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   Chapter 29 Pounce On Under A Rain Of Bullets 2

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029 Pounce on under a rain of bullets 2

"Why? Why did you do that? We just met by chance. Why did you save me? Why did you save me regardless of anything? " Carl was really shocked. Except for Phoebe, she was the second person who dared to jump to save him regardless of her own life. How could he not be shocked!

"Uh... It hurts! " Rani frowned with her face bloodless.

Carl's heart ached. He raised Rani up, turned around and got into the car. But a hand quickly blocked their car door. Carl raised his head and saw it was Aleck. Carl frowned and looked at Rani in his arms. "Get in the car now. We need to treat her wounds!"

Seeing the painful look on Rani's face, Aleck got in the car in a hurry. Then, Carl drove away quickly.

As expected, there were no pursuers along the way. After parking the car on a remote road, Carl turned his head to look at the pale girl lying on his knees and said nervously, "Don't be afraid. I'll save you right now. You'll be fine!"

With a pale face, Rani nodded and held Aleck's slender hand tightly. She smiled weakly and said, "Brother, I'm fine. It doesn't hurt at all... …… Uh! Mr. Carl, please... Please help me take out the bullets! "

"Okay!" Carl took out the Swiss Army knife from his waist, lit it with a lighter as disinfection. However, he didn't dare to do anything with his trembling hands. "There's no anesthetic, you... Hold on! "

"Okay!" Rani's face was as pale as a ghost. She grabbed both of Aleck's hands tightly with one hand and Carl's clothes with the other.

Looking at the sweat on her face, Carl swallowed hard and moved the knife with his trembling hand...

"Ah... Uh... It hurts! " With a slash, Rani's face turned paler and she almost fainted.

"Sister! Sister!" Alice's heart ached. He held Rani's hand tightly and looked at Carl nervously. "You... Be gentle, sister... It hurts! "

Carl took a deep breath. He raised his head to

look at Aleck, only to find that he was also sweating. It seemed that they really loved each other! When Phoebe saw him get hurt, she looked the same, didn't she?

Thinking of Phoebe, Carl's eyes darkened and he continued his work. This time, he didn't hesitate at all and directly cut the bullet out.

"Ah..." Rani cried out in pain and then got fainted...

"Sister! Sister!" Aleck grabbed her hand nervously and was about to cry. He raised his eyes to look at Carl, only to find that although Carl was sweating, he was still calm and stopped the blood for Rani, skillfully bandaging the wound...

"Don't worry. Your sister is fine. She just fainted because of the pain. I have bandaged her wound. She will wake up soon. Don't worry! " But in that case, he couldn't even deceive himself.

The bullet hit her waist. Although it was not a dangerous place, the condition was simple now. He didn't know if this weak girl could survive. Now he could only hope his men come over as soon as possible, so that he could take the girl to the hospital for disinfection and treatment. But now...

Suddenly, there was a rumbling sound in the sky. He looked up and saw the plane with the LOGO of the Black Emperor Group flying above them. He frowned. At this time, he couldn't believe anything. Even if it was a plane of the Black Emperor Group, he couldn't be sure if the driver was on his own!

Just as Carl was hesitating, Clay, Russ and Lenny had already led their men to quickly meet them.

Lenny patted the car door, and then Carl got off the car with Rani in his arms. They quickly got on the plane and completely left this damned place!

On the plane, Carl gently put Rani on the soft bed and said with a frown, "Clay, please treat her as soon as possible. Isn't there medicine on the plane? Disinfect her wounds and bandage it again! "

Clay nodded and quickly took out the medicine box to treat her wound.

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