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   Chapter 1 A Man From The Sea

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001: A man from the sea.

It was a hot summer vacation in A City.

It was a southern city close to the coast. The summer sun was so strong that it almost melted people. All the passers-by on the street were in a hurry, but at the door of a cold drink shop, two shop assistants in thick cartoon clothes were handing out leaflets. They have handed out leaflets for the whole morning.

In the hottest time of the day, they could earn double pay every extra hour. Therefore, even if they were very tired, they still insisted.

Finally, at three o'clock in the afternoon, one of them cheered, "Well... It's finally over! "

As she spoke, she took off her heavy hat and gasped for breath. Her beautiful little face had been covered with sweat, and her whole face was red.

The other person beside her also took off her hat. Her little face was red, but looked less relaxed then the first one. She gasped, "Thank you, Rani. If you hadn't helped me, I would only have done one thirds of my work now!"

However, with a smile on her face, Rani Mu put her arm around Sheryl Yao's shoulder and said happily, "We are so close. Don't you think it's too polite to say thank you to me? Well, this is the last time I work part-time job here in this summer vacation. At the beginning of the school, we are going to have an internship. By the way, Sheryl, are you ready to work as an intern in any company? "

The two of them said as they walked into the shop. They took off their clothes and handed them to the boss.

The boss was an amiable middle-aged woman. Rani liked to call her Ana. This shop was near their school, so they used to work here when they went to school.

Ana took the clothes and paid for them with some pity. "Alas, you two girls have left. It will be difficult for me to recruit beautiful girls like you in the future! If you are willing to stay, I will raise your salary again. How about it? "

With a smile, Rani took the money and counted. "Ana, we're going to work in a big comp

any. Of course we won't work here! But don't worry. As long as I have time, I will definitely come to help you! Sheryl is the same, isn't she? "

"Yeah, yeah..." Sheryl hurried to answer, but soon she pulled a long face, "Alas, but where on earth am I going to have an internship? The school didn't find internship for them so they had to look for it by themselves. But I have no one to rely on. Is there a company willing to keep me? Rani, you're so lucky to have such a rich, handsome and powerful fiance. You don't have to worry about your internship... "

Before Sheryl finished her words, she saw a handsome sports car parking gracefully outside the cold drink shop, and a handsome man got out of the car.

Sheryl hurriedly poked at Rani's arm and exclaimed, "Isn't that your handsome and rich fiance?"

At the same time, the girls in the store also became restless. They all looked at the handsome man and whispered in private. Why did this handsome man come to such an ordinary cold drink shop?

As the man walked gracefully, everyone's eyes followed him.

The handsome man walked up to Rani elegantly step by step. Looking at her red face, he frowned and took out a handkerchief from his pocket to wipe her face gently. He said angrily, "Didn't I tell you not to suffer here anymore? I will support you. You really don't take me as your fiance, do you? !"

Rani rolled her eyes at him but didn't stop him. "How long can I rely on you? You know how short of money my family is! My brother has to spend a lot of money on medicine every day. Although he looks like a normal person, God knows how his condition will be if he doesn't take the medicine. "

"How dare you say that! Tell me, why did you return all the medical fees I give you? "

"Neville, my brother's illness has nothing to do with your family. You paid for my brother's medical treatment in the name of being injured for business then. We are very grateful for you. How can we bother you with the following things? "

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