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   Chapter 1 Sign It

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In East City.

In the CEO Office of Qin Group.


A contract was thrown directly in front of Seraphina, and then a cold voice came, "Sign it, and I will help your company to revive."

Because of the strong force, the contract was directly flipped open. The words 'Contractual Lover' hurt her eyes.

She sneered. It was true that only in this way would he help her.

Seeing that she was silent, Ronan was a little impatient. He said again, "If you don't want to sign it, you can get out now!"

Her heart was broken and she couldn't breathe.

If the company hadn't been taken away by her husband, she had nowhere to go. How could she have come to the omnipotent Ronan in City S?

She had turned him down when he asked her to be his mistress, but her husband was more unbridled. This was the company left to her by her father before his death. How could she let that cruel man take it away?

So she had to come to him and ask for his help.

With tears in her eyes, she picked up the pen on the table and wanted to sign her name, but her hands kept trembling and she couldn't do it at all.

Looking at her, Ronan felt sorry for her. Even though she was down and out, she still showed a trace of pride.

But when he remembered that she had chatted with his friend a few days ago and she said that she would never fall in love with him in her whole life, his self-esteem could not bear it, and an inexplicable fire rushed into his heart.

"Tomorrow is the court hearing for you and your husband. This is your last chance. I will only give you this chance. Next time, if you beg me, I won't help you."

His words made her hand stop trembling and signed her name on the line.

When the last stroke fell, her tears fell on the place where she had just signed. They were instantly wet and blurred. All the strength on her body collapsed in that moment and she knelt on the ground.

Everything was different.

All of a sudden, she felt her arms tightened and her body became lighter. She was thrown on the table.

Then, she felt a man's hormone overwhelming her body. Her lips were covered by cold lips. She was so scared that she wanted to push him away, but her body was pressed, and her waist was tightly hooked by a pair of strong arms, unable to move.

The cold and impatient voice rang in her ears, "Don't forget, now that you have signed your name, you are mine. You have no right to choose!"

His words made her stop running away. With tears in her eyes, she endured the pain and shouted painfully, "No..."

But Ronan sneered, "You said that now? Isn't it too late?"

After saying that, he didn't care about her feelings at all. Again...

Tears streamed down her face.

For the sake of the company, she sold herself completely.

When Ronan saw the tears in her eyes, he felt very upset and said impatiently, "It's so boring!" Then she stood up and left, directly sitting on the executive chair beside.

Holding her arms tightly, Seraphina curled up on the table.

Ronan's clothes was flat without any crinkles, while she, she was barely covered by any clothes. And her body was blue and purple, which were all left by him. She felt so ashamed that she wanted to shrink herself into a ball

and try not to let him see her embarrassed side.

Suddenly, the phone rang.

The two of them looked at the mobile phone on the table at the same time. At the sight of the name 'Maisie' on the screen, Seraphina's heart trembled.

However, Ronan picked up the phone. "What can I do for you, Maisie?"

There was an unprecedented tenderness in his voice, which made her instantly depressed.

"My future husband, I'm back today. When will you pick me up?"

Because Ronan didn't answer the phone behind her back, she could hear clearly the cheerful laughter from the other end of the phone.

It was none other than Maisie, Ronan's fiancee, her cousin.

She clenched her fists more tightly and looked down upon herself more. She knew that he had a fiancee, but she still agreed to be his shameful mistress.

"Okay, I'll pick you up now," said Ronan in a gentle voice

After hanging up the phone, he stood up and strode past her. He slammed the door without any emotion, leaving her alone.

Looking at the closed door, she sneered. In fact, she was the garbage he had thrown away. He could abandon her at any time. When he wanted to vent his desire, he could find her at any time.

When a gust of cold wind blew, she couldn't help shrinking her neck and realized that she was naked. When she was about to pick up the clothes that were scattered all over the ground and put them on, she found that the clothes were torn up and could not be worn at all. She felt embarrassed.

When she was thinking about what to do, there was a knock on the door.

Looking at the closed door, she asked, "Who is it?"

"I'm the assistant of Mr. Qin, Declan. I'm sending clothes to you." A deep and respectful voice came from outside.

It was not until then that she knew it was Declan. He was the special assistant of Ronan.

Because she hadn't put on her clothes yet, and there was a hurry outside the door, she saw that there was a suit hanging on the hanger. She quickly put it on and said to the door, "Come in."

She wrapped her clothes more tightly, afraid that irrelevant people would see her terrible body.

Declan came in and said respectfully to her, "I'm here to give you clothes as ordered by Mr. Qin."

Then he put the designer clothes in front of her.

Seeing that Seraphina hugged herself and bit her lips to make herself look less pitiful, Declan felt sorry for her and knew that she was not willing to do all this.

But thinking of the order of the CEO before leaving, he put the medicine in his hand in front of her and said, "Mr. Qin also said that he didn't want you to be pregnant with his child, so please take this medicine later."

Looking at the pink pill, she laughed at herself and said to Declan, "I know."

Seeing this, Declan left.

She curled up on the sofa and looked at the pill. She swallowed it without hesitation and didn't drink any water.

Now that Ronan had said so, there was no need for her to hesitate?

Because she took it in a rush, "Ahem..." she covered her chest and kept coughing, without any trace of blood on her face.

But at this time, her phone rang. She picked it up and found it was from Ronan.

She calmed herself down a little and asked, "Hello, what's up?"

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