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   Chapter 15 Mr. Neville's Proposal 4

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015: Mr. Neville's proposal 4

"It's okay as long as you are fine." Finally, Neville breathed a sigh of relief. Looking at the withered flower in his hand because of the high temperature, he said, "If you have nothing else to do, go to bed early. You have to go to work tomorrow. Don't be too tired..."

"…… Well, then... Go to bed early too. " Then Rani hung up the phone.

Hearing the lonely sound from the phone, he dropped his hand feebly. Looking at the neon lights on the street and the cars coming and going, he sighed silently.

'Rani, why do you still have a sharp sense even though you have lost your memory? Why do I have to follow you both before and after you lose your memory? I'm so tired, so tired, but you never wait for me.'

Yes, Neville lied. He told Rani how much they loved each other in the past. In fact, only Neville, who remembered the past, knew that it had always been him who chased after her, no matter when.

He sighed silently, but then quickly picked up his phone and made a call to ask all the people in the group worked overtime tonight!

After hanging up the phone, Neville looked up at the withered flower in his hand, smiled, threw it into the trash can beside, turned around and left.

The second morning, Rani got up early. After freshening up, she went to the kitchen to make breakfast. At the same time, Tania got up early. She took a look at her closed door and followed her into the kitchen, helping her make breakfast.

"Rani, I've wanted to ask you a long time ago. Who is the man in your room?"

"I don't know. My brother and I rescued him in the sea. He doesn't have anything to show his identity. I think he is very pitiful. If we just throw him out like this, he will definitely die! Mom, don't worry. I'll let him go as soon as he wakes up! "

"Well, you have to think about it yourself. After all, no one knows whether such an unidentified person is a good person or a bad person!" Then Tania added, "By the way, Rani, I want to ask you another question. Yesterday, Mr. Archer told me that he wanted you to get engaged to Mr. N

eville. I wanted to discuss it with you. How do you think about it? "

"Mom, don't worry about it. I will discuss it with Neville. Mom, you work in Mr. Archer's house. Don't promise him anything just because of the relationship between me and Neville. If I still can't do it then... "

"Are you insane? Mr. Neville is talented, handsome and rich. He loves you at first sight. He has loved you for ten years. Who else do you want to wait for if you don't agree with such a good man? "

With a kitchen knife in her hand, Rani cut the vegetables in a fret. "Mom, I've lost my memory. In the so-called twenty years, I've only experienced three years. And in the past three years, I don't know what's going on. I always feel... I always feel that many things had changed! Mom, don't push me too hard! "

Hearing that, Tania was stunned for a while. But then she said regretfully, "Since you have your own plan, I won't interfere with you anymore. You just need to cook breakfast for you and your brother. I have to go to the Si family's house now. "


After the conversation in the morning, the two of them were both in a low mood. Tania turned around and left. At the same time, Rani was in the kitchen, looking lonely.

After breakfast, Rani settled down Aleck and that man. Then she got on the bus and headed for the company.

The bus stopped at every station all the way. When it finally arrived at the station, Rani squeezed out of the bus and walked towards the company building unhappily.

'Why is it so quiet at the gate of the company today?' Standing at the door, Rani was confused. But it was almost too late. She didn't want to be late for work in two days in a raw? So she walked into the company.

But at this moment, countless petals suddenly fell from the sky and came at her. Frightened, Rani took a few steps back, but a red carpet quickly spread out from the door to her feet.

Standing there, Rani looked at the red carpet at her feet. Countless petals were still fluttering. The entire entrance of the company was covered in red. How beautiful it was.

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