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   Chapter 18 Preparing For The Engagement Party 2

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018: Preparing for the engagement party 2

"Rani, it seems that you've really let go of the knot in your heart! That's good. I believe that Mr. Neville will make you happy when you are with him in the future! "

"I think there will be happiness, but..."

"But what?"

Lowering her eyebrows, Rani sighed and raised her head with a smile. "Nothing. Let's eat."

Looking at her, Sheryl really didn't know what to say. She had known Rani for three or four years. They had known each other since they went to college. Although Sheryl didn't know what had happened in the past, she always felt that Rani was a person with a story. But her past story, as she lost her memory, had become a mystery.

As the engagement was put on the agenda, Rani suddenly became busy. She had to go a lot of places to prepare many things with Neville every day. For example, they were taking photos of their engagement today.

After all, the engagement photos were different from the wedding photos. But according to the carefree look of Neville, the engagement photos this time were also very grand. The dress was worth millions of dollars, but it was only for the day of taking photos.

When they were waiting, Neville handed a notebook to Rani and said, "This is the dress I asked the chief designer here to design for the engagement day. Look, if you don't like it, I'll ask them to modify it!"

After flipping through the design drawing, Rani put it on her knees and looked up at Neville, who was standing beside her. "This dress is nice, but the big bowknot on my waist is not suitable. I hope it can be thinner. And the hemline also needs to be changed. I don't like this kind of dress. As for other things... Everything was fine. It's an engagement dress, not a wedding dress. "

Neville took over the draft. "Got it. I'll ask the designer to modify it. As for the wedding dress, I will ask the professional team in Europe to design it. It will take a long time to design and you will satisfy about it. This time, it was too late for us to go Europe and come back in se

ven days. So I'm sorry! "

"Not really! The chief designer here was no worse than those in Europe! So how can you say that I'm wronged? On the contrary, I feel that this time the pomp is too big, and I am not used to it! "

"Does it too big? If you are still in California... "

"California?" Rani was surprised. Neville stopped at once. "Oh, I mean if we were in California, I was there when I was at school, and many of my good friends stay in California. They are all talented people, so they will naturally prepare a bigger wedding for us!"

"Oh. Then we can go to California on our honeymoon! I've never been to California! "

"To California..." Neville changed his face but soon recovered. "There's nothing interesting in California. If you like, we can go to Hawaii, Las Vegas, or Mexico."

"Why? You've aroused my curiosity. I feel bad if you don't take me there! Neville, please take me there! If it's not fun, we can change our destination to Mexico. Okay? "

Hearing Rani's coquetry, Neville immediately surrendered and said helplessly, "Rani, don't you think it's too early to talk about where to go on the honeymoon now? Or are you going to marry me as soon as we get engaged? "

"Anyway, we will get married sooner or later. Isn't it the same?"

Hearing that, Neville smiled blankly, but then he was stunned. He looked at Rani with his eyes wide open and said, "Rani, you mean..."

"I didn't say anything!" After saying that, Rani turned around and took a glass of water. However, Neville couldn't stay calm anymore. He squatted down in front of her and looked at her seriously. "Rani, did you promise to marry me? If you agree, I will tell my father immediately that we will get engaged and get married at the same time. What do you think? "

"Why are you in such a hurry? Won't you do it one by one? I won't run away. Neville, I want to tell you that maybe I can't completely give myself to you now, but since I have chosen you, I will treat our relationship wholeheartedly and won't change my mind easily. So, can you trust me? "

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