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   Chapter 14 Mr. Neville's Proposal 3

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014: Mr. Neville's proposal 3

Standing at the intersection and waiting idly, the phone in her pocket suddenly rang. She opened her handbag and took out her phone. It was from her brother. She answered the phone and asked, "Brother, what's wrong?"

"Rani, come back home quickly. Many people are coming to look for that man!"

"What?" Startled, Rani hung up the phone, jumped into the bus and rushed home.

Not long after she left, Neville came back with a large bunch of flowers in his hands. However, he couldn't see her anywhere. He stood there in a daze, and his heart was empty in an instant. He sat on the parterre beside the road, lost in his mind. A large bouquet of flowers on his left hand was hanging on the ground, enduring the friction of the rough ground. His right hand held a delicate box. He gently opened it with his thumb, and the huge diamond ring was shining in the night...

As soon as Rani got home, she found the door was closed and there was no light in the room. Her heart ached all of a sudden. She hurriedly knocked on the door and shouted, "Brother, are you at home? Open the door for me! Brother, I'm Rani! Brother, are you in? Brother... "

After a long time, there was a little noise in the room. It was not until then that Rani was relieved. Soon, Aleck opened the door and saw it was really her. He said as if he was still suffering from the shock, "Sister, you're finally back! I was so scared! "

Rani pushed the door open and walked straight to her room. "Brother, what happened today? Where is he? " Looking at the empty bed, her heart sank.

"A lot of people came here today. People keep coming. I was so scared, so... So I hid him under your bed... "

Under the bed?

Her bed was made of wood, and it was like a big box. He hid the man in the bed. It was so hot today, and the bed was not ventilated at all. Oh God!

Rani hurriedly lifted the mat on the bed and opened the bed. Sure enough, she saw the man in the bed, sweating and unconscious. She was s

hocked and quickly carried the man out. She put him on the ground and patted him on the face. She exclaimed, "Sir, are you okay? Wake up, sir! "

Shocked, Aleck sat down beside them and asked worriedly, "Sister, is he okay?"

"I don't know... Brother, go and make some hot soup to dispel summer heat for him. He must be tired of staying in the suitcase in such a hot day! " As she spoke, she put him on the bed and adjusted the room temperature. Then she sat on the edge of the bed and wiped his body with a towel, trying to relieve the heat.

It took her a long time to cool the man's body to a safe temperature. Then she heaved a sigh of relief.

Sitting on the edge of the bed, Rani looked at the man's firm and handsome face. Just now, when she wiped his body, she could see a lot of wounds on his body. With so many people coming to find him, he must have a strong background. All of a sudden, Rani was worried that she might have messed with a man she shouldn't have messed with. Would it change anything?

Thinking of her brother and her mother, what should she do if something really happen because of this man? She regretted that she had saved him on impulse.

Supporting her forehead with one hand, Rani looked at the man lying on the bed. She really didn't know what to do.

She casually touched her hair and looked at the time on the phone. Suddenly, she remembered Neville. 'Oh my God! Neville asked me to wait for him, but I ran away...'

Two or three hours had passed, but Neville still didn't call her. Was he angry?

"What a pig brain!" Rani immediately called Neville, who was still sitting there alone, waiting in a daze.

The phone vibrated. With a stiff arm, Neville took it out. When he saw the name of Rani flickering on the screen, he seemed to come back to life in an instant. He quickly took it, but his tone was not very good. "Rani, today, you stood me up for the second time..."

"I'm sorry. Something happened all of a sudden. I was too anxious, so I forgot..."

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