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   Chapter 30 Pounce On Under A Rain Of Bullets 3

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030 Pounce on under a rain of bullets 3

"MD, if I know who dares to hurt us this time, I'll find them out and chop them into meat paste to avenge me." Lenny said with a frown and a sharp tongue when he carefully treated the wound on Carl's shoulder.

"Brother, do you know who hurt you this time?" With his arms crossed, Russ looked at Carl.

With a frown, Carl's eyes flashed. With a cold smile, he said, "I'm not sure yet! By the way, is everything okay with the people in the hotel? "

"The people in the hotel are all dignitaries in A City. They are a little afraid and dare not really kill people regardless of anything, so they are only slightly injured. But Neville... He was seriously injured and got two shots. But when we left, we saw that Neville was sent to the hospital. "

"That's good! I don't want to owe any favor to the Si family, especially to Neville. Let's give them a big business this time! "

"Got it, brother!"

"Sister... Sister! So much blood... "

Hearing the shout of Aleck suddenly, the three men turned their heads at the same time. At this moment, Clay had already unwrapped the gauze that Carl had wrapped for Rani, and the blood gushed out again, which was extremely dazzling.

Clay disinfected, applied medicine and bound up Rani's wound. The shocking wound made all the men feel painful!

Lenny clenched his fists and looked at the thin girl. He didn't expect that she, who looked so weak, would have the courage to stand out and block the bullet for Carl. If it weren't for the fact that Rani had blocked the shot, Carl would have been dead!

The bullet destructive power of this remote sniper rifle was immeasurable. Even a stone could be shot through, let alone a person's body? Fortunately, both Rani and Carl were alive...

"Brother, how could she have the courage to jump over and take the bullet for you?" "Is your relationship... Good? " I

f they didn't get along well with each other, how could this woman risk her life to save his brother?

Looking at the woman lying on the bed with hesitation, Carl shook his head and said, "I fell into the sea. They saved me. We have only known each other for a few days. I didn't know that she would risk her life to save me! "

Such a feeling of gratitude made his heart, which had been withered for three years, throb with hatred. Except for Phoebe, no other woman would make him feel like this. Even his own sister, Belle, could not make him feel such emotion. How could he not be moved that the girl who had just known him for a few days could come to save him so desperately?

"Brother, are you taking her back to California?" Asked Lenny suddenly.

"Do you have a better idea?"

"Well... Brother, do you fall in love with her? " Shouted Lenny.

Carl cast a cold glance at him, which made Lenny's eyes wide open. Lenny pointed at him with trembling fingers and turned to look at Rani. 'Oh my God! Did my brother really like her? How could he fall in love with the second woman in the world besides Phoebe? It was so strange! Is there red clouds?'

"I'm just afraid that it's not safe for her to stay in Z Country, so I want to take her to California. I will let her go back to Z Country as soon as the matter is settled! "

Lenny opened his mouth but said nothing.

'Are you worried that Rani might be in danger in Z Country? Brother, do you think the Si family is a freeloader? Except that the Si family was not a gangster, their armed forces were indeed not as powerful as the Black Emperor Group, but they were second to none in the peaceful Z Country. Do you think that he would let his fiancee be in danger?

But... Well, brother, since you want to find an excuse, as your brother, we can't discourage you, right? If that's what you think, then we can reluctantly think so!'

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