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   Chapter 10 About Marriage

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Kate: You are back?

Rita: I am back! Did you miss me?

Kate: I thought you were going to go home to celebrate the New Year!

Rita: I wanted to, but I have to earn money, right?

If possible, she really hoped that she could earn money without having to work every day, but there is no such thing as free lunch. Rita could only sigh, roll up her sleeves and continue to work. She showed to others that she was not born a tough woman, but was forced to be one by life! After all, there was little chance that she could meet a billionaire! So she had to rely on herself!

After the New Year's Day, almost no one came to buy medicine, because there was an old saying it's unlucky to take medicine during the Spring Festival and the first month of the lunar month. Rita could finally relax a little. Now that few people came to buy medicine, she could finally have a good rest.

"Celina, is it too early to buy a shirt for the Spring Festival?" Rita sat in the chair and chatted with Celina idly.

Celina thought for a while and said, "No. New Year is around the corner! Now it's the right time to buy stuff for the New Year! Why? What are you going to buy this year?" Last year, you bought so many things.

Rita knew that Celina was shocked by the scene she saw last year, so she smiled and said, "I planned to buy some clothe for my parents and my grandma. As for myself, I will buy some if I see nice ones." She might not have enough money to buy herself new clothes after she bought clothes for her family.

At this time, Josie, who came out to pour some water, heard her and said with a smile, "Rita, how considerate you are! I saw that you bought a lot of things home last year. And you often buy things for your family on their birthdays and festivals"

Rita smiled and said, "They give me lots of pocket money every month! Besides, they don't buy clothes for themselves, so I have to buy it for them." Although Rita didn't want to admit it, she was still supported by her parents. Her father and mother would give her some pocket money every month. She could only buy some gifts for them during the change of season or on their birthday or festivals.

With disapproval on her face, Josie said, "Other children are not as considerate as you!"

Rita smiled and said, "That's what I should do." Indeed, Rita had given up a lot for her parents. She would have fled away from this city weren't for her parents. However, she had gotten used to the small city, and had a comfortable life here.

During the Spring Festival, Rita was busier than other family members. She had to prepare all the things for Spring Festival including dried fruit, candy and new clothes. Besides, she had to write novel. Fortunately, she lived in her own house now and she could do whatever she wanted. When she was on the bus, she remembered the days when she lived with her classmate a few years ago. That classmate was not a bad person. She was just too nosy! Like, really nosy!

And what Rita hated most was her jealousy. In the past, they worked in different positions in the same company. Unlike her, who got off work early, Rita worked overtime every day. When they got their first-month salary, she asked Rita how much she got. Rita told her foolishly, and she asked Rita why she earned more money than her! Such things had happened many times! She had almost had a heart attack to save the rent. But now she lived in her own apartment, she could do whatever she wanted.

"Boss, you're finally back. I thought you are not going to be back for the New Year!" James said to Wilton happily while driving. He had thought that Wilton would have to send the three prisoners back and might go to court later and he wouldn't be back until after the New Year!

Wilton looked out of the window while smoking, and said, "Going home so early? Is your girlfriend waiting for you at home?"

With an embarrassed smile, James said, "Yes! I promised her to go home with her to celebrate the New Year with her this year. Her parents didn't want her to marry a policeman. If I don't go home this year, we two may have to break up." A look of disappointment appeared on his face after he said that.

Wilton took a look at him and threw the cigarette butt out of the window. Looking at the road ahead, he thought, 'That happens! As parents, they all hoped that their children could find someone who have a gravy job. Policeman work overtime all the time! They might be in danger at any time!

At the thought of this, Wilton suddenly saw a couple walking on the sidewalk. The girl held the boy's arm, smiling. The car was at fast speed that it only flashed by in a blink of an eye. He looked at the girl, who looked like the girl he saw at the blind

date. She left a deep impression on him, thanks to her unique dimples! He always thought of her. She must be getting along well with her date now!

"Boss, are we going to the police station or..." James asked when they stopped at a red light.

Wilton looked at his watch and said, "I will get off at the next intersection! You can go home and have a rest! Go to work tomorrow morning!"

James nodded with a smile. He was so excited that he nearly ran a red light. Wilton didn't say anything because he was lost in thought. He took a taxi back to the police station alone. It was New Year's Eve, so there were few people in the police station except the policemen who were on duty. Edward looked at him and said, "I didn't expect you to come back. Have you taken care of that?"

Wilton took off his cap and gloves, picked up a cup of hot water on the table, rubbed his hands back and forth, and said, "Not yet! I've finished all the other things. The court session will be held after the New Year. But it's more comfortable to stay here!"

Edward pointed at Wilton and said with a smile, "Well! Your father called two days ago and said that your mother asked if you would go back to celebrate the New Year! They said you didn't answered their phone call."

Wilton took out a cigarette from his pocket and lit it. Then he said, "I am not going back. The two of them are not at home all day long. Why should I go back! I can celebrate New Year here."

Edward smiled and said, "Okay! Come and celebrate the New Year with us! I won't take no for an answer! Anne has said that you could either go home or come to our house to celebrate the New Year. Anyway, the more, the merrier. Since our parents have passed away, we felt lonely during the New Year! "

If he didn't go to their house, Anne would call him up. Maybe she would go to his house to block him. After thinking about the consequences, Wilton nodded and said, "OK." Edward smiled meaningfully. The plan worked!

Rita was carrying a lot of things at the moment! She always felt that she had the potential to be a mistress. Every time she went to buy goods, she would beat a bargain. At this time, her phone rang. With difficulty, Rita answered the phone.

"Hello, who is this?" Rita said breathlessly.

"Hey, Rita, it's me! What are you doing?" Sonia Cai's voice came from the other end of the phone. She was one of the few best friends of Rita. Although the two hadn't seen each other for years, Rita would do anything for her.

"What's the matter? Sonia Cai. Why do you suddenly think of me?" Rita tried hard to answer the phone and go upstairs with things in her hands. Fortunately, she lived on the third floor, or she would be exhausted to carry all the things up to high floor.

"Nothing. I just heard from my friend that she's getting married. I am so depressed," said Sonia Cai with a sigh.

Rita said, "Why? Do you want to get married?"

Sonia Cai replied, "No, I don't want to. I just heard from my friends that they were getting married next year. They quarreled with each other because of the wedding budget yesterday. My friend always says that her boyfriend is very good to her, but they still quarreled. There is only two thousand difference between eighty thousand and one hundred thousand."

Rita threw all the things on the table, checked the door and closed it. Then she went back to her room. After throwing herself in bed, Rita said helplessly, "Can't they afford one hundred thousand?"

"He said eighty thousand is enough. My friend said that she wanted a grand wedding. Rita, what should I do when I get there! I really don't want to break up because of this kind of thing." Sonia Cai expressed her concern.

Rita changed her position and continued, "What should I say! Everyone has different view. Maybe your friend's boyfriend just wants to save some money for the future! Your boyfriend likes you very much. He won't put you in such a difficult situation because of money! Girls always dream to have a fancy wedding! Your boyfriend won't be like hers. Don't worry!"

Sonia Cai was still worried. "We haven't talked about it yet. I don't know what to do! Cross the bridge when you come to it!"

"That's right! It's too early for you to think about that!" Rita teased as she felt better.

"Rita, screw you. By the way, do you have a boyfriend?" Rita couldn't help but roll her eyes. Why did she bring this up?

"Sonia Cai, stop making fun of me. Can't you let me live a peaceful life during the Spring Festival?" Hearing Rita's words, Sonia Cai smiled happily. The two chatted for a while. Rita hung up the phone. After staying in bed for a while, she got up reluctantly. After all, there were so many things to pack up!

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