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   Chapter 10 Happy Life

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"Thank you, Aunt Shelly. You can have a taste later." While speaking, the dumplings were quickly formed in her hand.

Soon, Henry arrived. As soon as he came in, he began to shout, "Sister..." Before he finished his words, he stopped.

Hearing his voice, Sophia immediately came out of the kitchen. The apron on her made her more curvaceous. When she was about to say something, she saw Ethan standing at the stairs and looking at her and Henry.

"Boss, Sister-in-law!" Henry said in a cold sweat.

After taking a glance at Ethan, Sophia walked up to Henry with a big smile on her face. "You came at the right time. The dumplings will be ready soon."

"Sister..." Henry felt that his tongue was almost knotted. "Sister in law, I'm not free today, so I can't take you out."

Sophia was stunned and smiled, "it doesn't matter. Wait at the table. The dumplings should be ready. I'll get them for you."

Hearing this, Henry almost knelt down. Her husband was still here, but she didn't care about her own husband, but an outsider.

"Sister in law, you'd better serve some food for Boss. I can eat something else." He said in a hurry, but there was a burst of sadness in his heart. In the early morning, what on earth were the couple going to do and why did they make fun of him.

Henry's face turned blue and pale. She could feel it and felt a little guilty. After all, it was she who asked Henry to come here. Therefore, she took a step closer to Henry, which made Henry's back sweat.

"I didn't know he was back, or I wouldn't have called you here." Sophia whispered in Henry's ear. It seemed that the two were talking about something secret.

Of course, he couldn't say that his sister-in-law was wrong. Of course, he couldn't say that his boss shouldn't have come back at all. So he had to swallow the bitter fruit back, "It's Okay. I'm used to it." He always dug holes for himself, and didn't care about digging one more.

Aunt Shelly came out and said, "Mrs. Sophia, the dumplings are ready."

"Okay." Sophia replied and turned to the kitchen.

Henry closed his eyes to give himself a psychological construction, and Ethan went downstairs.

"Boss, go and have a taste of my sister-in-law's cooking." Henry said with a flattering smile.

"Didn't she specially make it for you?" said Ethan slowly. He almost hit his head against the wall.

In a daze in the kitchen, Sophia was wondering if she should pour another bowl of dumplings for Ethan. But when she thought of how bad he had been last night, she got angry.

At this time, Aunt Shelly asked, "Do you want to give a bowl of dumplings to Mr. Ethan?"

"Yes." 'Forget it. There are so many dumplings anyway.'

When she took the dumplings out, someone was already gone. She looked around and heard Henry say, "Boss is upstairs." He pouted as he spoke.

"You eat first." Sophia looked upstairs and wondered if she should go upstairs and call him.

As soon as Henry picked up his chopsticks and ate one, he praised, "Sister in law, you are so good at cooking that you can even open a restaurant."

"Really? If you like it, just eat more. There is a lot in the kitchen." Hearing Henry praise her good cooking, Sophia said happily.

When Ethan went downstairs and saw the smiling faces of the two, he was furious. "Nighthawk, come with me to the company."

"Ah, I still..." He swallowed the rest words. Regardless of the heat, he quickly ate two more. Then he pulled a tissue to wipe his mouth, stood up and caught up with Ethan.

After all, Sophia just stood there and watched the two leave. She didn't go forward to ask him to eat before leaving.

Seeing this, Aunt Shelly shook her head helplessly and said to Sophia in a low voice, "Mrs. Sophia, you should eat too."

In YU Group.

Henry followed Ethan closely into the elevator. Because of what happened this morning, he had been worried about when his boss would make trouble for him. But till now, Boss still said nothing, which made him more flustered.

He was like a prisoner who had been sentenced to death. He would rather die happily, but the executioner always swayed a knife in front of him every day, unwilling to cut his head down. The panic was even greater than the pain of death itself.

After walking out of the elevator, Ethan remained silent. Henry followed him to the door of the CEO's office.

"Do you have something to report me?" Ethan's sudden words startled him. He quickly said, "No. Nothing."

Ethan said expressionlessly, "If you have nothing to report to me. Why do you always follow me? Your office is not in this direction."

"Ah, oh." He turned around and was about to leave.

"Nighthawk..." Suddenly, the man behind him spoke, and his heart beat faster.

Henry quickly turned around, "Boss!" The expression on his face was more miserable than crying.

"How long haven't you been on a mission?" Ethan's tone was as calm as usual, but Henry's hair was about to stand on end.

No matter how stupid he was, he knew that nothing good would happen next. "Boss, I, I know I was wrong. Please forgive me this time." He said pitifully, afraid that he would finish what he hadn't spoken.

Ethan raised his eyebrows, "Did you do anything wrong?"

"I... I shouldn't have gone to see Sister in law in the early morning... " He said with difficulty. Although he felt that he was innocent, he would be free as soon as he apologized. He'd better admit it.

"Do the dumplings taste good?" Then he mentioned the dumplings and waited for his answer quietly.

Henry was immediately stunned. His boss's mind was so fast that he couldn't keep up with it for a while.

Then he continued in a plain tone, "In the Sahara area..."

"Boss, I won't go to see sister in law anymore. I won't take her out or eat her dumplings." Henry said in one breath and stared at Ethan pitifully. "Boss, I'll change it from now on. I promise!" He promised again and again.

A slight smile finally appeared on Ethan's face, but Henry was still nervous and didn't dare to relax at all. He had never guessed what his boss was thinking. Of course, the people who could be selected to be the president of the YU Group were all outstanding. Those who could lead the group naturally had the ability that no one else could have.

"Look at you!" Ethan smiled, "I didn't say anything. You have said so much. Andrew has been in charge of the Sahara area. You have worked hard a few days ago. I'm not the kind of boss who doesn't understand his subordinates. "

"Boss..." Ethan's insidious words almost made Henry nearly jump down the stairs.

"Aren't you going back to your office?" He said softly and airily, turned around, pushed open the door of the CEO's office and walked in, leaving Henry standing there, dumbfounded, not knowing how to move his steps.

After a while, he regained his consciousness and quickly left this place which was like a haunted house. After returning to his office, he put his hands on the wall and hit his head hard on the wall, reminding himself to cherish his life and stay away from boss and his sister-in-law.

Time seemed to be meaningless to Sophia. Every day, what she needed to do was to watch the news, gossip, phone call or video chat with her good friend Cara Luo. Apart from sleeping and eating, she really doubted that if she continued to act like this, she would become a disabled person.

"Cara, what do you think I should do? I'm just like a fool now. Do you know it?" Sophia complained to Cara Luo on the phone.

"You're not going to study anymore. You're going to graduate from college. If you don't come back, you might not be able to graduate." "If you don't have a graduation certificate, how can you find a job in the future?" said Cara Luo. Suddenly, she realized, "You don't need to find a job anyway. Your husband is so rich."

"Didn't I tell you that I had no choice but to get married? I will definitely leave him in the future. After leaving him, I have to live a life. If I continue to live like this, I will have to live on nothing in the future." At the thought of her incapability, Sophia immediately felt worried.

"How about you talk to him and ask him to allow you to go back to California and continue your study? Anyway, you are a senior student now, and your courses are almost over. There are only some internships left, and at last, you can submit a paper and graduate." Cara suggested.

It was a feasible and good idea, but when Sophia thought of Ethan's face, she immediately said, "He has been against me all the time, so he won't agree. If I'm happy, he won't be happy. "

"Sophia, why do I feel that he is not your husband? He is your enemy! I really don't understand. You got married for no reason. If Noah were here, he would definitely have not let such a thing happen... " Before she finished her words, Cara realized that she had said something she shouldn't have said. "Sophia, I'm sorry. I didn't mean it!" She whispered.

"It doesn't matter. In fact, you are right. If he is with me, I won't be bullied, but he is no longer with me, isn't he?" Tears welled up in Sophia's eyes as she said. "Cara, I really want to go back to the past. Although I know that time has passed and will never come back, I still want to..."

Her choked voice made Cara feel uncomfortable. "How about I go to see you. Anyway, I'm not busy with my study now. I'll go to see you. "

"Okay, I miss you too. Although I know some good people here, they are all subordinates of that person, and they dare not get too close to me." Sophia said.

Cara immediately replied, "In that case, it's a deal. I'll book an air ticket right away and go to see you."

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