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   Chapter 2 A Man From The Sea

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002: A man from the sea 2


"Well, stop it. If you keep talking, I won't work as an intern in your company!"

"All right, all right. I'll raise my hands in surrender. I won't say anything more! Look at you. You must be so tired... "

"By the way, Neville, please do me a favor! Can you accept Sheryl to work as an intern in your company? We two are best friends. Wherever she is, I will be there too! "

"No problem! It's a piece of cake for me! "

Hearing this, Sheryl instantly admired this handsome man. Her innocent eyes were as excited as seeing an idol whom she had worshiped for a long time.

Holding Rani's hand, Neville walked out and opened the car door for her like a gentleman. Rani got in and waved to Sheryl to indicate her to get in the car. They sent Sheryl home first, and then Neville drove Rani to their home in the Sea Village.

Rani's father lived by fishing on the sea every day, and her mother worked as a nanny in the Si family. In fact, the two families didn't have any relationship. But when Rani was a child, the Si family held a ship party. Her mother was invited to cook, and her father went to help her with her and her brother. At the party, at a young age, Neville almost drowned to death. It was Rani's father who jumped into the sea at a critical moment and saved his life. The Si family were very grateful to her father.

When Neville's father saw that Rani was very cute, he jokingly said that he wanted to arrange a marriage for the two children. Neville kept his casual words at that time in mind until now.

When her father was alive, Rani's family lived by the sea. As soon as she pushed the window open, the boundless sea appeared. When she was free, she liked to sit on the exposed board on the balcony, soaked in the sea with her bare feet, and read leisurely.

Although their family was not rich, it was absolutely w

arm enough. But three years ago, it was full of ups and downs. Her father died, her brother had a car accident, and his intelligence was only at the age of five or six. The family suddenly changed a lot. But it didn't break her heart. Instead, it made her stronger!

When Neville's car stopped at the seaside, Rani opened the door and walked towards her home. Neville bypassed the car and went to the trunk to get the gift. As soon as he raised his head, he saw that Rani left him alone and ran away. He quickly picked up the gifts and ran after her, shouting, "Rani, wait for me!"

"Hey, Neville, you'd better go back now. Don't come to my house!" Standing at the door, Rani didn't allow him to come in. With the bags in his hands, Neville could only squeeze in with his chest against Rani's arm.

"Hey, you can't be so immoral! I've come all the way here. Don't you let me in to drink water? I'm carrying so many things. You can let me put them in before I leave! "

Hearing the noise of the two people, Rani's mother Tania walked out of the room in a hurry. Seeing that Rani was impolite, she slapped her arm off and let Neville in. "Mr. Neville, why are you here? And Rani, why don't you let Mr. Neville in? "

Rani walked in, put her bag on the cupboard and said crossly. "He's Mr. Neville, but we are just an ordinary family. I am afraid we can't serve him well! Mr. Neville, our family is too humble to accommodate you. You'd better leave now! "

"Rani! Look at you! " Tania glared at Rani angrily, invited Neville to sit down and quickly poured him a cup of tea.

"Mom, where is my brother?"

"Your brother ran out to catch the fish! He said that you were going to work in Mr. Neville's company tomorrow and he would add more dishes for you tonight! "

"How can you let him go out alone? I'll go find him! "

Neville also stood up and said, "I'll go with you!"

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