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   Chapter 31 Fly To California 1

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031: Fly to California 1

The private plane had flown for a long time and finally landed on the lawn of a private manor in California. The strong wind caused by the wings swayed the lawn. When they got off the plane, the two brother and sister of the Mu family were carried out of the plane. Carl walked into the room in a hurry. The housekeeper, Ian, was waiting for them with a group of maids.

Sitting on the sofa, Carl frowned as he watched the bodyguards take Aleck and Rani to the guest room on the third floor. With a wave of his finger, he said, "Call Joey and ask him to stay here for the next few days. The two patients in the room need to be carefully taken care of. No matter what the cost is, you must cure them! "

"Yes, sir!" Ian nodded and turned to make the phone call.

Carl was sitting on the sofa with his hands crossed. At this moment, the three of them, Lenny, Clay and Russ, also came in and sat beside him. "Brother, what should we do? Are we going to keep silent? You almost died this time!"

Carl smiled coldly. "Of course I won't just keep silent. But it's not the time to break up with them yet! But since they dare to send people to Z Country to kill me so blatantly, if I don't make any re

se, which was caused by the loss of memory in a car accident. I want you to cure the two of them! "


Joey was very curious. Who could make Carl so concerned? The last time he let him live in the manor for a patient was three years ago...

Three years ago? !

Joey frowned and felt suffocated. The girl named Phoebe...

"They were siblings who saved my life when I was in danger in Z Country. This time in Z Country, if it weren't for these two siblings, I don't know how many times I have died! I fell into the sea, and they saved me; the enemies caught up, and they hid me regardless of the danger of being hurt to make me recover; I could only go back by using the engagement ceremony of the sister; when I was covered up, I was assassinated, and it was that girl who took a fatal shot for me! "

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