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   Chapter 9 A Real Blind Date

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After taking the flowers and saying thank you, Rita became more nervous. No one had ever sent her flowers since she was a child. She was indeed very excited.

Wilton's date also arrived. She looked mature and steady. She was a humorous teacher with a pair of glasses. But Wilton thought that the girl he had just met... Rita, was more interesting!

On the other side, Rita and Austin introduced themselves to each other. Both of his parents were from the oil department and had a good family background. Recently, Austin had just retired from active military service and planned to work in the oil department, which has a bright future. Rita enjoyed talking to him. She told herself not to take this as a blind date and try to make friends with him! Such a state of mind made her more and more relaxed. The two of them chatted happily. When ordering, Austin asked Rita's opinion, but Rita didn't feel hungry after eating a piece of cake just now, so she didn't order.

On the other side, seeing that Rita smiled happily at her date, Wilton felt unhappy for no reason. During the meal, when Rita found that it was late, she was about to go back. But when Austin was about to send her home, she refused. She could see that he was disappointed, but she couldn't tell him her past experience! It was her long-term habit.

After watching them leave, Wilton had a quick meal and asked Edward to send the lady home. When Wilton went back to the police station alone, the policeman on duty was stunned and said, "Boss, why are you here? Didn't you go on a blind date with Edward? What do you think of her? Is my future sister-in-law beautiful?"

Wilton glared at him with a cold face and said, "You are looking for trouble, aren't you! Go and sort those files in the record room!"

The young policeman didn't dare to say anything more and ran away. He dared not mess up with the boss. After washing her face and brushing her teeth, Rita turned on the computer to watch the video. She couldn't help but sigh again. Looking at the roses on the tea table that she had put in a vase, she muttered to herself with a smile, "It turns out that you are still a little girl in your heart and like flowers and like to be liked." Then she looked at her smiling photo on the wall and asked, "Didn't you say that you forgot it? Why can't you let it go?"

Maybe she would never forget it all her life! People always say that youth was the best memory, but it was so for Rita. In fact, her youth was the worst memory. She didn't want to recall that memory but it always occurred to her.

After watching the variety show for a while, Rita told herself to be casual. Then she smiled and went to bed. She knew that she had to learn to face the music.

On the second day, she didn't go to work. She just wanted to stay at home for a day, but many people asked about her date yesterday on WeChat, but they didn't ask her directly, instead, they beat around the bush! So she just couldn't get rid of this out of her mind.

Kate: What happened? It's not your style to ask for leave! Who said that you would never ask for a leave unless you are injured!

Rita: I asked for leave to register for marriage. I'm going to have a flash marriage to catch up with the trend!

Kate: I don't believe you! Have a flash marriage? Pigs might fly.

Rita smiled and said, "Nothing. I just want to have a rest. It's so embarrassing. I even talked with a man sat at the wrong table for a long time."

Speaking of this, Rita really wanted to find a hole to hide herself. It was so humiliating! After telling the whole story to Kate, Kate was speechless.

Kate: it's like an idol drama! Did you have chemistry with the man sitting at the wrong table? Isn't this how the idol opera works?

Rita felt speechless! She replied, "I am so angry that I want to beat him, okay?

Kate gave an unfriendly smile and the two chatted for a while. Rita felt that no matter what, she couldn't starve herself! She had stomach trouble!

Well! People always said that it was just her excuse to lose weight. Rita touched her belly, which was packed with fat. She really wanted to lose weight, but she couldn't starve herself. She was a tough but frail woman. Medicine was her second staple food. In her words, everyone had more or less some illnesses, but she was an exception as she really had many illnesses.

After dinner, Rita thought it was boring to stay at home! So she decided to take this opportunity to go out for a walk! Rita put on her clothes and set off with her phone and money.

She always said that she wanted to take a bus for a whole day if she had time. She was just saying. She just liked the feeling of taking a bus! Wearing headphones and appreciating the scenery along the road is what an arty young woman would do.

This city was originally in heavy industrial area with few scener

y, but Rita was contented with the Labor Park. She felt differently when she came here again. She still remembered that her family lived in the countryside when she was a child, and it was not easy to come here. Her parents weren't the kind of parents who liked to play with their children. Every time she was sick, she took advantage of the time when her father worried about her and told her father her wish. Children are really simple. As long as you smiled at the child, he or she would believe you were a good person. As long as there was food and game, children would be satisfied.

The park had been rebuilt many times, and the lotus flowers in the large lotus lake had withered, leaving the stem standing alone in the lake. Rita sat in the pavilion and looked at the surrounding scenery. It suddenly became quiet. While listening to the song, she looked at the scenery in front of her.

A couple came over from a distance. They talked and laughed, hand in hand with their partners. When the husband saw Rita, he was stunned. His wife looked at her husband and said, "Hey, what are you looking at?" Then she looked over too.

Edward smiled and pointed at Rita, who was sitting not far away, and said to his wife, "The girl sitting there is the one I told you about. When Wilton went to the blind date, he sat at her table."

Anne, the wife of Edward, stared at Rita for a while and said with a smile, "Edward, why do I feel this little girl is suitable for Wilton?"

Edward shook his head and said, "He doesn't deserve that girl. I don't know what he is thinking about every day. He is so arrogant as if he is a billionaire. If it weren't for her father's sake, I would have beaten him." He looked disappointed.

Obviously, Anne didn't believe that Edward would do that. He just didn't want to look bad. She smiled and said, "He is just a child. Please be more considerate! Should I go forward and talk to that girl?"

When Edward was hesitating, his wife had already walked over. Rita felt that someone was walking over, so she looked up. It was an elegant lady! Anne smiled at Rita and said, "Miss, could you please do me a favor? I forgot to bring my phone with me when I went out. Can you tell me what time it is now?"

She was relieved that the lady didn't borrow her phone. Rita looked at the phone and said, "It's three forty-nine now."

Anne nodded and said, "Thank you! Miss." Then she left with a smile. Rita thought that if people were so well-behaved like that lady, there wouldn't be so many contradictions. It didn't hurt to say thank you.

Looking at his gossipy wife, Edward smiled and helped her straighten her collar. "What do you think? Are you satisfied with her?"

Anne nodded and said, "She looks like a good girl, but she is still a little childish. Maybe she is a little willful, but it is OK as long as she has good manners." Edward wanted to say that she was still so willful at the age of sixty!

"Edward, I think it's a good idea. That girl is adorable with her little dimples, which looked like they were pricked out by a needle."

What's the comparison! Edward smiled and said, "You can't introduce her to someone just because of a dimple! She should think you are insane."

Anne nodded and said, "Edward, can you think of a way! To know where the girl is from?" She wanted to ask her just now, but she didn't have the nerve to ask when she saw her being so defensive.

"I am not a mayor or a governor! Even the governor couldn't investigate her for personal reasons! Besides, there are so many people here. How can I find her?"

Anne said with some regret, "What a pity. I think the little girl is really suitable for Wilton. How about I ask her for the phone number?"

Edward pulled his wife, who had turned around, stepped forward and said, "Well, fate cannot be forced."

Jasmine didn't say anything after the blind date for some unknown reason. So that matter was left unsettled, Rita was greatly relieved! She had an exam recently, she had to do her homework! So she became extremely busy. The next day was the New Year's Day. There would be three days off. Rita thought that she would go home and have a rest for three days!

Having lived an cozy life for three days, Rita went back to her own apartment. Because of the cold weather, she changed into her pajamas in a haste and then she slipped into her bed.

"It's better to sleep on heatable brick bed! It's warmer!" Rita's house was heated by a heating stove in winter, and it was a warm. Compared with living in the city, Rita felt that sleeping on heatable brick bed was heaven. She thought that as long as she have tried on heatable brick bed in the north in winter, she didn't like sleep electric blanket!

Taking out her notebook, Rita hesitated whether she should start to write a new novel or not. After all, new year, new image.

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