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   Chapter 3 A Man From The Sea

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003: A man from the sea 3

All of a sudden, Rani turned to look at her mother and said, "Mom, it's already four o'clock. Don't you need to go to work?"

"Oh, I almost forget it! I was going to pack up and leave! Look at my memory! " Then Tania rushed into the room, grabbed her bag and walked out.

However, Rani looked at Neville and said, "It's so hot today. Didn't you just drive? Send my mother to your home right now! If my mother gets tanned or has sunstroke, you will take the responsibility! Hurry up! " Rani pushed Neville out of the room. Regardless of his unwillingness, she slammed the door and shouted at her mother, "Mom, Mr. Neville also wants to go home. He said he would take you home by the way!"

Hearing this, Tania smiled happily and said, "Oh, thank you very much, Mr. Neville!"

Staring at Rani speechlessly, Neville smiled at Tania and said, "You're welcome. We're on the same way!"

Looking at the expression on his face, Rani couldn't help laughing. She turned around and ran away.

Not long after, Rani saw a young man bending over and rubbing in the sea in the sun. With a happy smile, she ran over to him, wrapped his neck from behind and lay on his back. "Brother, you're the best!" she said with a smile.

The boy's face was covered with sweat, but when he heard the girl's words behind him, he smiled innocently and said, "Sister, I caught your favorite fish, as well as a lot of snow toads, shrimps, and crabs... Ha ha, all of them... All for my sister! My sister is getting smarter! "

"Brother..." Hearing her brother's words, Rani almost burst into tears. She buried her head in the boy's neck and said sulkily, "I like the fish caught by my brother the most!"

"Really? Really?"

"Yes!" "Bro, I'll catch the fish with you." Rani said as she got out of his arms.

"Okay, sister. Be careful!"

The brother and sister were chasing and playing happily on the boundless beach, but they were also catching fish at the same time.

"Ah! Sister, you splashed me. I, I also splashed you! " All of a sudden, Aleck, who was concentrating on catchi

ng the fish, was attacked by Rani. He quickly picked up a handful of sea water and poured it towards her. The two of them began to play the game of pouring water.

The two of them were laughing happily on the sea.

As the sun set, Rani looked at her clothes, which were not too wet, and then at his clothes, which were already wet. Knowing that her brother would always be nice to her, she smiled happily and said, "Brother, let's go home!"

"Okay!" Aleck stood up and walked to the seaside. With a basket full of fish and shrimps on his back, he stood on the shore and greeted his sister.

With a smile, Rani washed her hands with the sea water and turned around to walk towards the shore. Suddenly, she saw something floating on the sea. She frowned and took a closer look at it. Startled, she exclaimed, "Brother, there seems to be someone over there!"

Aleck raised his head and saw a person. He exclaimed in horror, "Sister, what should we do?"

But before he could finish his words, he saw that Rani swam into the sea desperately. At this moment, Rani didn't know who the man was or whether he was still alive, but her courage made her swim over desperately.

When she finally swam to the man's side, she grabbed his arm and was about to pull him to the shore. But she was getting tired. She didn't expect that Aleck would jump in the sea too, but his target was obviously Rani.

The two of them worked together to get the man ashore. Before Rani could rest, she knelt down next to the man and shouted, "Hey, sir, wake up! Sir! "

But no matter how hard she shouted, the man didn't respond. She stretched out her hand to touch his neck, and then bent down to listen to his heartbeat through his clothes. After a long time, she took a breath and said, "Thanks god. He's still alive!" After saying that, she bent over, pinched the man's nose and began to give artificial respiration. She didn't know how many times she had done it, but a muffled cough came from the man's nose, which made Rani heave a heavy sigh of relief. "Brother, help me get him back, or he might die!"

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