth had she experienced? Why did she suddenly do such an immoral thing?

"Well, don't think about it anymore. That's it. I'm leaving now."

Seraphina interrupted her thoughts. She had finished packing up and saying goodbye to her before leaving. Lila didn't come back to her senses until the door was closed.

She really went to live in Ronan's house. Didn't she know the seriousness of the matter? This silly girl.


With her luggage in her hand, Seraphina paced on the road. The passers-by didn't affect her depression. How could she not understand what Lila said, but she had no choice. After all, Ronan was the God of East City.

No one in East City dared to disobey his order.

It was not until it was almost dark that she took her luggage and took a taxi to the SY Garden.

She didn't know what a rich man was until she arrived at the SY Garden. Even the gate was carved with jade. Security guards stood on both sides of the gate, they did not move even if they were hit by the wind or rain.

As soon as she entered, a security guard blocked her way. He said in a very bad tone, "Irrelevant people are not allowed to enter."

"I am..."

"I don't care who you are. This is not a place you can enter. Leave here as soon as possible," the security guard interrupted her before she could finish her words.

She was about to say that it was Ronan who asked her to come, but the security guard didn't give her a chance to speak at all.


Being pushed by the security guard on her shoulder, she fell backwards until she fell to the ground. Her palm was rubbed that a layer of skin was broken and was bleeding.

Before she came to her senses, the security guard said impatiently, "Get out of here, or I'll call the security guard."

With a fierce look on his face, several security guards surrounded her. If she took one more step forward, they would probably throw her out.

Sure enough, like the owner, like the employees, they looked down upon people.

Knowing that they would not let her in no matter what she said. She could only get up with difficulty, drag her luggage and find a corner to sit down, waiting for the arrival of Ronan.

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